Monday, August 17, 2009

The 8/17 Draft: Best team in the ACC?

The coin toss goes to Wesley. Wesley, you have the first pick in the draft...who are you going for?

1W) Georgia Tech

eah I said it, it had to be said… GT, returns a large portion of its starters on offense, including a Heisman hopeful in Dwyer, so the “Perfect option” will be in full swing. I know this is a soft stab into the hearts of the pundits that will always want VT vs FSU or Miami vs FSU to draw the largest fan base… but this is the ACC, it is anyone's game.

2M) Virginia Tech

It pains me to say it, after BC has dropped consecutive games to the Hokies in the ACC Championship game (after proving they're perfectly capable of beating them in the regular season, no less), but VT is clearly the class of the ACC. I feel like you just took Sam Bowie in front of Michael Jordan. Sure, GT is a solid team and I respect Paul Johnson as much as the next guy, but part of the effectiveness in CFB with the option is the fact that teams don't see it as much and have seldom had to prepare for it. The Jackets will be better this year, but every other team playing them will be more prepared for the
"perfect option" as well. Make no mistake, the Hokies are the team to beat until further notice...and yes, I'm well aware that Darren Evans is gone for the year. I think VT fans are going to be pleasantly surprised that they don't miss a beat with Ryan Williams. I think that kid is the real deal.


UNC finally will compete for something rather than a lower tier bowl game.. they have the athleticism as well as the coaching to put them in position to win a lot of games..
If you want to see the new Miami, look at UNC.

4M) Florida State

I know, I know. I KNOW! But I can't let the Seminoles slip any further here. I think you were reaching for UNC at 3. Sure, FSU is "down" compared to what they used to be but now that Rick Trickett is in there working the trenches, FSU will be able to run the ball as well as anyone in the conference this year. The only way FSU doesn't have a very good season is if Christian Ponder is a human turnover machine...which is possible, but not probable.

5W) Boston College

BC, and yes I am biased.. BC has 2 great RBs,
plus a strong line that is VERY important for a foundation of a team..I think that this team has had a rough enough road, that they have something to prove… a lot of people that know this is their time to shine, or possibly never again.. and that is all the way in from the Dline to the QB… and on top of that , when the deck is stacked against this team, is when they always seem to shine. Just ask ND.

6M) Clems

I like the BC pick! I do think the Eagles will surprise those who have already buried Coach Spaz and left him for dead, but I can't pick them above Clemson and Heisman hopeful CJ Spiller. Clemson is often like BC in the respect that they often do the opposite of what the pundits predict. Usually they call for big things from Clemson, this season the Tiger have their fair share of doubters--which I think means they will perform better than expected.

7W) North Carolina State

O’Brien is a solid coach.. boring, yet solid, him, accompanied by a possibly great QB will him bring the Wolfpack over the 500 mark. As I feel their defense may be less than mediocre this year.. their offense will be pretty stout.. expect a few shootouts

8M) Wake Forest

I'm sorry, did you say "shootouts" when talking about a Dana
Bible offense? Listen, I think Russell Wilson is the real deal as well...but shootouts? SHOOTOUTS (in my best Jim Mora "Playoffs!??!" voice)?!?!

Wake here is the easy pick. Jim Grobe is the best coach in the ACC, and one of the best in the nation. Yes, they lost Aaron Curry and some backfield help, but Riley Skinner and Josh Adams will make Wake a tough out this season. I think they'll be in a lot of close games, and in those games coaching matters. Advantage: Wake Forest.

9W) Maryland

Fridge has lost almost a cheerleader (95lbs , or 43kg for our friends across the pond). That alone will give the Turtles a bit of motivation to play hard and excel.

Another reason is QB Turner, I know it is early , but I am going to go ahead and call it.. Chris Turner is going to be the best QB in the ACC this year. Plus, he looks just like Napoleon he's got that going for him.

10M) Miami

Wow, I feel like I'm getting the steal of the draft with Miami at 10. Stealing and Miami just go so well together, no? Sorry, Canes fans...had to be done.

Miami has one of the best young QB's in the ACC and the nation not named Russell Wilson in Jacory Harris. He was green last year, but showed sparks of brilliance. Recruiting athletes has never been a problem for "DA U" and this year is no different. I'm hearing great things from the young safety there who is already drawing comparisons to the departed Sean Taylor. Not a bad guy to be compared to.

If Randy Shannon can keep more guys on the field than in the slammer, DA U will be a formidable opponent in '09.


Wesley drafted: Georgia Tech (1), UNC (3), BC (5), NCSU (7), and Maryland (9).

Mike drafted: Virginia Tech (2), FSU (4), Clemson (6), Wake (8), and Miami (10).

Who won the 8-17 draft of ACC Football Teams?
Wesley - GT, UNC, BC, NCSU, Maryland
BCMike - VT, FSU, Clemson, Wake, Miami free polls

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  1. Sorry Wesley, but have to give this one to BCMike. In all likelihood, Mike has both the Atlantic (FSU/Clemson) and Coastal (Virginia Tech/Miami) Division champs this year. Georgia Tech's offense is good, but they will have to rebuild a defense that lost a lot of talent last season.