Friday, October 16, 2009

Draft: 10/16 : Best BC Gameday Signs

From time to time we reach our long arms deep into the old mail bag to get a great idea to help contribute to our blog.

We greatly appreciate all the thoughts and responses, and when possible we will utilize these..

Today, although mildly outdated now, but still a great topic. BC gameday signs..
We give credit to reader PJ, who had this great idea!

Big ups to our friends over at College Game Balls, the charming and delightful fellas at BCI, and The Gilliands for allowing us to steal their pictures of the signs that weekend.

1W) BC most wanted..
Florida state criminoles.. with the Indian in cuffs.

I really don’t know why I feel this so funny, as similar ones have been done before.. but I just like the complete job by the fan to sell the whole package of the sign.

2M) "I like Football"

This probably has a lot to do with my warped sense of humor, but this one honestly made me chuckle. With all of the witty / crude / acrostic ESPN signs, I appreciate the simple, yet amusing "I like Football" sign. Hey, I like Football, too!

3W) Ponder this Bobby Retirement...

I am curious why I havent seen more of this… or maybe we will now.. haha.. it plays on a great QB.. and a question that I am sure that a lot of the FSU faithful are starting to Ponder!

4M) "We take our own tests"

In the recent aftermath of the cheating scandal at FSU, this was a very timely sign. Not only does it get across one of BC's few bragging points to the rest of the nation (one of the highest graduation rates anywhere), but it manages to poke fun at the poor FSU players who apparently can't read and have an IQ of 60.

5W) Fear that Stache’

Haha.. I for some reason love this one..
With Super Mario.. (Spaz) Riding Yoshi.. ( Bobby Bowden)
And that’s kinda how it all played out ..

6M) Get sacked by Mark Herzlicious

Give credit where it's due, this is our very own PJ's sign, but it's simply VERY well done. The fact that he got a picture with Mark holding it makes it one of my favorites on the day. It's obvious he got a kick out of it as well, which makes it that much better.

7W) If you are reading this...

You probably don't go to FSU. Good stuff.


It's nice to show a little confidence when you're at home, and given the preseason doom and gloom predictions by many out there, it was that sort of mentality that allowed the Eagles to go out there and take care of business vs. Florida State.

9W)Lee Corso as the Fonz..

Cause cool never goes outta style

10M) "Stay Up"

Very cool sign, great execution by the guys to make the gigantic Herzy with the "Stay up" message. That weekend was about atheletes overcoming obstacles, facing unbelievable challenges of misfortune and disease. Mark has said many times how he feels he's benefited from the support he's received from the BC community and this sign reminded me of how great it has been to see everyone rally around Mark, a great kid who happens to be an amazing football player.


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10-16 Draft: best BC gameday signs?
Wesley - Criminoles wanted, Ponder retirement, Fear Stache, If you can read this, Corso Fonz
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