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9/1 Draft: Biggest Villain vs. BC

Today, we are going to draft BC's top Villains!
As the Joker is to Batman, as Cobra is to GI JOE , and is SPY is to SPY..
We are looking for the worst of the worst, in relation to Boston College.

Today Wesley gets to start it off..

1W) TOB (Tom O'Brien)

Ok, Mike ,I know what you are going to say...There isn't enough history.. Or leave TOBy alone..

But I just can't.. They stand for everything I don't like.. and moreover, everything not BC..

Tom O' Brien...

He left BC for a chance at a Big "State" school, well there you go ..NC State have at it.. and enjoy. I wonder if that same ceiling of wins exists for him wherever he goes
Yes TOB took us out of a hard time at BC, but I feel the way he left, created a lot of rage in the hearts of the BC fans. And those images in the rear view still appears closer than they are.

2M) Diamond Ferri

Wesley, I think TOB has created this "villain" thing for himself. I really do. While I very much appreciate what he did at BC, he did in fact reach a ceiling and BC allowed him to interview at six (6!) different schools before he finally landed another gig south of the Mason-Dixon line. What rubs be the wrong way about TOB (among other things) were his unnecessary pot-shots he took against the school on his way out stating how tough it was to win at BC and how nine wins was the most anyone could ever to at Boston College. He also dredged up the gambling scandal at every possible moment to paint himself as a savior (and dragging us through the mud in the process). He's not my number one villain, but he's certainly positioned himself well for the role.

On to my pick: Diamond Ferri: I still cringe every time I hear this name.

BC's made a habit out of turning two star guys into NFL players. Finding the diamond in the rough. Making all-stars out of three stars.

Every now and again you miss one, too.

Diamond Ferri, a native son of Massachusetts played for Everett High School (much like current players Jimmy Noel and Isaac Johnson), and wanted nothing more than to go to Boston College to play his college ball.

Boston College, however, was not interested. Not as a running back, anyway. That's where Ferri wanted to be.

Syracuse told him he could compete for the job, but no guarantees. He competed, but lost out to future 2nd team All-American Walter Reyes. Ferri was an outstanding safety for the Orangemen throughout his career.

Until November 27th, 2004.

This was Boston College's last game as a member of the BigEast. The conference was under heavy scrutiny as Miami and Virginia Tech has left the year before, and Boston College was on the way out the door. The conference still had an auto-BCS birth despite only having seven teams...something that caused a ton of controversy at the time.

Boston College was in the driver's seat. All they had to do was beat a lowly Syracuse team that was 5-5, but had just lost their heart and soul, the only true talent on the team, Walter Reyes.

BC had to deal with injuries, too. Paul Petersen, who had unexpectedly turn into a fantastic quarterback for the Eagles broke his wrist (if memory serves) the week prior and were forced to play Red-Shirt Frosh Matt Ryan.

Matt had a lot of great games as the QB for BC. This was not one of them. But I digress, back to the point of why Diamond Ferri is MY #1 villain.

Walter Reyes was out, but the Orangemen didn't want to remove any of the red shirts from their players as they were pretty certain they were going to be thumped by a very good BC team. What did Paul Pasqualoni do for his 2nd to last game as head football coach at Syracuse?

He put in Diamond Ferri, told him to play both ways. As a BC fan, I had to laugh. Thank god. I was worried how we would do without Petersen. But now that Reyes was out and there was no running game, this should be a blood bath.

So how would a safety do at RB? How about one that actually had to PLAY safety during a game in addition to now playing "out of position"? A player that would have to play nearly every down in a game against a far superior opponent that just needed this one win to go to a BCS bowl game??

141 yards, 2 TD's. One INT, returned for a TD. I don't even want to know how many tackles.

Diamond Ferri personally took BC's best chance of a BCS bowl game and crapped on it.

3W) LNH ("Long Neck Heather", aka "Heather Dinich")

Mike, I feel you on that call.. And everytime that game is brought up , it's a dagger in the heart of most BC fans.

Let me start with saying.. Her job is to blog/report on the ACC, THAT IS ALL.
But somehow , someway she is incapable of saying much at all about BC that is positive..

Seriously, check it out right now.Top ten ACC Games ok.. now look throughout her blog, and notice all things BC seemed to be overlooked.. this top ten ACC games is just a small snipet, but there are NO BC games? Really? Like Clemson/BC wouldn't be a crowd pleaser? A game that has gone into OT repeatedly in the past few years. Or Notre Dame/ BC, wrapping up a series of ."Holy War" which is currently tied at 9-9

Yes, I will be the first to admit, I am biased, but if you really look deep into her work.. you will find nothing but dust particles on BC.

4M) Ed Reed

I couldn't agree more about LNH. Her dislike and ignorance of all things Boston College may only be matched by her open dissatisfaction with having to cover the lowly ACC.

For me, this whole Ed Reed thing is personal. It was my first year at BC (grad school) and the Eagles were playing hated Miami. Now, I've always supported BC as both my Mom and Aunt are alumnae, but I wasn't nearly the die-hard I am prior to coming to The Heights. I have, however, always hated Miami. I got it from my Dad--certainly not one of the worst things a boy could inherit.

Anyway, BC was actually in the game with Miami, and Miami was ranked WAY high, I forgot how high, but posssibly #1. Miami was leading up 11-7, but BC was driving. St. Pierre had driven the Eagles down inside the Red Zone!

I had gotten tickets from a scalper and wound up on the visitor's side, but GREAT seats, a couple rows up, right at the 20!!
The crowd was going nuts, BC was about to beat Miami for the first time since '84, and dash their national championship hopes at the same time!! Only 20 seconds to go!!!!

Then it happened.

St. Pierre threw a bullet from about four yards away, attempting to remove one of our WR's kneecaps for reasons only he knows. The maximum velocity that St. Pierre put on the ball was evident when it ricocheted off of the BC player's knee, popped up into the air and was caught by Walters (had to look that up) and Reed. Ed Reed then stripped the ball away from Walters and gallivanted 90 some odd yards for the touchdown with less than 15 seconds remaining in the game.

I still remember seeing the back of his jersey as he ran away with the best chance BC had to beat Miami in years.

On a related side note, that 2001 Miami team might be the most NFL-laden CFB team of all time. Here are some of the guys on the '01 Canes roster: Willis McGahee, Najeh Davenport, Andre Johnson, Antrel Rolle, Mike Rumph, Ken Dorsey, DJ Williams, Ed Reed, Clinton Portis, Phillip Buchanan, Frank Gore, Rocky McIntosh, Johnathan Vilma, Vince Wilford, Bryant McKinnie, Kellen Winslow, Roscoe Parrish, Jeremy Shockey, William Joseph, Jerome McDougle, and the late Sean Taylor.

And BC almost beat 'em.

5W) Big East

Listen.. we are happy in the ACC, I promise . I am getting sick of hearing that the BC faithful have desire to be back in the BIG EAST!
It couldn't be further from the truth.
What do you want us to beat up on Rutgers and UCONN some more?
Didn't that get a little old the first time.. oh here is another one , we want to play in more local bowls. HA! no, we prefer to play where it is warmer, the competition is better, and there is more publicity.
To say that BC and The Big East's seperation was like a difficult divorce, would be a wild understatement. But BC wants no alimony, will pay no child support, and will be delivering no congical visits.

Bon Voyage Bitches!

6M) Lou Holtz

In 1992, Lou figured it was a good time to run up the score on Boston College, going as far as to fake a punt late in the game and up numerous TD's. The final score was 54-7, Notre Dame.

The following year, ND had it's eyes on the MNC having just defeated Florida State (a #1 vs. #2 battle that had been billed as "The Game of the Century"), needing only to beat lowly BC, a team they had embarrassed the year before.

Fuck you, Lou Holtz.

David Gordon's 41 yard kick beat the Fake Irish 41-39, killing Lou's MNC hopes (and giving Florida State a shot at the title, something that Bobby Bowden later referenced by scheduling BC as it's first ACC opponent because "I owe them some money").

Ever since then, Lou has been blathering in a style which can only be described as "trying to talk with a mouth full of peanut M&M's" about how awful BC is every opportunity he gets. Part of the blame goes to ESPN for giving this ponce a soap box to stand on, for sure.
My favorite Lou Holtz prediction was for the 2007 season. Lou said that BC was one of the most over-rated teams in College Football, saying that BC had lost TOB and would win only three games at the most.

Hey, he was only off by 8.

7W) Boston Pro Teams. RedSox, Celtics, Bruins,Pats

Now don't get me wrong.. I love these teams.. but we are drafting biggest villans here.
And I understand that these teams in ways help BC, and attract new recruits, new fans etc. But overwhelmingly, BC plays second, third fiddle to the news about the pro teams. And I understand that, but in other markets. I.E. Auburn, Gainesville, Iowa City,Clemson to name a few. The NCAA Football team is the only team there.

8M) AP Voters

You know, I agree that Boston is a pro-sports town, but BC's unwillingness to market to the non-BC fan in Boston is part of why I think we don't get the support that other schools do. That being said, it's just a cultural difference of "if I didn't go there, I'm not rooting for them" that only truly exists in the northeast, and Boston specifically.

I'm going with a bit of a cop-out here and saying the AP Voters. Listen, I understand you have to cater to the Oklahoma's, Notre Dame's, USC's, and Texas' of the world to avoid having your house torched by insane fans, but seriously, the complete and total lack of respect year in and year out is just amazing. It simply does not matter what BC does the year before because there will be a perfectly good reason for why BC SOMEHOW managed to surpass the lowly expectations last year and why they're going to be awful and unranked this year.

Rinse, repeat.

It just gets so old. One would think that eventually classical conditioning would take over and the voters would realize that they're habitually under rating Boston College, but these dogs don't answer Pavlov's bell apparently.

9W) BC Kicking Game

Mike , I agree, the AP Voters are hillarious, oh well without the whole being funny thing..

I am glad you posted that link up there.. you would think voters/ media would read that as well, and maybe include that into thier predictions? ehh well maybe not.

I Draft BC Kicking Game.,

Seriously, how can one problem linger for this long?
The BC Kicking game has been very questionable for quite some time now.

And, not just questionable.. downright weird..

Let's start with Ryan Ohliger.. after missing a slew a critical FGs he got "suspended indefinitely"

After that, we got the feel good story of Steve Aponavicious, aka Sid Vicious. The Fan that had a shot to play college ball.. Great Story, just is still going on.. and Sid has been less than perfect over the past couple of years.. Although he seems to be inconsistent, he keeps beating out the competition, and this is actually something I can't totally blame on recruiting either.. as BC got the #1 kicker in the league 2 years ago in Billy Bennett.. Billy may have played in 5 games? But was sidelined with injury, and then off the team shortly after.. Ryan Quigley, and Nate Freese are now on the team, and the hopes are high.. but that once GREAT story of Sid Vicious is still the starting Kicker, does anyone remember that movie groundhog day? it seems very similar..

And , Although I draft this as one of the Biggest Villains, I have a lot of hope for this season in this area.

10M) Mark Blaudshun

David Gordon, where are you? Actually, I miss Sandro Sciortino the most. He was money.

I'm going with the antithesis of the hardest workin' man in show business, Mark Blaudschun. Blauds has painfully been a "beat writer" for Boston College for years while still maintaining his full-fledged love for anything and everything Big East. If it's possible for a story to be spun in a way that's downtrodden, depressing, or miserable for a BC fan, you can count on Blauds to do it.

In addition to being a Big East schill and a BC hater, he's also incredibly lazy. In more than one instance Blaudschun has been caught publishing pieces that are literally copied word for word from fan sites such as Eagle Action and Eagle Insider. To the general public it looks like he's doing his work. To fans that care enough to actually talk about BC sports, we know what a fraud he is.

While it sounds like we hate all media in this piece, let me take a second to call out three terrific BC writers: Steve Conroy of The Boston Herald, Julian Benbow of The Boston Globe, and Jessica Isner of NESN.

Wesley - TOB, LNH, BigEast, Boston Pro Teams, BC kicking
BCMike - Ferri, Redd, Holtz, AP, Blaudy

9-1 Draft: Biggest Villain for BC
Wesley - TOB, LNH, BigEast, ProTeams in Boston, BC kicking
BC Mike- Ferri, Redd, Holtz, AP, Blaudy free polls

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