Monday, August 17, 2009

The 8/19 Draft: Best BC Football Coach?

Okay, Wesley...the first pick is yours again. Who are you going with for your first overall selection? We're only doing six this times, so make it count!

1W) Jeff Jagodzinski

Ok , I know I am going to catch a lot of flack for this. But Jags brought some VERY quality wins to BC. He helped coach us to the ACC Championship twice.. Of course I wish we would have won at least one of them, but I feel like we progressed as a team very well. Jags was entertaining as well. His approach was the CEO of the team, and it worked for him., Did he use BC as a stepping stone to get back in the NFL? Who knows? All I can do is say while he was at BC, we competed with everyone we played, and beat the majority of them, and looked good doing it..

2M) Frank Leahy

As the only football coach to win a national championship* at Boston College, Frank Leahy gets my vote. Yes, I know he left BC to return to his alma mater in 1941, but to me that's not really that bad. After all, he WAS an ND graduate, I really don't hold it against him for wanting to return to where he played and graduated from. Besides, ND was offering a much bigger paycheck. As much venom as I have for Notre Dame --and trust me, there's plenty-- this has never been a source of complaint for me. In fact, you could argue that Leahy really put BC football on the national stage map when he finished the 1940 season beating Tennessee in the Sugar Bowl.

* The 1940 Championship is a contested one...but not by me!

3W) Gene DeFilipo

Haha, yeah I cheated.. he is Coach Flip to me .. The move to the ACC, has proved to be one of the best decisions ever in BC history.. I much prefer playing Clemson, FSU, Miami, VT over Pitt , UConn, Rutgers, Louisville etc. I feel like he stands for what is right, and is willing to fight for it.

4M) Frank Cavanaugh

Bogus! Gene never actually coached at BC! I have the utmost respect for GDF and am a big supporter in most everything he's done, but I'm throwing a flag on the play here. Nonetheless, this gives me room to sneak in another old timer...

Frank Cavanaugh really helped bring BC football along quite a big. In his eight year stint at The Heights Cavanaugh compliled a 48-14-5 record, including an undefeated season in 1920. Additionally, Cavanaugh recruited and coached the first true BC star that had the support of The Hub, James "Jimmy Fitz" Fitzgerald. Unlike Yukica, Cavanaugh never had a losing season.

5W) Tom O'Brien

Call him Dr. Death, Call him Boring, Call him a sellout..Doesn't really matter. He did do a couple things well. Discipline, Won Games, Stability.
His militaristic ways were successful,and he brought BC to be a very respected program, although the glamour and fame was no where near him. He did his job.

So as my last draft choice I choose TOB.

6M) Frank Spaziani

Nice choice with Toby, Wesley. While I think the way he parted with BC rubbed MANY people the wrong way (taking pot-shots, saying that "Nine wins was the best anyone could ever do at Boston College"), the fact of the matter is that he rescued a team in need of discipline and re-established a winning culture of hard-nosed football. For that, I'll always be thankful.

I'm going with Spaz here. Yes, I know he only has one win under his belt as a CFB
Head Coach (vs. Navy in a bowl game after TOB left), but his defenses the past decade have been nothing short of fantastic. Year in and year out our D has performed well above expectations, often without many heralded recruits. I don't know how well he'll wind up in the HEAD Coaching lore at BC, but as a COACH at BC, he most certainly makes my list.

If I had one more pick I'd definitely take Coughlin, but I just needed to show Spaz some love.

Who had the better draft?
Wesley - Jags, GDF, TOB
BCMike - Leahy, Cavanaugh, Spaz free polls


  1. FAIL.

    Tom Coughlin has to be in the top six. As does Cowboy Jack Bicknell for the Flutie years.


    That would be a reasonable lineup.

  2. Hey Leather D!

    I really did want to grab TC, but I went with Spaz for my last pick. I couldn't go with Cowboy Jack based on his number of losing seasons (60%), despite the Flutie connection.

  3. BCMike - your picks were quite reasonable...