Thursday, November 17, 2011

Best of the Best vs. NC State

Hooray! We won the Ginger Bowl!

1) Max's Motor

I don't know what or who possessed Max Holloway on Saturday, but I
hope he comes back often. The last time I recall a DE position
for BC that was as dominant as Max was on Saturday, he wore 94.
Mathias Kiwanuka for those of you who thought Herzy was the only
Eagle ever to dawn the numberĊ  Truly an outstanding performance,
multiple pressures, sacks, forced fumblefor
more out of Max. Just a truly tremendous game by Holloway.

2w) Rettig to Larmond
Mike I couldn't agree more, are we seeing the max that we hear so
about in doing camp?

The pass from Rettig to Larmond was as good as they come, perfect
great route running, and a TD what more do you want haha.. Oh top
off with mamas boy written on his towel that he displayed after the
td,i'm guessing this could be a recurring thing

3m) Bordner read-option TD

I absolutely agree with this one, Wesley--you took my pick out from
me. Chase has been beaten up--both by the press of recent and by
D-linemen coming after him this year--and this play showed all of
haters what he can do. Just a perfectly thrown ball with supreme
accuracy and just enough air under it so that a great move by
the line of scrimmage was rewarded with six. Great call.

For my second pick, third overall, I'll go with the Border
on the goal-line. Just like we called for in the keys to the game
(link), Bordner caught
the NC State a little off guard and walked into the endzone for the
BC touchdown.

It was used again with not as much success (as it turned into a
QB sneak with little threat of a pitch/handoff and zero threat of a
pass), but this was a great play call and execution close to the

4W) Luke getting 18
Now you just read the number, 18 right? That's what most
will read and say, another day at the office for Luke.. But then you
only know about 1/10th of the story. Luke had 9 going into the 4th
quarter, and injured his shoulder. I think a lot of us BC fans were
concerned about Luke's health, and sad about the potential of not
the 10 or greater streak he has been on.. But Luke came back and
tackles in the 4th quarter alone.
Like I said , you look at the stats of 18, and although those are
impressive, understanding that Luke went out with an injury, and
back in possessed is the real story.

5M) Chase to Amidon bomb

If you had the misfortune of watching the Florida State / BC game,
you know we rarely ever took shots downfield (or had the time to
them, for that matter). This time, the line held up enough to give
time to move laterally and see that Amidon had beaten his man on a
route. The ball was actually beautifully placed in a space that
Amidon could have caught it, there was zero chance of an INT on that

Amidon made a terrific adjustment with his body from where he was
the sidelines, secured the ball and got one foot in bounds all
NC State Corner had an idea of what was going on. This huge chunk
yardage set up the Bordner TD run and put BC out in front--where we
never look back (strange to type that this year).

6W)Quinn Sack

Yes, Quinn had a penalty, but I was very impressed with the amount of
pressure that Quinn put on NC State, and really got the opportunity
demonstrate his strength when he was able to keep his pads low.

7M) Kickoff / Punt return coverage

It may sound faint, but TJ Graham is a game-breaker. The fact that we
were able to keep him under wraps and not allow him to hurt us at all.

8W) First half offensive play calling

Honestly , the first half of offensive play calling was hands down the
best play calling we have seen all year. There was plenty of different
sets, good change of pace, and was pretty successful ( would have been
more successful without some drops etc) with that said, the second half
was atrocious.
Dave Brock, when scripting a game plan, do the whole game next time, we
need it.

9M) Sylvia blitz

One of our biggest problems with bringing pressure has been when we have
blitzed, we've telegraphed it well ahead of time.

On this play, Sylvia walked up to the line and got a great jump, pursued
into the backfield and --this is the great part--leapt at the running
back and brought him down before he had a chance.

10W) Duggan
You know as Duggan is a true freshman, stepping in the starting role for
an injured KPL, he has done nothing short of an awesome job.
Duggan was able to grab a handful of tackles, and overall is outplaying
his experience. Has he made some mistakes, sure, but he is a very pleasant

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