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11/26/10 Draft: Keys to the Game vs. 'Cuse

Well, for the first time since prior to week four, we can say the Eagles enter the game with a winning record.

While many of us envisioned much bigger things for this BC team this year, we do have the chance to finish strong with five consecutive wins and get to seven wins / winning record for the 12th straight year.

Many of us don't have to be told not to sleep on 'Cuse--particularly the last game of the season...and we sure as heck hope the coaches have our guys ready to play today. Below are the keys to a BC win....Let's go Eagles--finish strong!


1W) Andre Williams 0 fumbles

BCMike, I think we have something with our true freshman running back Andre Williams.. He runs hard and just hits people.. Did you see him lower his shoulder last week against the ‘Hoos? One thing concerns me though., his tendency to eat buttery foods before the game.. as it seems on most KO’s he drops the ball, then picks it up.. Even early in the season he showed his tendency to put the ball on the ground. If he can fix this problem, we could really be successful. I’m just asking everyone close to Andre, no leftover turkey, buttered popcorn, etc right before the game.. and I think we should be pretty good!

2M) Remember the Diamond

Our seniors need to keep on mind that at 6-6, there's no guarantee of a bowl game...but get to 7 wins, and we're in. Last time we played 'Cuse in a meaningful game, Diamond Ferri broke our hearts.

Time for some payback.

3W) McCluskey time

It definitely hurts Boston College that their “franchise player” is out, and there is no doubt about that. But instead of putting all the pressure on Andre Williams as a true freshman, Let McCluskey get a good spell of snaps.. he’s shown good ball handling skills, and he is a senior and has played in his share of important games (ie Clemson 07) He should be very reliable for the Eagles in his last regular season game.

4M) Chase primetime

We're on in a good slot once again. Well, not the noon part but following College Game Day on ESPN is a great place to be for exposure. Chase has had a couple moments in the bright lights already and things didn't go as well as we would have hoped. This time we need him and the rest of the guys to audition and show recruits that BC football is fun and a winning program. This is our chance to put an exclamation point on the season and show how far we've come.

5W) Pressure Nassib

At the start of the season, we did a blog on the best Quarterbacks BC plays this year, well I put Nassib up there. He isn’t going to wow anyone but he typically plays a pretty smart game. One thing that happens a good bit though is he gets sacked, he has already been sacked 28 times this year. I think this is a prime time to run those sack numbers up and force Nassib to hurry passes, and take some sacks.

6M) Safety Play

Good call on pressuring Nassib, Wesley. I have to say I have seen bits and pieces of 'Cuse thus far and you're right--Nassib looks much better this year than he did two years ago.

For the 6th pick I'm going to go with Safety play. The last couple of weeks our safety play hasn't really been tested much but also haven't really made many big plays. 'Cuse loves to go play-action and it's going to be a big test for whichever two safeties we have back there (they've been rotating quite a bit recently if you haven't noticed). We need to make sure we stay disciplined and don't give up the easy bomb on play-action. Make them earn it down the field.

7W) O Line Run blocking.

This is it, this will be the first time all year we hear a coach say wow, your offensive line took a toll on our D line.

The Big uglies will road grate all day long.. they have been hurt, injured and have stepped up for most of the year..

This is the game they own it, and on every single play. You will notice this from the first snap, and it will be the difference , and will make a W for the Eagles.

8M) Pantale presense.

With Montel out, the WR's and TE's need to step up. If Pantale can establish himself early and keep the LB's honest, that will greatly aid Andre Williams and the O-Lone when we run.

9W) Tranq trick plays

You know Mike, I have been hoping for a Pantale presence all year, and I just haven’t, and that is to no blame of him.. The play calls just haven’t been there for him.

And here is where I lose the draft lol.. But with the running game changed with Montel on the sidelines, I am thinking there has to be some sort of trick plays for short yards to compensate. Do I have the exact plays drawn up… hmm not exactly, but I’ve got to think that Tranq has some, and will use them this week.. come on Tranq.. lol

10M) Keeks showcase

The gaudy stats that Luke has put up have not gone unnoticed. While Luke's play in general will certainly have a big impact on the game I have to say I'm really rooting for Keeks to put up some big numbers and make a great case for ACC Defensive POY & Butkus.

Wesley drafted: Andre 0 fumbles, McCluskey time, Pressure Nassib, O-Line U run blocking, Tranq trick plays
BCMike drafted: Remember Diamond, Chase primetime, Safety play, Pantale presence, Keeks showcase

Keys to the Game vs. Syracuse
Wesley: Andre 0 fumbles, McCluskey time, Pressure Nassib, O-Line U run blocking, Tranq trick plays
BCMike: Remember Diamond, Chase primetime, Safety play, Pantale presence, Keeks showcase free polls

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