Monday, November 22, 2010

The Schadenfreude issue / Jafar Joy / Misery loves company

Well, what can we say. We're filled with a lot of hate typically, and this season hasn't really allowed us to get rid of a whole hell of a lot of it.

While we have avoided the cataclysmic disaster that could have been, now at 6-5 from the 2-5 start that had us all examining the suicide clauses in our life insurance policies--it's still been a very tough year to be an Eagles fan.

One of the few bright spots this season has been the ability for us to look down our noses at some other teams & programs and enjoy in their pain alongside ours.

Hey, we never said we were saints.



Or "You Gay" if you're into phonetic pronunciations. For those who have been reading this blog for more than a year, you're probably pretty familiar with me railing on UGA. For those who are not, here's the quick synopsis: If you live in Atlanta, all of the locals who have zero ties to UGA root for UGA with unbridled passion despite GT being actually IN ATLANTA. However, once UGA loses a couple games, all of the bandwagon jumpers with no actual ties to the university dry up like a priest on Sunday. Okay, bad example--but you know what I mean.

It's been quite enjoyable watching the locals who do care freak out at how bad UGA has gotten--but my personal favorite is this quick story:

My co-worker (we'll call him "Q") has the same feelings as I do on UGA. However, last week I saw Q sporting a UGA pull-over. I just about crapped my pants as my eyeballs hung to their fibers barely staying inside my head. I asked him what in the hell he was doing. His response was classic:

"I love wearing this to clients. I get to lead off with "man, it's tough being a UGA fan this year. They stink! They're awful! What a joke!" and people agree with me because they think they're commiserating with me...but I'm just dancing on the inside."

Impressive, Q. Most impressive. It's almost enough to make me want to buy a ND pull-over.


2W) Texas

Oh how the mighty have fallen..How does it feel to be last in the Big 12 South? How does it feel to lose to UCLA, Iowa State.. Oh and don’t forget Baylor!

Go ahead and chalk up another loss on Thanksgiving to A&M, and when you are eating your turkey and dressing , remember the things to be thankful for… That the season is ovah!!!!

3M) UCan't

You know Wesley, it's tough to believe that Iowa State beat Texas. I didn't realize Iowa State could beat....well, anyone. Guess that Colt McCoy guy was pretty good after all.

My second pick is an easy one---UCan't. Yes, yes, it's still sadly very possible that UCan't goes to a BCS bowl game with four losses--that's how horrifically bad the Big East is (much like this year, as bad as the ACC has been--and it's been plenty woeful--thank big guns upstairs that the Big East is around to make us all feel better).

UCan't inexplicably received plenty of preseason love, particularly from the fickle New England media who never have a problem shunning BC but seem to have taken a shining to the Puppies for some reason. Those high hopes have come crashing down and the talks of Randy Edsall leaving for greener pastures have been put to bed. Guess Randy should have cashed that check before the void date appeared: Fall 2010.

An added bonus in all of this is watching the most insane, creepy, unprofessional "writer" of them all, Mr Desmond Conner (or "DC", as he calls himself) have a complete and total meltdown. You'll remember that DC had UCan't a borderline teen ranking to start the year. Whoops.

Fret not, UCan't fans....Ladies hoops just started.

4W) Rutgers

So I am thinking, is coming in dead last in the Big East similar to your Grandmother beating you in a slam dunk contest? Neither of you probably should have been there, and now you just look stupid for showing up?

Rutgers just can’t seem to put it all together even against power houses such as Tulane and South Florida. Let alone the thrashing they took this past Saturday against Cincy.. 69 points..

5M) U$C

Darn. I was hoping NJ State would last, but good
pick Wesley. Oh, did you hear Shiano removed his name from consideration for the Rutgers job? Those jokes never get old....

Yes, they're not that bad, but it doesn't matter. They are not on TV and can't go bowling....definitely satisfying. I was sure that the Reggie Bush violations would never actually catch up with the Trojans, but now between Pete the Poodle bolting for rainier pastures in Seattle and Insane in the Membrane Lane Kiffen taking over the ship, it's nice to see the U$C fans come back down to earth.

Make sure to tune into their bowl game on channel....oh wait. LOL.

6W) Ole Miss Running Rebel Black Bears etc etc

WHATEVER they want to be called this week. Maybe if you didn’t change your mascot your fans would know who to cheer for.. orrr if you are losing to an already crappy Tennessee, maybe they won’t.. Sounds like a year that tailgating is up in the Grove and Play is down.

I especially like this because of all the hype that Masoli got, just to be rendered less than irrelevant.

7M) Notre Dame

HAHA...awesome. Excellent call, Wesley. I love it when folks who blindly break the rules (okay, "bend") don't get the payoff. So if you're curious--yes, I'm glad Brett Farvruh is blowing this year as well.

Yes, Notre Dame beat us...which as we all know sadly doesn't mean a whole hell of a lot this year. But I'm just happy that they lost to Navy....and TULSA. FUCKING TULSA. How great is that?

I still think Kelley is an awesome hire and eventually will return the folks from Indiana Catholic Community College back to the promised land; but I was only all too happy to see that they are not going to make it there this year, and likely not any time soon.

8W) Vandy

Before I get 1000 emails saying, BUT WESLLLEYYY
it’s just Vandy!!!!!!

OR getting 1000 emails saying , BUT WEESSSLEY they play in the SEC (second only to only SOME NFL Conferences)

Ok, Vandy doing bad, helps BC because it proves it is hard to get skilled athletes that are serious in the classroom as well as on the gridiron.

And the SEC comment just makes me sick.. Everyone plays in a conference.. I will say the SEC is the best one, and the ACC is far behind this year.. but everyone goes through the lumps.. and everyone is going to have wins and losses, kinda how it all works out.

ANDDDDD to top it all off, I am glad they are doing crummy , because I am still pissed about the 2008 music city bowl.

9M) Kansas

Really? Kansas? Yeah, well here's the thing: I actually have a good couple of friends that are Kansas fans. Wait--I should clarify. I have a good couple of friends that are Kansas BASKETBALL fans. They didn't know a football from a golf ball until a couple
years ago--then all of a sudden they cared about "Jayhawk Fooball" and were all of a sudden die-hards when Planet Mangino had them playing (and winning) in a BCS Bowl game.

I understand it's a small sample size, but I'm just thrilled to have my Jayhawk friends STFU about being great in football as well. They'll always be great in hoops and frankly--they really don't deserve to be good in anything else. Glad they're bottom dwellers once again.

10W) Akron

Not because I hate them , or anything deep like that..They are having a hard year, and they typically aren’t quite this bad..

It’s just that their total wins could be said by their nickname “ZIPS”.



BCMike drafted: UGA, UCan't, U$C, ND, Kansas
Wesley drafted: Texas, Rutgers, Ole Miss, Vandy, Akron

The Schadenfreude issue - Jafar Joy - Misery loves company
BCMike: UGA, UCant, USC, ND, Kansas
Wesley: Texas, Rutgers, Ole Miss, Vandy, Akron free polls

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