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9/1/10 Draft: Best QB's BC faces this year

There’s been a couple pieces this preseason that rank QB’s, RB’s, etc., from all over the nation and even just in the ACC. But honestly, as BC fans…do you care a whole lot about these guys that BC’s not going to be playing? Exactly. So with that in mind, we’re going to do a series of drafting the best position players that BC is playing this year…and no guessing on who we would be up against should we make it to the A3CG, bowl game, etc.

Did we get it right? Who did we miss? Should Morgan have made the cut? Let us know in the comments section!


1M) Christian Ponder, Florida State

With the first pick in this draft, I have to go with Christian Ponder, Wesley. While I feel like he’s a little over-hyped for the player that he
actually is (UNC Defense…cough cough), he’s still the best QB in the league IMO. For me what’s special about Ponder that I don’t think people really concentrate enough on is his foot speed on the ground. He’s able to get away from pressure and typically able to avoid defenders and he slinks down the field for good yardage on broke plays. They’re not always big gainers, but a plus six making it 3rd and 4 instead of a sack making it 3rd and 16 is a huge, huge difference. He’s able to keep many plays alive with actions like that, and with the skill position players FSU has, given the ‘Noles many chances to continue drives and score makes him a nightmare for D-Coordinators.

2W) Russell Wilson, NC State

Mike, gotta say, Christian Ponder is a pretty easy choice for number one on this draft. He is a decent bit better than the rest of the
league in my opinion, and he should have an improved offensive line to help him this year.
I am going to go with NC State’s own Russell Wilson. Or should I say recent Colorado Rockies fourth round draft pick?
Wilson has been a good mobile Quarterback, just not had the supporting cast in previous years., this year could be a bit different..
Even through the 20-52 beat down by BC last year, Wilson definitely showed some strong glimmers of potential

3M) Tyrod Taylor, Virginia Tech

Speaking of beat-downs, that’s
what VPI did to our Eagles last year in Lane Stadium. Lane Stadium, I can assure you, was definitely not silent that day. While Taylor has been classified as a dual threat guy, I think he’s actually more of a pocket passer than folks assume.

He wasn’t the most accurate QB in the past but I have to say his read and recognition has improved substantially from his first years in Blacksburg. He arguably has the strongest arm in the ACC and is able to flick the ball with surprising force; particularly while on bootlegs and runs. Yes, he can run and teams certainly game plan for that…but at this stage in his career Taylor hurts more teams with his arm and head.

4W) Kyle Parker, Clemson

I have to say my Kyle Parker pick isn’t
100% justified on much past potential.
Kyle is a bit of a riddle, wrapped in a mystery inside of an enigma.. A very highly touted recruit, was also recently also drafted by the Rockies.

Parker did very well as a RS freshman in 2008, and is looking forward to utilizing his check down man at Tight End Dwayne Allen.

We will see if Kyle is as good as advertised, or overhype and focused on the future in baseball soon, but my best guess is he didn’t come back to do poorly.

5M) Marc Verica, Virginia

I’m with you on Parker there, Wesley.
I think he’s a good, serviceable QB—but let’s see how he does when the weight of the program is on his shoulders and not on Jacoby Ford’s and CJ Spiller’s. Losing those guys I think is going to put the focus on stopping Parker, not something opposing teams really game planned for last year.

For my next pick, I’m pretty sure it will be an unpopular one since most folks don’t think much of Marc Verica, but I’m taking the UVA QB here for two reasons. One, I actually like his mechanics. He has the physical tools, trust me. It’s been poor judgment in throws and staying in the pocket too long that’s hurt Verica throughout his career. If he gets a chance to start for Mike London this year, I think London will make the reads very straightforward and easy for Verica, allowing him to have half a field to work with and a dump-off if the play is not available. I’m seriously looking for London to have Verica in the top half of ACC QB’s by year’s end.

Plus—and let’s be honest here—this is also sort of the point of this draft: After the first four guys, it’s not exactly Murderer’s Row of Quarterbacks that BC will be facing this year.

6W) Ryan Nassib, Syracuse

If I am Ryan Nassib, I'm kinda pissed
really, I go through practices thinking I'm the man, just to Greg Paulus come to Syracuse and lead what I had thought was My team...

Well Nassib ended up starting the majority of the starts, and was pretty successful, I think he will be out to prove he is the leader of the Syracuse team.. and will be playing with a chip on his shoulder in 2010

7M) Cameron Higgins, Weber State

Nassib? Ugh. This IS getting ugly.

I’m going with Cameron Higgins here
from the season opener vs. Weber State. Truth be told here, we actually had this draft prior to our interview with Head Coach Ron McBride. Had we done this draft after the interview, I likely would have taken Higgins 5th after Parker.

Yes, they play in the BigSky conference, I get that…but 10,000 yards and 80 TD’s is impressive if you’re on the moon, in the BigEast, or the BigSky. Clearly the kid knows how to sling the rock around the field and in this, his senior season, you have to expect his very best. McBride said that he thought Higgins had pro potential. Not sure how many other guys on this list we would also be able to say that about.

8W) Dayne Crist, Notre Dame

Well the years of Clausen are gone,
was he even there? I don’t remember him ever being too relevant.

But Dayne will get the first hack at the new Spread offense at Notre Dame, also Dayne will be playing his first game after tearing his ACL last year against Washington State. Kelly has some high thoughts on Dayne, and feels as he is the man for the job, but that will be proven on the field.

9M) Jamarr Robinson

Yeah, that’s a good pick there with Crist.
I do think it’s funny Notre Dame had a “JC” and now a “Crist”. I mean, I understand playing up the Catholic angle…but Jeeeeeez…..

Here I’m going with Jamarr Robinson because…well, there’s really not a whole hell of a lot left to work with. Reports out of College Park say that Robinson is an athletic kid with a solid arm. Not sure he’s going to be able to put the team on his shoulders but with 1st team All-ACC Preseason WR Torrey Smith and 2nd team All-ACC Preseason RB Da’Rel Scott, he won’t have to do it all on his own.

Ted Stachitas, Wake Forest

How does someone follow Riley Skinner at Wake Forest? Skinner did a great job at Quarterback for a long time at Wake, so there are definitely some big shoes to fill. Add to that Stachitas hasn’t even thrown his first collegiate pass, he was a Red shirted last year and saw no actual playing time. Stachitas will be a different Quarterback than Skinner, no one will question that, Skinner was more of a pocket passer, and with Stachitas Wake will have a bit more mobile,”dual-threat” Quarterback. Something that has given the Eagles problems in the past..

BCMike-Ponder, Taylor, Verica, Higgins, Robinson
Wesley-Wilson, Parker, Nassib, Crist, Stachitas

8-31 Draft: Best QB's BC faces this year
BCMike-Ponder, Taylor, Verica, Higgins, Robinson
Wesley-Wilson, Parker, Nassib, Crist, Stachitas free polls

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