Tuesday, October 13, 2009

BCDraft SPECIAL: Interview with Boston College WR Clarence Megwa

We are once again very fortunate to have a member of the Boston College Football team take the time to talk to us. Today, we are happy to bring you Wesley's interview with Boston College WR Clarence Megwa.


First, Clarence, we would like to gratefully welcome you to our blog, and very much appreciate the time you made for this , we at the BCDraft are a big fan of you, both on and off the field.

BCDraft: After such a hit last year at Clemson, can you tell me how your road to recovery was, the PT, and about getting back onto the field.

Clarence Megwa: The recovery process I had wasn't the best to say the least. I wanted to start walking and running as soon as I got out of the hospital but I knew that wouldn't be possible. But I would always try and think of things in the big picture and tell myself that I'm alive and still "kicking". But during the spring I would always try and jog a few yards as best as I could. With getting my mechanics down and just the normal running motion. And eventually I got my motion down and then it was just getting my strength back which is never a problem when working with our strength coach. Then getting back on the field wasn't a problem I couldn't wait to get back on the field so when I was cleared to I was happy and I have yet to really worry about going across the middle or taking any hits to my leg or any other part of my body.

BCD: You were recruited by a good amount of schools coming out of High School, and you chose Boston College.(And we are very thankful you did)
How did you make this decision? What was this process like? You had some offers that were closer to home for you.

CM: The decision was basically my mom's. She was the headhunter of sorts in picking the school. She didn't want me to be too far from home because she wanted me to be within driving distance. Her main thing was me getting my education and she wasn't really too worried about football. My junior year of high school I made a promise to my mom that she wouldn't have to pay for me to go to school and that's why I made it her decision, but she doesn't know that.

BCD: What motivates you? What makes you push harder, when your body tells you to quit?

CM: I think about Terrell Owens and how he plays the game of football and his body stature. Football is what I've been doing most of my life and I have yet to have a real job so I don't know anything else.

BCD: Who would you say the hardest hitter at Practice is? Can you elaborate?

CM: By far Marcellus Bowman is the hardest hitter at practice and in games. He comes down and he's a headhunter.

BCD: It appears that the QB situation at BC has settled itself. I assume that you were able to get an opportunity to catch balls from Shinskie, Tuggle, Marsco, Boek, and others. Can you tell us a little bit about each guy’s tosses, how they differ?

CM: They're all good QBs but at the same time they are also all Freshman QBs. They all are good at points but they all look like Freshman on the field at some point. They all get better the more they get into the game. They just have to learn about other defenses more.

BCD: What has been the hardest class you have taken at BC?

CM: My Freshman year I took Perspectives which covers philosophy and theology. I learned about all these different mindsets of different philosophers and theologians and it was difficult to understand them all.

BCD: BC plays on field turf in a somewhat colder environment come November and December. Is it any different for a WR on field turf in cold vs. warm weather? What about between field turf and natural grass? Which do you prefer and why?

CM: In my eyes there is no difference between the two. One you get dirty and the other you get rubber in your shoes. The weather doesn't really make a difference to me but I prefer to play in warm weather.

BCD: Who do you think the MVP/MVP’s of the team on offense is/are thus far into the season?

CM: Hands down I would say it is the entire offensive line. They don't really to much credit but what they do definitely does not go unnoticed by me.

BCD: Larmond, Jr. has really come on this year. What other young WR’s do you think we should be on the lookout for? Any of them that you are helping to bring along that you expect big things from?

CM: Clyde Lee is one of our young receivers who I'm going to be looking for big things from in the coming year. He should be taking over Rich Gunnell's slot position in my eyes next year.

BCD: What aspects of being a productive WR do you find most important?
40 speed? Route Running?Hands?

CM: I would say it would be route running and blocking. They're the two things that people don't really see but can't go unnoticed.

BCD: If you could give any advice to an aspiring football player, what would it be?

CM:Set a goal and achieve it.

And that's it.. once again we really appreciate your time!

A big BCDraft THANK YOU to Clarence Megwa for giving us the opportunity for the Q&A.

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  1. I'm with you Clarence. Perspectives was rough in 1996 and I can't imagine its gotten any better.