Tuesday, November 30, 2010

Draft 11-30: Plays of the Game vs. Cuse

Well Boston College was able to end it's regular season on a five game winning streak, promise of a bowl bid, and beating a former Big East rival, on thier turf, considering where we were a couple months ago, this was definitely an accomplishment! Here were our favorite plays of the game against the Orange!

1M) Andre the Giant

With Montel on the sidelines, we needed a solid, mistake-free game from Andre. With the exception of a few missed blocking assignments in pass protection, we got just that. Terrific job by the true freshman.

2W) Herzy Pick to end the regular season

BCMike, I agree. Andre stepped right in and was the workhorse we knew he could be. And did a great job!It was almost like it was scripted.. Syracuse was driving , not too much time left on the clock.. and Mark Herzlich grabbed a pick for the second week in a row. What a way to close the regular season..

3M) Not actually playing the "freshman" game

Good call on the Herzy pick Wesley--I almost went that direction myself, but I had to go with Andre.Here I'm going with not playing the drinking game "freshman". What the hell am I talking about? Well, during the game you may have noticed that the announcers were quite insistent upon pointing out how young our team is (despite having more degree holders on our team than any other team in FBS), and Wesley and I jokingly said it would have been a great drinking game if we had to take a sip every time the announcers said "Freshman". Trust me when I say it was amazing once you started paying attention to it. I'm glad we didn't participate because my liver would have given out.

4W) The play that almost was

Our play calling hasn't been the most exciting to put it incredibly mildly, but tranq dog dialed up a great one with an end around to swigert, then pass, it was all there other than the catch, but ive gotta give tranq credit on the call, I loved it!

5M) BC kicking game.

I think it speaks volumes that an "almost" play was one of the big highlights of our OC's year. That's another draft.... I'm going with our kicking game. Freese was automatic as usual, which is entirely under-rated, but more amazing to me is we had a couple touchbacks. When was the last time that happened? Anyone recall? It's truly a weapon if we can establish deep boots on kickoffs instead of granting possession at the 40 yard line as we have in seasons past.

6W) We beat a Big Least team

The Big East sucks.. just look at how their probable conference champ and recipient of a BCS bowl game Yukon.. Well, I have no problem hating on the Big East team, and they are an easy target, because they are worse than horrid.( and this is coming from someone who agrees the acc isn’t the best conference by far this year) but nothing would be worse than losing to them, not only do they suck, but we would never EVER EVER hear the end of it.

7M) Pantale presence

We called for it in our keys and Pantale delivered. While Chase didn't have a game for the ages, he did enough and utilizing Pantale early paid dividends all game long.

8W) Keeks 10 again

Just to prove he was human, Keeks got 10 tackles, which would be called low on his standards, but is very high in the mortal world.Continuing the streak to 21 games.. And also getting nominated for a finalist for the Butkus.

9M) Amidon emergence.

Who knew the kid who quite literally stumbled out of the gates would become one of our most valuable receivers? Along with a favorite of this blog Bobby (or "Billy" as he's known by inane announcers) Swigert, the two have really matured an developed just the way you would hope to see throughout the year.

10W)Lindsey showing

I remember seeing him on the field, and wondering if it was by accident, as I had no clue we would ever see him out there on defense.. But there he was in the secondary.. he got his shot and he didn’t back down.. I don’t remember him getting “burned” or anything like that. He played well., and stepped up and into the game.. on the last game of his BC career. Good showing Ryan!

BCMike: Andre the Giant, no Freshman Game, BC kicking, Pantale, Amidon emergence
Wesley: Herzy pick, the almost play, beat big least, Keeks 10, Lindsey

Draft 11-30: Plays of the Game vs. Cuse
BCMike: Andre the Giant, no Freshman Game, BC kicking, Pantale, Amidon emergence
Wesley: Herzy pick, the almost play, beat big least, Keeks 10, Lindsey
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