Thursday, January 7, 2010

1/7 Draft: Keys to the Game for Texas Vs. Alabama

As the NCAA Football season comes to a complete close, we want to draw up keys to the game one last time, even though its not for our beloved Eagles. Today we are going to give some keys to the game for Texas to defeat Alabama.

1M) Take advantage of being in Pasadena. Last time it was good for Texas and SEC teams don't play well away from the Southeast.

If you check the record books, SEC teams just don't play very well historically away from the southeast. Now, that doesn't mean that they can't win...but the fact is that they're away from SEC territory where they get a LOT of calls and into neutral territory where neither team is particularly liked by the locals. Texas, on the other hand, has always seemingly played very well out west and away from the Southwest. I think the kids from Texas will be comfortable and that could go a long way in a MNC game where nerves are set on high jitter.

2W)Outcoach Saban

I know this is somewhat a hard statement, but Saban isn't the only good Coach on the sidelines tonight. Mack Brown is a GREAT coach, with GREAT atheletes. And isn't out of the SEC, imagine that. I honestly think Brown will be battling out the clipboards tonight!

3M) Make 'Bama play a fast-paced shoot-out style game.

Like Saban or hate him (also can be read as "if he's coaching your team, you like him...otherwise, you probably don't), his teams simply don't beat themselves. They like to play mistake free and deliberate football. Texas needs to change the "culture" of pace that Bama is used to and run hurry up offense to keep Bama on it's heels and uncomfortable. Their offense will surely be plotting, but Texas can do it's part to try to wear out the defense when it has the opportunity.

4W) Remove Cody from being a threat

Terrence Cody is a whale of a man, there is a Reason he is called Mt. Cody, just ask a Tennessee fan, you know the ones in the bright orange, Cody is a game changer, at 6'5" 355lbs he commands respect. Texas needs to give him that respect and remove him from being the gamechanger that he can be!

5M) Set up run early to make 'Bama protect against it

Make no mistake about it, Colt McCoy scrambling or option reading is pretty much the extent of Texas' run offense. It's not much, but if you don't honor it, that means playing back a couple extra steps and making those passing lanes that much tighter. I think we're likely going to see a lot of man to man from 'Bama, which means that if Mack Brown is smart, he'll call a couple clear out plays early on that will allow McCoy to take advantage of an empty belly with some deep LB/safety coverages. As long as McCoy can keep himself from being killed, the LB's an safeties will have to start keeping one eye on their man and one eye on McCoy...which might give Colt the extra space he needs to make the throw.

6W) Ignore the pundits, beat the SEC.

Are you tired of hearing it yet? SEC is in a league of its own etc etc etc. Is the SEC the best conference? Yes, I am not debating that at all, but am I tired of hearing it? Of course. Texas has been hearing it too, they have been hearing that they haven't really played anyone, or that Big 12 competition isn't nearly as good as SEC, or that they don't have a Heisman winner on thier team, or that thier defense isn't SEC calliber. Texas needs to zone all of that out. And focus on beating Alabama.

7M) Load the box, force McElroy to beat you

McElroy's not a bad QB--not at all, but the alternative is significantly worse. Ingram may or may not have been Heisman worthy, but he was certainly without a doubt one of the best RB's in the nation, that much is undisputed. If Texas is forced to play 'Bama even, Ingram is going to have a field day attacking the LB's on the next level before scaring the daylights out of the safeties (would you want to tackle a full speed Mark Ingram coming at you with 15 yards of giddy-up behind him? Me neither). They need to load the box early and send the signal that if 'Bama is going to win this game, it's going to be through the air and not on the ground....even if that means giving up 300 yards to McElroy.

8W) Abandon the run, utilize Mccoy-Shipley

I am going to disagree with Mike.. Texas' run game isn't NEAR as impressive as thier passing game, which is one of the best 1-2 punch in college football this year. The McCoy-Shipley connection is very important. Yes, they will have to run some, but I would REALLY limit how many carries the back actually does, there is plenty of other options he can do other than just carry the rock. Such as block, go out for screens, etc.

BCMike: Pasadena, Fast-Paced, Run, Load Box

Wesley: Outcoach Saban, Remove Cody, Ignore pundits, No-Run

1-7 Draft: Keys to the Game for Texas Vs. Alabama
BCMike: Pasadena, Fast-Paced, Run, Load Box
Wesley: Outcoach Saban, Remove Cody, Ignore pundits, No-Run free polls

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