Friday, November 25, 2011

Keys to the Game vs. Miami

Keys to the Game

1W) Don't allow the big play

BC did a good job of stopping the big play last week against Notre Lame,
but Miami lives and dies by it. If we are going to win, Miami is going to
not be able to convert these

2M) Leave it all on the field

It¹s be a frustrating season for all involved from the true freshman to
the fifth year senior(s?). Point is this take it out on Miami. Leave it
on the field. Allow it to fuel you. Make sure that this final game of
this season is done with every ounce of everything you have and you
walkaway knowing you left every little bit of it out there.

3W) Scoring over 24

I am sticking with this. The D is going to be able to do some things, but
if the Offense isn't able to put up over 24 points, its going to make it
happen in Coral Gables. If Brock can show he can get a gameplan for over
24 points, it may leave us all on a high note for next year. If not, its
going to be a longer and colder offseason.

4M) Force Jacory to make the throws

Harris has my respect as an athlete and he can be a good QB, however if
we force him to be a pocket passer downfield and play back, we'll be in a
good position to force some turnovers.

5W) Defensive TD, LB

Mike I agree completely with your assessment of Harris, and if force him
to make the throws we will be in a good position.
Going off my last pick of scoring over 24, I think that the Offense is
going to need some help from the D. I am not going to say Kuechly needs to
do it , but our strongest corp is the LB crew, I think and hope that one
of them is able to do a pick 6

6M) o-line wearing down D-line

It might not pay immediate dividends, but we need our O-line to grind out a drive or two on the ground to beat up the Miami D-line and keep them from pinning their ears back and coming after Chase when we do pass.

7W) Max Homecoming

Holloway will be able to play in front of friends and family this week, as
we play in Florida. As Max has had nothing short of a very hot hand on
Defense lately, we will need him to continue that streak and show everyone
that it is actually more than just a streak, it is his style of play that
we can look forward to enjoying for another year! And what a great place
to do it!

8M) Punt coverage

We had an outstanding week last week with Quigs and the punt team. This week we'll kick to Benjamin and possibly others with breakaway speed that can make a big difference in field position. We need to contain the returns and have another great day by Quigs.


As ALJ has progressed as a true freshman, we were able to see him slowly
grow on a field, when we needed players in the worst of ways. Coming in
as a highly touted four star CB that we were able to get after he
de-committed from the U, expectations are high, and will continue to be. I
hope for ALJ to show the U what they missed when he changed his mind, and
for us Eagle fans a glimpse into the future

10M) Chase, set your feet

We touched on this earlier with the O-line protecting the QB but the other half is Chase finding space to set up and get his feet set. If his footwork is down he can throw a terrific ball--we need Chase to make sure he puts himself in a position to be able to have His feet set.

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