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8/24 Draft: Best BC Running Back (All-time)?

BC's had a lot of great RB's through the years--probably in no small part due to the OL-U tradition! But if you had to draft a team of the best RB's from BC...who would you go for? Wesley, you're up first!!

1W) William Green

I know he didn't have the all-time numbers, but he has a great story, and he was a blast to watch. I wish he would have had a more promising NFL career. I especially like the game he had against Georgia in Nashville..

2M) Mike Cloud

I know what you mean about not understanding why
Willie didn't have a great pro career, Wesley. To be honest, I was sure he was going to be a great pro. It's a shame things didn't turn out differently for Green in his pro career.

Mike Cloud is BC's 2nd all-time leading rusher (3,597 yards), and ranks third all-time for average per carry at 5.86 yards a rush. Cloud also broke the BigEast record for rushing yards in a season with 1,726 in '98 when he averaged nearly 157 yards/game. He was named a first-team All-American, starting in the same mythical backfield as 1998 Heisman Trophy winner Ricky Williams. I simply have to take Cloud here.

3W)Mike Holovak

He played for Leahy, during the undefeated 1940 season, averaging over 5 yards a carry. An All-American and eventual coach.

4M) Derrick Knight

Holovak is an excellent choice, I have to hand it to you.
I thought I might have been able to sneak another old-timer by you. Instead, I'm going more recently here with Derrick Knight, or "D-Knight" as most of the fans called him D-Knight is really BC football in a nutshell. Knight wasn't heavily recruited out of high school and came to BC without much fan fare. He wasn't physically imposing or lightning quick, but was just a really great running back. I equate him to a "pitcher's pitcher", like Greg Maddux. He doesn't blow you away physically but just knew how to do the job right, and did it exceedingly well. D-Knight is BC's all-time leading rusher, amassing 3,725 yards in his career at The Heights.

5W) Montel "Jordan" Harris

I know it is a bit premature to have him in here.. but as a freshman he led (Montel actually broke the frosh rushing record last year, by 180 yards or so)

6M) Troy Stradford

Stradford is BC's 3rd all-time leading rusher with 3,504
yards, 4th in average per carry. Many believed he benefited greatly from the presence of Heisman Trophy winner Doug Flutie while he was at BC ('82-'86) but Stradford was a great back in his own right. His NFL mark was also impressive, as Troy was named the NFL Offensive Rookie of the Year while playing for the Miami Dolphins in 1987.

7W) LV Whitworth

hahaa.. I know I will get some great responses to this one. but this is who I am choosing. There was something about LV, esp in the 2005 season that made him special. He rushed for just shy of 2600 yards in his career, when most of it was sharing reps. And got 17 TDs on the ground.

8M) Andre Callendar

Whitworth before Callendar? Man, you might as well just
waive the white flag and call this one over.

While Callendar represents himself well on BC's all-time leading rushers finishing only two yards behind William Green (good for 5th all-time, 2,971 yards), the real reason why Callendar is a steal here is because of what he did better than any other RB in BC history: catch the ball. Callendar is actually 4th ALL TIME in receptions. Not by a running back, but ANYONE. His single-season record of 76 grabs in 2007 remain the most by any Eagle in the history of those who have donned the Maroon and Gold. The fact that he reeled in the ball that broke all the hearts in Blacksburg doesn't exactly hurt, either.

9W) Jeff Smith

Mike I respect what AC did..but I prefer LV.. and I know I am in the minority ther for my last choice, I am going to choose another recent.. and I know that this probably isnt going to be the most popular pick either.. Jeff Smith.. Reason being Clemson Game 05... outside of that, he displays a type of raw speed that you just cannot coach

10M) Chuckie Dukes

Dukes didn't have a long career at BC, only playing in some of the games in 1991 before having a breakout season in 1992 (his 1,387 yards place him only behind Cloud, Knight, and Green). Most impressive on Dukes' stat line is his career average per carry: 6.1 yards! He's the only player to have ever rushed for more than 1,000 yards and average six yards or greater per tote.


Wesley drafted: William Green, Mike Holovak, Montel Harris, LV Whitworth, and Jeff Smith
BCMike drafted: Mike Cloud, Derrick Knight, Troy Stradford, Andre Callender, and Chuckie Dukes.

8-24 Draft of Best BC RB's
Wesley - William Green, Mike Holovak, Montel Harris, LV Whitworth, Jeff Smith
BCMike - Mike Cloud, Derrick Knight, Troy Stradford, Andre Callender, Chuckie Dukes free polls

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