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1/22 Draft: Looking into the future part 1

At the suggestion of our buddy and fellow blogger Brian from BCI, we're going to draft things we could see happening to BC football in the next ten years much as they did recently (click HERE for the BCI piece). Instead of mixing the good with the bad, we're going to do the bad today, the good on Monday.

Not all of these are altogether likely, just in the realm of possibility of something we could see happening to BC Football if we look back at the past ten years in 2020.

*in a related note, I noticed that LNH had a similar column today. Props to the BCI guys for being copied by the long-necked wonder.


1M) BC will have a losing season

BC hasn't had a non-losing season streak like the one we're currently enjoying since prior to 1950. We are quite literally in one of the best streaks for BC football in the history of the program thus far. I'm a big believer that just about everything goes in waves and cycles, and unfortunately that means that at some point during the next ten years, it's likely that BC will suffer a losing season. This was tougher to do back when there wasn't a cupcake scheduled every year, but with power going up and down in the ACC, it could be that BC eventually gets the short end of the stick and finishes 5-7 or worse for the year.

2W) BC will move back to the Big East

That's right, the pundits once again had it correct all along. Boston College actually fit better in the Big East than it did in the ACC. The fans will be upset at first, but then the renewed rivalry between Rutgers, West Virginia and Uconn will help them remember the "good ole days"

3M) Spaziani will be replaced

Spaziani, like Jags, has been most impressive his first year recruiting for BC, bringing in some big names and making a name for himself on the road. On the field, Spaz got many nods for coach of the year for getting eight wins out of a team that some thought would win two (cough cough Andre Ware cough cough). However, there are those early critics who point out that under Spaz BC hasn't beaten a team with a winning record outside of Navy and Central Michigan, and was out-coached vs. the elite opponents he's faced.

We all want Spaz to succeed and stay at The Heights for a long time, but in College Football, there's only one thing that counts (aside from screwing with ESPN-related family members or choking and hitting your players, of course), and that's winning. If Spaz doesn't put up the scoreboard that BC fans, alums, and administration has become accustomed to, he'll be let go.

Like it or not, at the very least there's a decent chance this will happen.

4W) BCMike's curse will still be intact

That's right.. Remember the good ole days in 2007, when I could watch a game with BCMike, and it would almost without a doubt be a W for the good guys? What a long way we have come since then. For those that do not already know. BCMike has a pretty long streak going of in attendance losses. This prediction for 2020 is that this streak will still be going horribly strong!

5M) BC will break it's bowl invite streak

My God. I sure as hell hope my attendance curse has been broken. I'm going to the season opener 9/4 to watch Herzy run out of the tunnel, and if we lose to Weber State I'll never go to another game...

For #5 here, obviously if my first pick happens this will as well, but I think that if BC goes to 6-6 there's a good chance that eventually we'll be left out when it comes to bowl season. The preponderance of bowl games mixed with the increasing parity in college football means that eventually there's going to be a scenario where bowls have to pick between a pool of ten 6-6 teams, and given BC's bowl reputation, we eventually get left on the bench despite our outstanding TV ratings record.

6W) Dana Bible is the Head Coach

That's right .. Dana Bible. On a positive note, by 2020 he has been cured of his cancer for some time now, which will be a definite Blessing.. But the bad note is that
he will be coaching the Boston College Eagles. Get used to liking Dive left, Dive right, Dive middle.

7M) We'll look back on Ryan like others did Flutie

Bible is the head coach? Please. Wesley has officially mailed it in. You guys BETTER vote for me now.

I think that it's possible that much like I said about teams going in cycles that perhaps we're on a downward swing. We all already miss Matty Ice, but as time goes on and should there not be a stud QB that captures us in a similar fashion on a good team that we'll start bringing up Matt Ryan in a glory days type of scenario, especially if Matt continues to grow in the NFL. People will walk up and say "Hey, didn't Matt Ryan go to BC??" because our team will not be a shell of what it is today and Matt will be a perennial Pro-Bowler.

8W) Consistently lose recruits to UCan't

That is correct, Connecticut. We will start losing out, or lets just call it start getting second place on recruits in the Northeast, with UCan't getting them. Uconn will start being seen as the premier NE College Football School.

9M) BC gets kicked out of the ACC

As far as I know, BC's only lost out on one recruit that both BC and UCan't offered--Jordon Todman. Todman is a good back and a good get for UCan't, but I think he made the right decision as he just simply wouldn't see the field as long as Montel Harris is on the BC roster. I digress...

I think that BC could get the boot out of the ACC mainly if we lose Clemson and / or Miami, and is replaced by ECU. Hear me out--the Carolina schools already don't like us (it's tough to like someone who consistently beats you in most sports and occasionally does in sports they're not supposed to), but if they get five North Carolina based schools in the ACC, they may push for a realignment to the southeast and look to jettison BC and perhaps also Maryland.

10W) Gene DeFilippo gets the axe

Gene gets the axe. I know there are some mixed opinions on Gene, I am very aware of that. But I am of the camp that Gene has done some great things for Boston College . Helped the process of getting BC into the ACC, ok let me rephrase this, he made it happen. He definitely took chances where they are needed, and helped put Boston College on the Map. Living in Alabama, when I talk about Boston College people actually know more than just a Flutie Hail Mary lately.. And I have to think that has something to do with Gene. But after withstanding too many losses. Gene is let go and returns to Kentucky to finish his working career.


BCMike drafted: BC has losing season, Spaz let go, BC breaks bowl invite streak, Ryan becomes Flutie, BC booted from ACC
Wesley drafted: back to the BigEast, BCMike attendance curse intact, Bible is HC, Lose recruits to UCan't, GDF gets axed

1-22 Draft: Looking into the future part 1
BCMike: BC losing season, Spaz let go, BC breaks bowl streak, Ryan Flutie,BC booted from ACC
Wesley: BigEast, BCMike attendance curse intact, Bible is HC, Lose recruits to UCan't,GDF gets axed free polls

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