Monday, October 5, 2009

10/5 Draft: Best plays vs. Florida State

Well, well, well. Apparently Andre Ware doesn't know shit.

For a team that was predicted to have two wins, 4-1 is sounding pretty darn good.

In yet another game, BC comes out strong and gives us all heart attacks by allowing the opponent to come back late before finally winning the game. Hey, we're not complaining, but I expect to be reimbursed for my cardiologist visits.

On to the plays of the game vs. Florida State. I (BCMike) will start things off today.

1M) Alex Albright sack in the 2nd quarter

You knew when this play happened how big it would
turn out to be. You just knew it. FSU had the ball on the 2, 1st and goal. Three plays later, FSU has the ball on the 1 yard line and goes for it on 4th and goal. Albright lines up at LDE, cuts inside following the RB before quickly recognizing the bootleg and dashes outside, running past the FSU RT as if he didn't exist.
As he's done so often, he closed the gap on the QB in a surprisingly short amount of time, and--what may have been the most important part of the play--got a hand on Ponder and started dragging him down before he could even attempt a throw.

Albright sacks Ponder, FSU doesn't score a FG, let alone a TD, and BC gets the ball at the seven. A number of plays later, BC is in the endzone. Now THAT's a pivotal play right there.

Shinskie throw to Jeff Smith on Wheel Route

Jeff ran a great route, puling the LB to the sideline
before cutting upfield. To me, the pass was Shinskie's best of the day. He squeezed it right in between the LB and the safety, and Smith's speed did the rest (the safety over committed to stopping a RB out of the backfield before Smith turned on the jets and left him in the dust). The play was a thing of beauty and give credit where it's due--Tranquil dialed it up when BC was up 14-3 and could have just run clock happy to go into the locker room up 11 on FSU. The play call was an aggressive one, Smith ran a perfect route, and Shinskie put the ball exactly where it needed to be. Result: TD BC, 21-3.

3M) Castonzo fumble recovery

There are undoubtedly sexier plays that happened
in the game, but this is the one, IMO, that sealed it. Montel Harris had been having a phenomenal game, racking up yards and scoring multiple touchdowns (and securing the ball). On a play that BC was trying to run clock and kill the game, the FSU defender stripped the ball and Montel put it on the turf.

It's important to note that while FSU had not been a juggernaut on offense the entire game, they had scored 15 points with seeming relative ease. BC had just stopped them for what felt like the first time in the second half on four downs on the BC 27, and Montel had just reeled off a huge run that put BC into FSU territory, needing only one first down to salt away the win.

Then the fumble happened.

If FSU gets the ball back with 2 minutes left, anything is possible. In my mind, they likely score and either tie the game up or perhaps go for the win on the road...but Castonzo bullied his way to the bottom of the pile and ripped the ball away for the recovery. Game, set, match.

4W) Montel final TD

Montel runs so well against FSU, haha. Its definitely personal. To give the Eagles the go ahead TD late in the fourth quarter.. Montel ran one up the middle. But this one didn’t just go for 3-5 yards.. it went for over 40..

Harris has great vision on the field, and was able to cut back a couple times, Diving for the cone.. and the Eagles Victory

5M) Kuechly goal line tackle

Can you tell I thought this series was important?
Before Albright had his chance to make the sack on 4th down, it took this eye-popper of a play by Kuechly on 2nd down to set it up.

Lined up goal line left, he sprinted in, and the FB chose to fill the closer / inside gap (correct play, btw) of the BC defender who had beaten his man. This allowed Kuechly to attack the RB untouched, which he most certainly did. The hit was a loud, audible SMACK and set FSU back a yard and a half, setting up 3rd and goal from the 2.5.

That play got the announcers talking about what we have been saying for quite a while now, this kid is going to be special.

6W) I-J filling in

There were a couple plays where he wasn’t perfect. (Pass Interference, etc)
But overall he did a great job of filling the spot of Rollins .
He played very well, not getting burned on any one play, He also showed that he tackles very well, and shows promise for the future at this position.

7M) Shinskie TD to Richie Gunnz

I'm actually really impressed with Shinskie's short
passes out to the flat. To make this pass a winner, you have to put enough mustard on the ball so that the defender can't jump the route and take it to the house, but also accurately enough that the WR has a chance to get the ball and quickly turn upfield.

On more than one occasion, the staff dialed up quick outs on the far sidelines where BC had 3rd and 3, 3rd and 4, etc. This specific play was 3rd and goal from the 3. BC had failed on short running attempts the two previous plays and the staff, to their credit, had enough confidence in Shinskie to make the long throw to the sidelines. This one went to Gunnell, who ran a perfect route; juking his man inside before cutting outside and providing Shinskie with a big target in a fairly small space. The throw was on the money, Richie Gunns hauls it in for the score.

8W) Claiborne's big push on the final series
If you looked at the last drive where Montel scores, watch Thomas Claiborne’s push. It is all the way into the secondary..

Clay-booty played like a man on a pissed off mission. Which made our running game that much better.

Claiborne pwned the FSU’s dline.. And brings me back to another question..

How the heck does he get down field so quick. Watch a lot of TD’s he is the first one to celebrate with the RB…The man has got some great speed!

9M) Lance Armstrong's message to Mark

I know people were unhappy (well, non-BC fans, anyway)
when BC was selected as the location for College Game Day, but I really felt that ESPN did a phenomenal job with it. They didn't allow the tribute to be just during College Game Day, but also interlacing some of the "Messages to Mark" during the actual game. The most moving and best delivered of the bunch came from the only man that cancer might be more afraid of than it is of Mark Herzlich, Mr. Lance Armstrong.

10W) Larmond's deep catch from Shinskie

Right when BC needed it .. Larmond shows he has amazing speed and route running skill. As he beats everyone down the line. Although I wish it
woulda been for 6.. it was a great run by Larmond. Shinskie also did a great job of putting the ball where only Larmond could make a play on it. I really feel like having one QB take the majority of the snaps is starting to pay dividends, as you see both the Recievers and QB seem to be on the same page lately.


BCMike drafted: Albright sack, Cazzy fumble recovery, Kuechly goal line, Shinskie short TD, Lance's message.
Wesley drafted: Jeff wheel route, Montel late TD, i-J filling in, Claibs big push, Larmond's deep grab.
10-5 Draft: Best play vs. FSU?
BCMike - Albright sack, Cazzy fumble recovery, Kuechly goal line, Shinskie short TD, Lance's message
Weslley - Jeff wheel route, Montel late TD, i-J filling in, Claibs big push, Larmond's deep grab free polls


  1. "Well, well, well. Apparently Andre Ware doesn't know shit."


  2. The best part was sending that senile old coot back to Tallahassee with his tail between his legs.