Friday, November 5, 2010

Draft 11-4: Keys to the Game vs. Wake Forest

Well Eagles fans, we have to build on our one game winning streak, and what better opponent to do that against ACC foe Wake Forest. We will go over what it takes as Boston College fights the battle to bowl eligible.

BCMike, you have shotgun on this one.

1M) Play with confidence

The Eagles were a little shell shocked after being knee deep in the losing streak and it showed. After beating a talented Clemson team we need to enter this game with the confidence that we will win this game, we should win this game...not maybe we might hang around and see what happens. Confidence goes a long way here.

2W) Run Blocking

Over the past few weeks the O line has done consistently better in forcing holes for Montel to run through. With Wake near the bottom the the NCAA in Run Defense this should be a prime opportunity to regain O line U status.

3M) Don't go conservative

This kind if goes along in my first point but I'm scared death that Tranq will get a 6 point lead and allow the Deacs to linger around. We need to keep our foot on the gas and take out a lot of the bent up anger and disappointment on Wake. Keep the foot on the pedal and roast these guys.

4W) Break the road curse

BCMike, Great call on that . I have the exact same nightmares every night and wake up with chills of that exact same thought.

I am going to go with Breaking the road curse for the year., although it isn’t too apparent as we have only played 2 games so far this year, we have yet to win any.And as this venue shouldn’t be intimidating, especially compared to both FSU and NC State,(Wake seats 31,500) we should have an opportunity to flip our road curse as we finish with 3 of our last 4 on the road.

5M) Get Andre carries

I agree about breaking the road curse..time for Chase to step up and win his first one!Wake is weak against the run and while Montel is a fantastic back we need to keep him fresh and get Williams some more experience. Win-win here.

6W) FGs Perfect

BCMike , I think the future is bright at running back with freshman RB Andre Williams, he shows a different look than we are used to seeing with Montel..

I will have to say, we are getting spoiled with the play of Freese this year.. he is connecting with just about every reasonable attempt, and it really opens up the opportunities when you have a kicker like that. Unfortunately we always play Wake disgustingly close, IE last year going into overtime and a forced fumble was the only thing that kept us from getting a L. We are going to ask that Freese keeps playing his great game , as we are going to need ever point possible.

7M) Noel and O stepping up

While Wake's defense is supposed to be as woeful as our offense has been, their offense has been able to throw it around a bit. I'm calling out Noel and O to have a big day and to protect over the top

8W) Convert on 3rd downs

I’ve gotta say, one of the most painful things to watch lately are 3rd downs.. It appears that sometimes its even the first time we throw the ball.. but we have been woefully unsuccessful To win, we need to convert on 3rd, I’d even take a 40% success rate..

9M) Striking early

Ugh, you are so right Wesley. I do have to say I was pleasantly surprised at a couple (not all, a couple) third down calls last week vs Clemson when we didn't just run the short pattern at the first down sticks, but actually past that. We'll wee if we can sack up vs. Wake this week.

I'm going with "striking early". This is still a very young team and we clearly have a fragile psyche. We need to keep the good momentum going early and keep the negative thoughts away by coming out and scoring first. I realize this kind of goes along with a couple of my first keys but I just really like our chances if we go down the field on the first drive and score the go-ahead TD. If we get the lead first, I don't think we give it up.

10W) Get 7 in the redzone

I hate to take one that was also a key last week, but it still applies.. BC was unable to push it over the pylon when they were within the 20 yard line. To have any opportunity to win this game, let alone become bowl eligible Boston College is going to have to improve their Red Zone efficiency. I am not sure if that means different plays, or better execution.. just hope it happens.. and quick.


BCMike: Play with Confidence, Dont go conservative, Get Andre carries, Noel n O stepping up, Strike Early

Wesley: Run Blocking, Break the Road curse, FGs perfect, Convert on 3rd, Get 7 in red zone

Draft 11-4: Keys to Victory vs. Wake Forest
BCMike: Play with Confidence, Dont go conservative, Get Andre carries, Noel n O stepping up, Strike
Wesley: Run Blocking, Break the Road curse, FGs perfect, Convert on 3rd, Get 7 in red zone free polls

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