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1/29 Draft: Most appealing incoming prospect

Yes, recruiting is a crapshoot. Yes, many times the four-star prospects don't pan out and the two stars do. Yes, as Notre Dame can tell you, it doesn't matter how many stars you have in your incoming class if they can't develop and perform as a team...but it's still fun to follow, no?

Below is our take on the recruits (and what position we think they'll play) who are headed to BC that we're most excited about.

Wesley, you're up first...who do you go with here?

1W) Kevin "KPL" Pierre-Louis, LB

KPL, He honestly seems to be a very mature,
leader both on the field and off.
He is a fairly local guy, who even though he is a 4 star according to Rivals has been VERY under the radar in my opinion.
Linebacker has been increasingly a strong point of Boston College, and with Kevin getting an early start by enrolling already, it could easily continue!

2M) Shakim Phillips, WR

KPL is a great choice, Wesley...
I think if I had the first pick I might have gone there myself.

For me, I must take Shakim Phillips. Shakim was a high four-star WR, which is exciting because regardless of the production that we've gotten from our WR's throughout the years, BC hasn't been able to recruit the most highly sought after WR's usually. We've been very fortunate that we've had guys who were under-appreciated by the recruiting services and worked their butts off to get better like Richie Gunns and Colin Larmond, Jr. The last 4-star WR BC landed was a special one: Brandon Robinson, or "B-Rob" as we affectionately call him. B-Rob and Gunnell were the two best WR's I've seen while watching BC football and if Shakim can live up to that lofty goal, we'll all be extremely fortunate. On top of his football skills and the promise he shows, he genuinely seems like a really good kid. From the interviews we have seen, he's very well spoken, intelligent, and looks to be a team first kind of guy. Not sure how you can ask for much more.

3W) Chase Rettig, QB

Chase is a very strong candidate from
the other side of the States, with a canon of an arm, great visibility, and a ton of upside, I think BC got a great steal here! Getting him in early to work in 7 on 7's will do nothing but help his chances to play this year. Chase got to play in the Under Armour game, and seemed to be the best QB on his squad by my assessment.

4M) Bobby Swigert, Slot WR

Another good call on Chase, Wesley. Looks like someone had their coffee today!

I'm going with Swigert here. Many
times, you can't tell a lot by a recruit's film, mainly because you never really know how good the team they're on is, and how high a level of competition they're facing is. That being said, sometimes a player just jumps off the screen a little bit at you. For me, Swigert does that. Not just because he's a promising slot WR, but he's just a baller. Guy is a football player. I think you can line him up at DB, WR, FS, or perhaps even throw some weight on him and get him at TE after a couple years. I think he'll wind up playing slot WR, but based on the film, the kid seems to have a natural knack for knowing where the ball is and how to play in space, which certainly doesn't rule out a future in the defensive backfield, perhaps a full safety.

5W) Andre Williams, RB

A big Beefy runner, that shows
that BC is headed back to the strong running game, and possibly less of the skat back. Andre didn't get as much exposure as his rating show, as I assume moving around effected that directly. But Andre seems hungry for the challenge and should be successful at the next level.

6M) CJ Jones, DB

I'm higher on Jones than most people
are, but I just think that this kid will step in and play in dime packages his frosh year and start at corner by a soph. He played QB and DB in HS, and his straight-line speed is good, but not earth shattering...but the thing that seemed to me from the tapes was that he played really very well in space. Knew where he was, how to get around, how to see through the crowd. To me, that means he's going to be able to at least get in position well to make the tackle...which, as anyone who has followed BC football in the past 12 years can tell you, is at the very least equal, if not of greater importance than coverage skills for a BC cornerback.

7W) Dominic Appiah, DE

Appiah fills a position of need, DE.. His speed
is good, but not necessarily outstanding. He will have the opportunity to step in as a Frosh and make an impact if he so desires.. and he seems like the type of player that does.

8M) Seth Betancourt, OT

Betancourt just looks like a mauler to
me. A road grader. Kid just looks like he is ready to push some people around for four years. Better yet, it looks like he moves his feet well so at worst case we bulldoze to the right, best case he protects the blind side of the QB.

While we are lucky to have a lot of talent on the line right now, a lot of those guys are upperclassmen and are going to be gone after this year. Getting some guys in who will be absolutely ready to play by next year is of great importance and I think the staff found a three-year starter in Betancourt.

9W) Josh Bordner, QB

Just recently becoming a full time football
player, he has found that he excels at the game and a recent great play at the crab bowl has brought the light onto him even more so. Originially a 2 star, he has been promoted up to a 3 star after his play.
Once thought of as an automatic backup for the more highly touted Rettig, Bordner shows that he intends to fully compete for the starting QB job , as he also enrolled in Spring.

10M) Tahj Kimble, RB

If last year taught us anything, it's that you can never have
too much depth at RB. By the end of the season, we leaned on Montel so hard it's a miracle he didn't break or wear down. Hopefully Deuce Finch can recover from his mid-season injury and provide some breaks for Montel this year. Sadly, however, Montel only has two years left and we need someone to take over the reigns. Much like D-Knight and Montel, Kimble is more of a running back than just a speed runner. Can make his own holes. From watching Kimble on tape, the kid just does a great job of juking players left and right and bursting through the space. Looking forward to seeing what he does at the next level.

Wesley - KPL, Rettig, Williams, Appiah, Bordner
BCMike - Phillips, Swigert, Jones, Betancourt, Kimble

1-29 Draft: Most appealing incoming prospect-
Wesley - KPL, Rettig, Williams, Appiah, Bordner
BCMike - Phillips, Swigert, Jones, Betancourt, Kimble free polls

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