Thursday, September 30, 2010

9/30/10 draft: Reasons to hate Notre Dame

So, let's just assume that everyone hates Notre Dame except Notre Dame fans. That being the case, Wesley and I decided to ask WHY from a BC perspective:


1W) Unjustified self worth.

I have never met a team or group of fans that felt so highly of themselves, even when they suck. Notre Dame feels they have overwhelming self worth to the sport of college football, when they havent been relavent in plenty of years..

2M) Because my ancestors didn't land in f*cking Indiana

Listen, I'm Irish, and a fairly stereotypical one at that. I love my beer, potatoes, and fighting (football works here). However there's one thing I don't get as an Irishman--that's how--exactly--a team in nowheresville Indiana has the balls to call themselves "The Irish". My great great great great great grandfather came over on a boat and landed outside Philly. Many others had Ellis Island as their port if entry. But most came through and into Boston.

You know where the boats didn't land? Where the Irish didn't immediately settle?


3W)Lou Holtz

Like that one Mike, don’t think many people even think about that.

On this one I am going with Lou Holtz.. Do I really need to elaborate?

4M) False air of superiority (academically)

Wesley, Louth Holch is an excellent selection. The man talks like his mouth is full of M&M's and he's still on the ND payroll.

The last time I was in South Bend for a BC was a couple years ago. After the game was over, a drunken stumbling student came up to me, my friends, and my father and proclaimed: "we'll give you a win, but not an acceptance letter."

While it was funny watching this imbecille stumble and crash to the ground in a pile of fail moments later, it was only further down the line that I learned that most ND folks honestly believe this to be true--that BC is a, as they have called it--"backup college" for ND wanna-be's.

Before I go into my tirade let me say this: as an institution of higher learning I have nothing but respect for ND. It's a great school, it really is. If you can't see that, than you're just an idiot, a hater, or some combination of the two.
But on to the tirade. Do you know which school is harder to get into? Which school has more applicants for less spots? Higher average SAT scores for incoming freshman? Which one is rated as the a "new Ivy"?
That would be Boston College.

We don't want to be you, ND. We're already better than you.

5W) Won't join a conference

Seriously, you aren’t that special.. just join one.. I understand you want to keep all your royalties, and thats fine, but if you aren't playing in a conference, let alone one with a Championship, how can you ever be taken seriously, I mean if you ever were decent of course. so I guess this is a moot point.

6M) Because ND is a Buick

That's right, you heard me. What's that? Buick is an over-priced piece of junk? Well have you considered our 1948 model? No? Well what about back in the 1960's, when we mattered? No?

Well, ND hasn't mattered for anything for quite some time, but they will never let you forget about way back those days when they actually did.


Because a channel somehow falls for this snake oil. Seriously, NBC wake up, Show some other Football games rather than Notre Dame playing, you actually usually have one of the better HD pictures available, and commentating isnt horrible. But putting Notre Dame on every week just is nuts. Does ESPN show Wyoming vs SDSU every week? No, my point exactly.

8M) Every QB they've had since Montana

Seriously, from Ron "four national championships in the bag" Paulus to Jimmy Claussen and every douche along the way, the ND QB is always supposedly awesome and never, ever is.

9W) Because Rudy was the worst football movie ever made.

And Sid Vicious was a better story for BC. A real life story.. With a pretty happy ending..

10M) The 1993 Fake Punt (c/o's "Legrande")

Okay first of all, I have to 'fess up and say I actually really liked--borderline LOVED that movie Rudy regardless of the satanic institution that's a part of that movie. Not sure how I feel about all of that now that Joe Montana came out saying that it never really happened, but that's another story.

For those folks who say that BC/ND is not a rivalry, all you really need to examine is the 1992 and 1993 games between these schools. While most BC fans can tell you that it was BC that broke ND's heart in 1993 with that David Gordon kick, many can't tell you WHY it came down to that in the first place.

The short, short, short version is that ND, in 1992, was up by around 30 points. Late in the 4th quarter, because he's a lying, dirty, scumbag of a slobbering stuttering shell of a human being--Lou Holtz decides this is an opportune time to run a fake punt.

That didn't sit well with Tom Coughlin. He had the score of that game put up in the locker room immediately afterward on a big scoreboard in the locker room. And there it sat. All spring. All summer during workouts. At the start of the season. Throughout the season. And you know when that ND game came, at the very last game of the season--BC was ready to take on the undefeated Notre Dame Slimy Irish, and take on they did. One week after ND beat FSU, BC knocks off ND on the strength of David Gordon's foot and sends FSU to their first National Championship.

You have to wonder...would BC have been as geeked up for that game should ND had not attempted and executed successfully the fake punt? We'll never know.
Wesley: Self-worth,Lou Holtz, Conference, NBC, Rudy
BCMike:Irish,Academic false superiority, ND is a buick, no QBs, 93 Fake Punt

9-30 draft: Reasons to hate Notre Dame
Wesley: Self-worth,Lou Holtz, Conference, NBC, Rudy
BCMike:Irish,Academic false superiority, ND is a buick, no QBs, 93 Fake Punt free polls


  1. Pete Mitchell's 13 catches were amazing.

  2. You are a complete tool, although it does at least require the intelligence of a 5 year old to call names like dirty, slimy......scumbag is a little more advanced. You are definitely overacheiving there. Every person ive met from Boston is loud and arrogant. So far you have kept the stereotype going.......Good Job on being a douchebag.