Monday, January 11, 2010

1/11 Draft: Best of the Worst of Frozen Fenway

Usually if BC sustains a loss, we do worst of the worst, but the whole event was so much fun and such a good time that despite the loss I (BCMike) still had a great time. So, we're doing the best of the worst this go 'round!

I should add that in addition to screwing BC's chances of victory by buying a ticket and attending, I sealed the deal prior to the game by also purchasing a sweet commemorative "Frozen Fenway" shirt, which now I'll seldom wear as it's just a constant reminder that we lost to BU on the big stage away from the NCAA's once again.

But moving on....


1M) It snowed!

For those who watched the first couple of winter
classics on television and saw an NHL game A) Played outside during the winter and B) during a snow storm, you knew that there was a chance we'd get the same luck during the game.

The snow gods smiled on us and we had a nice snow during the first part of the game, and intermittently afterward. The sight of sitting in Fenway, watching a college hockey game of two huge rivals going at it at night during a snow storm is an image that's going in my sports vault in my head and never coming out. Just really an amazing sight to see. Despite the loss, I'm so glad we went.

2W) BC late comeback

BC was really getting it handed to them from the start, thier strong points of Speed and Defense, really didn't appear to be in attendance until late in the event. BC came back hard and strong, just was very unfortunate that it was too little, too late.

3M) Disposable flasks working like a charm

For Christmas, some girls give their guys
shavers. Others ties. The lucky ones get a PS3 game. Me? My girl got me disposable flasks.

That's right, disposable flasks.

To be fair, it was a little self-serving on her end as she knew we were heading to Frozen Fenway shortly after the Holidays and enjoys a glass or eight of vino now and again and again, but regardless the four flasks worked like charm. Two full of chardonnay for the lady and two of the Cap'n for my buddy JC and myself...and no problems carrying or using. For anyone going to a cold weather game, I'm highly recommending these. On a negative note, I don't remember much after the game, but I'm pretty sure I ran into Big Nick of The ACC Report and Baby Jags...but that could have just been a bad flashback to the firing about a year ago.

4W) Being able to watch the game

Being able to actually watch the game.
Most BC sports are a pain to even be able to watch in Alabama but the coolness of the venue really helped people know about it , and therefore allowed me to watch it and I am pretty thankful for that!

5M) Getting tickets without being scalped

When the tickets first went on sale, my girl and I didn't think we would be able to make the trip for a variety or reasons.
Things fell perfectly into place about a month later, but by then the seats were sold out and impossible to get. Scalpers were asking Rumpelstiltskin prices and it was looking like we might get fleeced pretty hard if we followed through with the trip.

I had hoped that my alumni association contact at BC might be able to throw me a bone given the number of years of work I've put in, but she claimed unable to help, as all of the seats BC had were sold as well. I was then MOST fortunate to reach out to a contact at the BC Athletic Dept who remembered me from the Matt Ryan event we hosted in Atlanta earlier in the year and worked to get me some seats at a very fair price. So to the AD's office, thank you SN and KM!

6W) Seeing a Frozen Fenway

It really was a sight to see a frozen fenway
park.. on tv, albeit BCMike undoubtedly had a much grander view....But still the whole process leading up to the event even was just great, and something that I hadn't seen, and makes me want to go to the next one, and feel like I really missed going to something special.

7M) Never wearing those fugly jerseys again

I am in the camp that believes that
our home hockey uni's are some of the sharpest out there. Not just in terms of BC jerseys, I'm talking anywhere. Sure, I'm a bit of a homer but the home whites are just nearing perfection in my eyes.

So what do my eyes behold as we enter Fenway park? Jerseys that look like manila folders. BU's classic Russian Red jerseys looked good as always, enabling BC to wear the whites...but did we? No, we chose to go ugly or go home. Guess we wound up doing least we won't have to throw those fugly jerseys on again any time soon.

Thanks to Eagle in Atlanta for the jersey pic.

8W) Good Exposure

Something that BC needs hand over fist,
is exposure. Just not enough people know what all Boston College is up to. This was one of those events where a lot of people knew what was going on, and got to be jealous of what was going on in the Boston Area!

9M) Telling the sit down fans to stand up

The whale pants / sit down crew made the trip to Fenway. About halfway through the first period, we got a group who was sitting
down yelling at us to sit down. I somewhat politely told them to stand up, we weren't at a service, we were at a hockey game and it's COLD. Get up and move your arse!

Surprisingly they actually did get up, albeit begrudgingly, but in the end I think it's good for passionate BC fans to stand up (pun intended) for ourselves and to positively encourage others to do the same. Standing up is the right thing to do...and frankly with the cold metal seats at Fenway, I don't know why anyone would want to sit down anyway!

10W) Understanding the BCMike curse.

Seriously, 10 Losses in a row is a bit too
much for me to take. I am suggesting that BCMike goes to the spring game in Boston, just so it will make the curse reverse its course, I am even contemplating paying for it, because that would have to be cheaper than all the alcohol his curse forces me to consume, ok force may be a bit of an exaggeration, but you get the point!


BCMike drafted: it snowed, disposable flasks, AD office coming through, fugly jerseys gone, standing up to sit down fans
Wesley drafted: Late comeback, able to watch it, seeing Fenway Frozen, good exposure, the BCMike curse
1-11 Draft: Best of the Worst of Frozen Fenway
BCMike - it snowed, disposable flasks, AD office coming through, fugly jerseys gone, standing up
Wesley - late comeback, able to watch it, seeing Fenway Frozen, good exposure, the BCMike curse free polls

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