Thursday, January 21, 2010

Draft 1/21: You might be a wah wah if....

If you got Rah-Rah's you got Wah-Wah's! Although I'll admit if BCMike and I had to choose, we are probably a bit leaning on the Rah Rah side. But hear are some things that a Wah Wah might think/say etc.

1W)You feel like any change and your team is headed for immanent disaster.

A player is out, or maybe he just doesn’t stretch with the team in pre game warmups..And you are crying foul, and saying the team is done. The depth chart is changed and a new face is in there... to you That means a guaranteed loss.

2M) They never win the big one

What's the point of getting up? Sure, they might beat an opponent who is even worse than they are, but since they never really ever win the big one consistently, there's no reason to really get behind this team. They'll fail again, you'll see.

3W) It just wasn’t meant to be. We aren’t a factory, so why expect factory results

The Florida’s, Alabama’s, USC, Ohio State’s of the world are consistently good for a reason. Their main draw is football We focus too much on education here. If you are focusing on education , you are limiting your recruiting abilities, and thereforeHurting the program. We just won’t be on the level of those teams until we start bending some rules in the education realm.

4M) Sure we look good, but our conference is down I mean, yes, we looked good vs. who we played, but imagine if we were in conference X instead of conference Y

Then we would be legit and playing with the big boys.

5W) We are just gonna get screwed in the end of the season anyways. The pollsters don’t like us.

We could win out, and we would get the Boise St. treatment. We don’t have the fan base that the people with the money want. Therefore at the end of the year it doesn’t matter if we beat every team by 50. They will find a way to have us out of the loop, and try for a SEC/Big 12 matchup for the bigger ticket draw, so why even try?

6M) We play not to lose

Not to win. We do that because we're not very good and it's the only way we can make games close.

7W) I really don’t know why I even come to the games.

This team just crushes my heart sometimes, why do I even attend the games? The prices for tailgating are astronomical. The ticket prices aren’t great, they don’t schedule Big enough names to play against. And things just never seem to go our way.. Why do I like to torture myself so?

8M) We were only good because _____ was here, but he's going to the NFL next year so we'll be rebuilding for a while

Sure, sure...we had some success because we happened to get lucky and have a certainly player here for a short time (who was incorrectly used most of the time, might I add), but now that he's gone, we're even more screwed. We're completely green at that position now and the backups are probably horrible. This is going to be a long rebuilding process.

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