Saturday, November 19, 2011

Keys to the game vs. Notre Dame

Keys to the Game.

1W) Keep the foot on the Gas

28 pts or bust
Ok, Boston College has shown that it can go for 30 mins on offense.. I
hate to say it , but 14points isn't going to win against ND. It will take
twice of that to win.
28 points is what it takes, which really isn't much. But If we are able
to hit the 28 point water mark. I think there will be a W.

2M) It¹s the Holy War

What I mean by that is this: don¹t worry about the records. Don¹t worry
about the point spread. Don¹t worry about the expectations. Don¹t worry
about what the media is saying. This is the Holy War. These are the
only two FBS Catholic Schools playing football. Both with proud Irish
roots. Ours, of course, are real‹my ancestor¹s ship didn¹t dock in
Indiana. I digress

This is a rivalry game. Get up for it. Soak in the ambiance that is
Notre Dame Stadium. Know that despite what some of their lesser fans
might argue, this is a rivalry game and one which has never paid
attention to rankings or spreads. This is a rivalry game, and anything
can happen.

3W) Chase Rettig Rollouts

You know one thing that I saw in the first couple of games that seemed to
die off as of late? The Roll outs from Chase. Although I have seen a
marginal improvement from the O Line, I still like when Chase Rolls out,
and buys some more time for himself and the receivers. And I kinda think
he is even more accurate when doing this , as he focuses less on the
Defense coming after him and more about the throw

4M) no Redzone fumbles

We are simply not good enough to get away with fumbling the ball in our
own red zone nor can we afford to miss an opportunity to put up points
while in theirs.

If we are going to pull this upset, we need to limit the turnovers but
specifically we can't have the killer ones like we did vs. FSU.

We do that, this game gets quickly out of hand.

5W) Keuchly out tackling Teo.

Although I really don't think this is going to be much of a competition,
I don't think that I am going to be the only one counting and matching
these at home.
As both players we be competing for the overall win, I do think the
individual competition of who is a better LB will be an interesting one.,
and I already know who I would pick.

6M) team leaders providing the spark

we know the team isn't going to rally around Spaz or his incoherent
mumblings, do we need our guys to self-motivate and inspire each other.

Early in the season when searching for excuses and we and creative ways
to throw out players under the bus, Spaz said we lacked leadership.

Prove him wrong, step up and be a leader of yourself and your teammates.

7W) Trick play.

I don't know if it's a flea-flicker or what, but I want to see something
that makes me realize that they are willing to try something different.
No this doesn't include the Bordner option. I want to win the game, and
play that way

8M) Holloway making 'em howl

Last week Max had a breakout performance where he consistently dominated
the opposing tackle and harassed Glennon all game long.

If Max can keep this mean streak going and put the same sort of pressure
on Rees (or whomever else they decide to throw back there) that allows us
to play that soft opportunistic zone that Spaz / Govs love to run.

He was THE game changer last week, of we see it happen again this week it
could be the start of something special.

9W) Chase Completion % over 60

Now let me put the disclaimer that he needs to throw the ball over 20
times, but a completion rate over 60% is all that I think he needs to
Chase has had some happy feet understandably, those happy feet have a hard
time being consistent, possibly utilizing draft pick 3 he can help improve
his % to 60, but by doing that, I believe we win. And 60% isn't an insane

10M) Asprilla / Sylvia taking chances

Listen, we're 24.5 point underdogs. If we play back and just hope turnovers come our way, we might be waiting a very long time.

We need to take chances and be aggressive on D in the passing game and try to get interceptions and big returns.

I understand the risk on being aggressive here, but I think it's a risk we need to take to win.

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