Tuesday, August 25, 2009

8/25 Draft: best place to watch a BC football game (stadiums)?

It's gameday time! There are countless places to go watch the Eagles in person, but what is the best place to watch BC play football (stadiums)?

BCMike with the first choice overall:

1M) Notre Dame Stadium, Notre Dame

As a BC fan, you probably often feel like a pretty
big underdog--especially if you've traveled a good bit away from home base in Chestnut Hill to watch a game. Well, there's no better game atmosphere for a BC fan than a trip to South Bend to watch BC play beat the fake Irish. It's honestly a pretty amazing sight for the eyes in any regard, but when you can leave the stadium hearing the "we are...BC" chants echoing in the concrete belly of the stadium when the game is over...well, that's just tough to beat.

2W) Death Valley, Clemson

Mike, I've been there.. Great times.. especially when they are undefeated and in Green Jerseys!!

I am going with Clemson here.
Wow, What a stadium, what a fanbase, what a time... lets start outside of the stadium at the esso club, a gas station turned bar, great place to start the day. Tailgating here is great. Inside it is loud.. LOUD!! and covered in orange.. the tigers run down the hill after rubbing on Howards Rock for luck.. The fans are VERY hospitable, but then again i'm not a Gamecock fan.

3M) Alumni Stadium, Boston College

Great call on Clemson. If the Big East shills would take a trip to Clemson during the year with BC fans, we'd stop getting all of these faulty articles claiming that fans hated being in the ACC and are pining to return. It's basically an exact replica of Morgantown on opposite day.

I'm going with our home turf here. I feel as if Alumni Stadium really has grown up since BC joined the ACC. The SuperFan shirts used to be looked down upon by upperclassmen, but they have become a valuable marketing commodity for BC and have provided the school with an identity. Now, still much is left to be desired for 50% of the non-student population, but the Eagles in SuperFan shirts...well, I'll put them up against any other student cheering section in the nation. They're helping to change the atmosphere and culture at The Heights during game day.

4W) Michie Stadium , Army

Man, you stole my choice, I cannot blame you though. It seems like the past couple of years Alumni has really got a shot in the arm as far as game day atmosphere.. Heck even college gameday came up there for the FSU game. And I also attribute a lot of that to the Superfans. And although not a huge stadium, its definitely loud enough to piss the neighbors off!

On my choice, I choose Army.

This may be a curve ball for some, but of all the places , I HAVEN'T been to, this rates number one! The tradition brings chills to the back of my neck. I hear the ride up the Hudson before the game is a MUST. And just a gorgeous place to watch a football game.

5M) Lane Stadium, Virginia Tech

The best way to explain the Virginia Tech rivalry, now that we are in the ACC (it wasn't much of a rivalry in the BigEast days), is to think of how ND fans think of BC and remove the academic snobbery. VT fans are perplexed and confused that these kids from up in Chestnut Hill can even HANG, let alone BEAT their beloved Hokies. To their credit, it's their dedication and loud cheering that makes them one of the loudest and inhospitable places to play in the nation. But silencing that noise (and LANE STADIUM GOES SILENT!!)? Priceless.

6W) Doak Campbell Stadium, Florida State

Well Florida State has a few things going for it .. Being in Florida itself is a pretty good start.
Also, it seems to have a great amount of coeds..
The only reason I let it drop this low, is I felt the tailgating was not quite what I thought it should be. Outside of that, I feel FSU is a great place to watch a BC win.

7M) Alltel Stadium, Jacksonville (ACC Championship Game '07, '08)

FSU is a great choice. I've honestly never been, but just based upon the numerous stories about the co-ed's...yeah, that's a trip I've GOT to make.

While the ACC (and mainly BC) got beat up for the
inability to put a lot of butts in the seats a mere 1,500 miles away from Boston, I've always had a good time in Jacksonville, particularly The Landing. To me, that adds to the game day experience as you're there for a championship game, the city is (cough cough) "welcoming" you as fans, and let's face it--there's room to move down to great seats during the game.
Now, if we could only change the outcome of those games, it would be that much better.

8W) Bobby Dodd Stadium , Georgia Tech (North Avenue Trade School)

Mike Jacksonville Landing... Good Times..
On my final choice , I choose Georgia Tech.

I find Georgia Tech to be a fun place to watch a game , and being in Atlanta there is a multitude of things to do, And Tech is located right in the middle of it all. The stadium is very lively for its size, and the rambling wreck rolling down the middle of the field isn't a bad start either.


BCMike Chooses: ND,Alumni,VT,Jax

Wesley Chooses: Clemson, Army, FSU,GT

8-25 Draft of best places to watch BC football
BCMike drafted: ND,Alumni,VT,Jax
Wesley drafted: Clemson, Army, FSU,GT
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  1. Thought the top end of the draft was well picked, then it got fugly.

    Army is a great, great choice. Most beautiful grounds I have ever seen.

    VT is a good fball team but a garbage stadium.

    Jax? Jax?!? I'm glad you had a picture of the Landing since that was literally the only place of interest in all of "downtown" Jacksonville. Worst city I have ever visited. There is a reason every time the list of best city for singles comes out Jacksonville is last - 50th out of 50. Carolina Panthers stadium is much better located and Charlotte actually has a downtown.

    Tampa's stadium was less accessible but Tampa was a LOT more fun.

    UNC would have been a good choice. Very scenic, and the stadium has outstanding food.

    I might have also picked Hawaii... just saying.

    From current ACC bowls, San Francisco is very scenic and an accessible stadium. Nashville was a fun weekend and also accessible.

  2. Haha, I know what you mean, LD. I got the feeling it was getting ugly as I was making my picks. "Shallow draft" I guess would be accurate.

    As much bad press and I hear bad experiences of people in Jax, I honestly had a great time every time I've been...so I have to go on that. But I understand I'm in the vast minority, trust me!

    I went to UNC last year and was put off a little bit by the UNC fans / tailgating environment. We were literally escorted out of an area because they wanted it to only be for Tarheel fans. Stadium was fine, just lacked personality. Not awful, but not draft worthy in my book.

    Hawaii would have been a great call, I just do not know when the last time BC played in Hawaii (I would love to see them...er...anyone, for that matter) there.

  3. Doak should be higher because of all the fine tail running around there.

  4. Doak was a total steal that late in the draft.. I agree.