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8/31 Draft: Worst & Most Annoying Fans?

Well, this probably won't win us many new friends from the schools and fan bases listed below, but it's time to shine some sunlight on this stink. The draft is on for the WORST of the WORST annoying fans and fan bases.

First up is BCMike...who gets the black-eye of being the first overall pick for worst / most annoying fan base?

1M) West Virginia

Oh, I'm sorry, that's "West BY GOD Virginia" to those of us not native to this Hill-jack state. There's simply nothing rewarding about these
jackasses....unless you really enjoy having your car set on fire after a loss, or their own couches on fire if they win. Known for their painfully low academic "requirements", this may be one of the only teams in college football where the team is undoubtedly more educated than the fans of that team. And that's not a tough level to reach, either.

Let's put aside the sleazy nature of West Virginia's own Rich Rodriguez for a second and look at how the fans reacted when Rich Rod decided to bolt to Michigan:

"His mother, Arleen Rodriguez, told the Charleston Daily Mail her teenage grandson received a death threat and found other harassing notes taped to his locker at East Fairmont High School. Arleen said her 12-year-old granddaughter had to be escorted to classes."

You stay classy, Morgantown. Oh, and thanks for the bottle of urine you just threw, you just hit an old lady and a child. I'm sure they wanted it.

At the end of the day, there's just simply nothing redeeming about West Virginia Fans in any way, shape, or form.

2W) Notre Dame

We Understand.. and we sympathathize with your losses.. all of them, over and over and over and over.. But I just dont understand you delusions. But it must be contagious as other people are starting to believe them as well. You havent won a bowl game in the 2000s? Seriously.. And Lou Holtz.. just shut up.. seriously. no one can understand you anyway, so why waste both of our time? Oh, and please tell me that Weis is an offensive genius, 500 more times.. because I have yet to see the fruit from that.

3M) Ohio State

Truly an excellent call with Notre Dame, Wesley. To be honest, that one somehow slipped my mind. I guess the physical violence that the UWV fans display somehow overshadowed the douchiness of the Notre Dame fans in my mind.

THE Ohio State University fans will tell you how great they are, just give them the chance. After a couple hours of these windbags going on and on you'll eventually blurt out "Oh, you guys must have won the national championship every year for the past twenty years. Nice job."

What's that Buckeye fans?

You never win the big game? EVER? You just play in a conference of 11 teams so you can escape playing in a conference championship game and slime your way in to the MNC game and get slaughtered again?

Pardon the upcoming poor analogy, but I think it's the fake pride that annoys me the worst. It's like a batter in MLB who manages to get nothing but crappy pitchers to hit against so he manages a .280 average and goes to the All-Star game because SOMEONE has to go from their team...then consequently comes to the plate four times in the All-Star game with the bases loaded...but strikes out whiffing four times.

Then he goes home and tells everyone how great he is because he went to the All-Star game.

To put it more concisely, tOSU fans are USC fans, but louder and without the actual accomplishments.

4W) Tennessee


You just got Lane Kiffin... Go you..

You got a coach that the Raiders thought sucked too much.. so you get a prize.. haha

But it won't matter, you will still have 100,000 screaming crazies going wild on how you deserve the chance, and how to even have a winning record in the SEC is near impossible. Fortunately, for all you swell fans in your BRIGHT orange jerseys , that happen to match your tooth.. I welcome you.

5M) New Jersey State University (aka "Rutgers")

It only took the school that stakes the claim to starting college football 137 years to win their first bowl game. That's not an exaggeration (1869, 2006). If you didn't know of the historic blight on college football that NJSU has
been for well over a century the Jersey faithful would never let you think that this past even exists.

NJSU had a breakout year in 2006 when they played OOC teams like Ohio, Howard, a 3-9 Carolina team and a 2-10 Illinois squad. Tranghese brilliantly scheduled all of the Big East teams that were worth a damn to play each other at the end of the year (you don't drop too much when you lose to a ranked opponent), and NJSU was the main benefactor. This year sadly gave birth to a coterie of Rutgers football fans who deny the existence of college football prior to 2006 and HONESTLY believe their team to be on par with the top programs in college football.

6W) Michigan
Great Choice on NJSU Mike, I couldnt agree more!

Haha.. you have Rich Rod in here now.. and is there a more perfect fit than that?

It seems like there are two type of Michigan fans, passive Michigan fans who dont really follow football, And in your face Michigan fans. I am referring to the in your face Michigan fans. The ones who think the Big 11 is the toughest competition every single year. And they somehow hold a similarity to Notre Dame fans, with a superiority complex

7M) Georgia

Georgia earns a place here because of my personal fan interaction. Now, let it be said that there ARE GOOD GEORGIA FANS, and good Georgia Alums. They're just woefully outnumbered ITP (inside the perimeter, aka what most people consider Atlanta proper).

Georgia has the benefit of having many, MANY "subway" fans much like Notre Dame does. These people have zero connection to UGA in any way, aside from the fact that they live in the state. That's a great thing as far as the school is concerned, but unfortunately when you have so many fans, the quality control standards go way down.

I know I'm being long-winded today, but again pardon me while I recall a true story: My formal introduction to UGA fans here in Atlanta, I arrived in the town about a month prior.

Setting: Taco Mac, Atlanta, GA
Date: Second (?) week of the football season, 2006
Backdrop: Bar is very crowded, first wave of games just ended (including the BC game, which we won), BC folks I'm with and I decide to stay and knock back a couple and catch some more college football.

It's important to note that as the following takes places, my friends and I are literally completely quiet, minding our own business, just nursing our beers and watching the games standing near the bar area.

Random UGA Fan (RUGAF): "Boston College, eh?
BCMike (BCM): "Yep, that's us!"
BCM: "Um, yep."
RUGAF: "Y'all in the ACC. The ACC sucks. The SEC is the best."
BCM: "Yep, the SEC is a helluva football conference, no doubt."
RUGAF: "The SEC is so head and shoulders above the ACC, it ain't even funny. Y'all suck."
BCM: "We've got a few teams, but yeah, for sure the SEC has some very good squads."
RUGAF: "Can you imagine *laughs*...I mean, can you IMAGINE what would happen if Boston College played Georgia?"
BCM: *eyebrow lifts*
"I mean, do you have ANY IDEA of what would happen? Can you even IMAGINE what sort of beating would take place? I mean, honestly, do you have any IDEA what would happen?"
BCM: "Yeah, I've got a pretty good idea, actually."
RUGAF: "Oh yeah *smirking*, what's that?"
BCM: "We'd probably beat your ass again just like we did the last couple of times we played you in bowl games."
RUGAF: "What the f*ck are you talking about?!! BC never played Georgia in a bowl game!!"
BCM: "Yep, sure did."
RUGAF: "Maybe like a hundred years ago or something!!"
BCM: "Try 2001. The other one was in the 80's some time* though, I think."
RUGAF: "You lie! You're a liar. BC sucks, y'all are in the ACC."

* 1986, I had forgotten when at the time

To me, this nicely summarizes the bad UGA fans. If it's not the SEC, it doesn't matter, and UGA is the best in the SEC regardless of any current or historical fact.

8W) Alabama


THE BEAR HAS PASSED!! I hate to be the one that breaks it to you TIDE/Elephant fans..

Alabama and Tennessee have a good amount in common, although I am sure that neither would admit it. I will give credit to Alabama they are playing a lot better lately, and Saban is a good coach.. I guess it just has a lot to do with living in the state.. that makes me hear the fans that much more
Alabama claims 12 National Championships.. if they claim 12.. I claim 5 for BC, I am just sayin'

9M) UCan't (UConn / Connecticut)

Ah, the UCan't fans. If a fan base could ever personify a Napoleon Complex, this is it. BC actually helped the program join the Big East and
pushed for their inclusion a year earlier than expected when Temple got das boot. However, all UCan't fans can say now is how BC is afraid to play them because they're so good (in their own minds, at least). Probably has something to do with not having to play Miami, Virginia Tech, or Boston College every year, Husky fans. UCan't also gets a big boost here because of their shill fan local writer Desmond Conner, who might be the biggest douche on the planet.

10W) Florida

I UNDERSTAND.. Tebow is good.. but seriously you are making me hate this guy, because you won't shut up about him.. let him play his game and be who he is...

Because 2010 will be here before you know it and do I need to remind you of the pre-Spurrier days? I think you will have a reminder soon enough.


BCMike drafted: UWV, tOSU, NJSU, UGA, UCan't.
Wesley drafted: ND, Tennessee, Meat Chicken, 'Bama, Florida.

8-31 Draft of Worst and Most Annoying fans?
BCMike - UWV, tOSU, NJSU, UGA, UCan't
Wesley - ND, Tennessee, Meat Chicken, 'Bama, Florida. free polls

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