Friday, November 19, 2010

Draft 11-19: Keys to Victory vs. UVA

Well here it is , the chance to be bowl elgible, the last home game for the seniors, and a chance to get over 500.

BCMike, you have first, so shoot.

1M) Rettig shakes the jitters early

Regardless of who the OC is, the QB has to be able to find the open receiver in man coverage to make the D play you honest. The one habitually bad thing about Chase thus far is his slow start ad jitters early which allows teams to stack the box on us early and not really give Montel a fair shot at moving the ball.

This weekend, we need Chase to shake the jitters early and get our offense off the ground in the first quarter.

2W)Andre Williams carries

I want to see Andre redeem his early season fumblitis, his tough running style for about 10 carries giving Montel a good breather here and there

3M) Keeping the Max heat up

That's right, I'm going back to the well again with another Holloway call-out. Hey, it worked last week...and the week before! Let's hope Max keeps up his sack streak and is able to force some pressure on the QB and generate some turnovers for the Eagles.

4W)Freese from downtown

Freese has been good lately, but we havent had to call his number out of desperation yet, im thinking that could easily change this week as it will be.a close game and freese showcases his strong leg... From downtown!

5M) Keeping true to our record

Not wins ad losses here but our run D being ranked #1 in the country. Let's make UVA one-dimensional and force some turnovers!

6W) Senior Showcase

It’s the last game for seniors at home. It’s their last Conference game, and its their time to show the BC faithful a showcase of their abilities to remember them by.. Scafe, Herzy, Claiborne, Costanzo, Morrisey, and of course Wes Davis, Albright, Gause to name a few.

7M) Stopping the Payne

Excellent selection there, Wesley. While this season has been a far cry from what could have been, it looks like a bowl trip could e on the horizon and these seniors have to be proud of helping to turn this ship around. I hope they make their last home game count.

For #7 here I'm going with stopping Keith Payne, UVA's leading rusher and more importantly the back that gets into the endzone 15 out of the 18 times the Hoos have found paydirt on the ground this season. Our D needs to step it up and force Verica to pass into the endzone, not allowing them to utilize Payne near the goal line.

8W)Amidon end around

Although not overly successful against Dook, it was a good change of pace. Amidon is our fastest reciever and gives us a different look, and makes the Defense look for something outside of dive left, dive right.. I can see this play putting up some big yards in certain situations.

9M) Breaking Verica's rhythm

Wesley, I have to disagree on Amidon end-around. I think we've run that play six times now and if we have six total yards to show for it; it's a lot. Alex has great straight-line speed, but when he changes direction the sundial clicks a few spots. I think he has a great future ahead of him at BC and will continue to improve, but for now his strengths are speed, not agility--which is very much required to run a successful end-around.

We have spoken about Verica multiple times before and I'm not sure why, but I have always liked Verica. I think he has good mechanics and if given time (IF) and allowed to get into rhythm, I honestly feel he's about as good as anyone we'll have faced this year outside of Wilson. The key is to break his timing, his rhythm. Even if we're unsuccessful in actually sacking him, we need to bring pressure on an irregular basis so he doesn't know what to expect and we can force him out of his comfort zone timing-wise.

10W) Coleman finally gets his TD

BCMike, I like when we disagree, it increases my odds a bit

I think our reader base probably already knows that both BCMike and myself are pretty big Jonathan Coleman fans.. He has done pretty well for his first collegiate season, and shows promise for the future. But he hasn’t yet caught his first Touchdown pass. It was close at Duke, as a pass slipped right through his fingers., This week at home against the Hoos he gets it.


BCMike: Rettig shake jitters, Max Heat, True 2 record, Stopping Payne, Breaking Verica rhythm

Wesley: Williams carries, Freese downtown, Senior showcase, Amidon End around, Coleman TD

Draft 11-19: Keys to Victory vs. UVA
BCMike: Rettig shake jitters, Max Heat, True 2 record, Stopping Payne, Breaking Verica rhythm
Wesley: Williams carries, Freese downtown, Senior showcase, Amidon End around, Coleman TD free polls


  1. I thought Payne wasn't even making the trip. I guess someone else already stopped him.

  2. 1st and 10 at BC 10 Alex Amidon rush for 11 yards to the BC 21 for a 1ST down. Just saying

  3. Im glad Andre got about my prescribed 10 carries, but wish it would have come about a different way.
    Agree on Payne, good catch Erik.