Monday, January 25, 2010

1/25 Draft: Looking into the future (positive)

On Friday, we took a tip from Brian at BCI and looked into the future ten years to see what the BC program might look like. Saving the best for last, we're doing our positive spin to get the week started right.


1W) BC win a National Championship

That’s right, not little disclaimer anymore,
no asterisk next to our 1 Championship win.. We win outright, or as outright as the BCS will allow.

Small Soap box speech on why/ how it happens.. I think 2010, could be the next 2007 type season, with just a little more umph to get over the hump.

We will have returning QBs, a mostly intact line, Great RBs, TE’s and an established system to progress. A couple additional players to step up, or great incoming Frosh, and I see that 2010 could be this year, after 2010, who knows..

2M) Win the ACC, go to a BCS game

We've gone to "the 'ship" twice in
the past three years, and only came a game away from returning for the third straight year in 2009-2010. In the near future, BC will go to and WIN the A3CG, earning a ticket to a BCS game for the first time in program history.

3W) Montel wins the Heisman

Montel is a great Back, he is a
Junior this year… That’s right could have 2 more years of his stellar play!

He is not only a great runner, but his blocks are typically pretty solid as well. He runs hard, and with a lot of heart!

His Senior Season, he plays with reckless abandon (as always) and is noticed and honored with a Heisman, the first since Doug Flutie!

4M) BC will have a WR drafted

It's hard to believe, but it's been well
over a decade since a WR has been drafted by the NFL in ANY round (Kelvin Martin, '87). However, this streak will be broken soon. Rich Gunnell could go, but if not the future is even brighter for NFL draft status with the physically gifted WR's on the roster now and coming in.

5W) Spaz will still be the head coach..

You know, a lot of people will think this
isn’t a huge deal.. I think it will be a big thing.. If Spaz is still the coach, it will mean he is continually succeeding, and happy with the result on the field as well as off. I think Spaz is a great coach, just a lot of people don’t want to hear his sarcasm.. they want a tough go getter.. me.. I don’t really care, as long as he can hype the players up.

The melodramatic humor will catch on, and the student section will be rocking stache's.

6M) There will be a new big bowl winning streak

After snapping the bowl winning streak that had become the program's calling card by first losing to Vandy in '08 and USC in '09, BC starts a new streak that culminates with a BCS victory.

7W) We will Add on to Alumni, bringing seating close to 70k, and fill it.

The Boston community will support BC,
and we will put a retractable dome on.

Today, or in 2009, Alumni wasn’t quite as full as it should have been, as a team that was competing for a ACCCG until very late in the season.

You can tie that into a lot of things.. Economy, Excitement of the program, Tailgating, Weather etc.. Well by the year 2020, the Eagles will have a completely renovated stadium, complete with a retractable roof, with Technology within it to make the NFL teams jealous.. The Stadium will seat approx. 70k and fill it with ease, as the City of Boston finally embraces BC as their Local School.

8M) Ryan Day will be a head Coach of a BCS school

I think this will be a good thing, as
Spaz enjoys a couple of years at the helm before giving way to the young and talented Ryan Day. Day will be the OC in the very near future before eventually taking the head reigns at The Heights.

Of course, should Spaz be doing well and not wanting to leave in the next decade, BC does the right thing and helps the talented guy find a BCS head coaching spot elsewhere with the understanding that when Spaz does move on that he'll be #1 on the call list.

9W) We will own the overall series with ND winning the head to head in 2010,
and then playing them again in a bowl game. And winning.

Currently the total record with Notre Dame is in their favor by 1.. there is only one more game left, and it is at Boston College in 2010. Boston College will need to beat them there, and win a BCS bowl game against them to take the lead.. Which will happen, and then Notre Dame will cancel the current conversation of future games, keeping the overall record in Boston College’s Favor! Amen!

10M) Herzy goes Hollywood

After going in the first round of the
2011 draft, Herzy sells his story to the same people who made "the blind side" and another great tear-jerker of a football film is made and the movie wins an Oscar or two. But who plays Herzy??? Suggestions in the comments section!


Wesley drafted: National title, Montel Heisman, Spaz still HC, Alumni to 70k, Win series with ND
BCMike drafted: Win the ACC, WR drafted, new bowl streak, Day as HC, Herzy goes Hollywood
1-25 Draft: Looking into the future (positive)
Wesley: National title, Montel Heisman, Spaz still HC, Alumni to 70k, Win series with ND
BCMike: Win the ACC, WR drafted, new bowl streak, Day as HC, Herzy goes Hollywood free polls

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