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Draft 9/28: Worst of the Worst vs. Virginia Tech

Well, that sucked.

In one of the more painful offensive games in recent memory (only truly eclipsed by the record-setting Clemson game of last year), BC lost a very winable game and wasted a very good defensive effort in this tough loss.

The silver lining as BC fans is that we turn the page on the Uncle Dave chapter and enter a new one with Chase Rettig (and/or Marsco).

Sadly, this draft was WAY too easy to complete, as there were many poor things that didn't make the cut simply due to the 10 pick max. Let's digest this, move on, and take down ND next week.

Wesley...start us off man. What was the worst of the worst vs. VT?


1W) Interception in the endzone for shinskie.

Ruined any rhythm that he possibly was thinking of getting in., and made the fans go from a nice roar to a low grumble. Shinskie would have been better just throwing this one into the dirt or the stands.. when you are in the red zone, you need to come away with points, but when you make a turnover , you not only come away with 0, you give them an opportunity to make points out of your mistake.

2M) Amidon stumble

Before Uncle Dave had a chance to throw that painful INT in the endzone, he actually had a shot at a wide open Alex Amidon. Throw was fine. Amidon’s legs weren’t, as the turf monster ate him up. No one within 10 yards of him standing alone in the endzone if he doesn’t trip up.

3) Shinskie half time run

Mike good call on the Amidon Stumble.. it really did take some wind of the sails, on what was actually a pretty good pass, although I will give Amidon a small pass as it was one of the very first passes thrown his was at the College level.

I think I am getting a good 3rd round pick here with the Shinskie half time run.. It basically was the encapsulation of all that is wrong in life.. war,disease, etc. Time was running out we were in the red zone.. and we are only down 7.. the minimum we should leave with is 3, and that is really up for debate.. the announcers said it. Just don’t take the sack.. but they didn’t know what was in store. Shinskie showed good feet and field vision as he trucked down towards the end zone.. just to tackle about a football length short of either out of bounds or the end zone, and BC goes to halftime with 0 points.

4M) LeGrande and Wes Davis not reading BCDraft.com

Wesley, great call on the Shinskie brainfart. While that play drove me nuts, it wasn’t as bothersome to me as it was to some people. I mean, there WAS an opening, and he DID have a good shot to get to the endzone, he just executed poorly and half-assed it at the last yard and came up short. But you’re right, I probably lost the competition this week by letting it get to you here at three.

For my second pick, fourth overall, I’m going with Wes Davis and Dom LeGrande not reading BCDraft. Want to know how I know? Because our first key to the game last week vs. VT was making sure LeGrande and Davis kept back when Taylor scrambled. The BC D played a great game, truly…but this was a big, painful brainfart that wound up costing us six points. Third and fifteen range, LeGrande decides to start moving towards the line of scrimmage about 25-35 yards away from the action. Tyrod Taylor was moving towards the line of scrimmage but had close to zero chance of making a first down running the ball. Just as we warned it would happen, as soon as our safeties jumped up, Taylor lollipopped one over their heads for a huge gain that set up the TD score. Just a very big swing in momentum and a big game changer.

5W) O line U, getting bull rushed

Towards the end of the game, parts of the line were getting bull rushed similar to the Raji/ND one.
BC has a great tradition on their O line.. and have VERY skilled and capable people to blow most other teams off the line on EVERY single down, but for some reason it wasn’t happening

6M) Spaz starting the second half w/Shinskie

While the Uncle Dave brainfart was plenty disheartening, let’s remember that this game was only 7-0 at halftime. It wasn’t lost yet, and while our offense had only driven down the field on the backs of the zebra’s, the VT offense wasn’t impressive vs. our D at all, either.

After watching the first half of Shinkskie’s putrid, depressing play, I consoled myself with the thought that at least he was done for the day and we’d see Marsco start the second half and perhaps put a fire under our guys and give us a chance to take this game.

But then there he was, back under center again. I just had the biggest gut-punch feeling….just like in Harry Potter when the Dementors approached Harry’s train and sucked all of the life and happiness out of him…leaving him soulless and unable to have a single positive thought…that’s how I felt when I saw Shinskie running back out to start the second half after BC gained possession.

7W)The runaway punt

It was one of those punts where you think you know what the PR is thinking.. call the fair catch and let it roll into the endzone for a touchback…. Well that didn’t happen.. it stopped in the shadows of the goal posts for BC, giving them horrific field position on what was already becoming long day.

8M) 2nd Shinskie INT

The announcers spoke to it when they said that it didn’t look like Uncle Dave was all there from the last play, and I think that probably had something to do with it. To me, this kind of wraps up Uncle Dave’s career at Boston College pretty accurately. He was trying to be tough, trying to stick it out, but wasn’t smart about it and mixed that with his two biggest faults (staring down receivers for an eternity and believing his arm can out-throw coverage), you come up with the 2nd INT of the day.

This was the final straw that broke the camel’s back and likely the last play David Shinskie will ever take part in as a part of the football team. Good intention, poor execution.

9W) Laying the big Goose egg when the clock read 0:00

I know this wasn’t necessarily one play, but a combination of all plays.. BC hasn’t been shutout in 8 years, and that time was to VT as well. It really made me realize that we not only had a lot of issues to work on, but moreso questions, on overall direction, who to play, and stuff like that , rather than we just got beat by VT.. now all we can hope for is a rematch in Charlotte.

10M) Shinskie fumble

To be fair to Uncle Dave, the pocket did break down, however he was holding the ball out at his hips just asking for it to be taken away, which the Hokies had no problems doing.


Wesley drafted: Endzone INT, Shins halftime brainfart, O-Line U bullrushed, runaway punt, Goose Egg
BCMike drafted: Amidon stumble, Safeties coming up, Spaz sticking w-Shins, Shins 2nd INT, Shins fumble

Draft 9-28: Worst of the Worst vs. Virginia Tech
Wesley drafted: Endzone INT, Shins halftime brainfart, O-Line U bullrushed, runaway punt, Goose Egg
BCMike drafted: Amidon stumble, Safeties coming up, Spaz sticking w-Shins, Shins 2nd INT, Shins fumb
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