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9/16 Draft: Best plays from Kent State game

Hey kids! It's been a weird road, but here we are back on BCDraft doing plays of the game from last week. Pardon the delay on publication, but the good news is--as I'm sure you know--the Eagles have the week off so we can all relax a little bit.

Below is Wesley and I's take on the plays of the game from this past weekend vs. The Golden Flashes.


1) Lee TD grab

One of the keys to the game from last week was that we felt that the WR's had to step up and help out either QB. Well, Clyde Lee (or CLee3, as we like to call him) got the message loud and clear with this one.

Shinskie fired the ball into the top far corner of the endzone, but unfortunately very much in the direction of the Kent State D-Back. Lee decided to take control of the situation vaulting himself upwards, staring into the sun, grabbing the ball from in front of the D-Back and then finally somehow managed to touch down his foot inbounds to complete the touchdown catch.

The play was good for #1 on SportsCenter's top plays the following morning!

2W) Noel pick

Agree mike, you don’t get mentioned as one of the plays of the day without doing something right.

He covered a ton of ground to get that pick and then was still able to plant his foot in bounds.. I was glad that they reviewed this play over and over, because it just showed the beauty of the play. I can’t say if it was all luck or not, but whatever it was, it worked.. Great play for the young Noel

3M) Lee circus bobble catch

That was a great catch by Noel, Wesley. To be honest, when it happened in real time I didn't think he got his foot down, but the more I watch Noel the more he's just sneaky athletic with that lanky frame.

For my third play of the game, I'm going back to Mr. Lee. Once again Clyde manages to rescue an errant pass. Here, he wasn't in a position to step in front of it, but rather caught it off of a deflection Plinko-style. Great concentration and another excellent bailout of the QB.

4W) Albright pick

Albright has looked good in his first two games, but more exceptional against Kent State.. He fell back into coverage into the middle of the field and snatched one out of the air, and actually had some decent moves to push the ball forward down the line some.. albeit looking as if he was running sideways, was very productive.
Later in the game Albright almost got another pick, and he was good at maintaining constant pressure from the end.

5M) Dom LeGrande’s fumble recovery (ies)

Albright is one of our favorite players and will always have a place with us as he was our first active player interview. Always tremendously excited to see Alex do well. The truly scary part about this is that the selection was almost available on ANOTHER Albright pick. Amazing how close he came to having two pick's in the same game!

For my next POG, I'm going with the combined effort and hustle of Dom LeGrande. Yes, the Kent State punt returner helped out our Eagles by not catching the ball cleanly but that's all for naught if BC doesn't get the ball. Not once, but twice LeGrande managed to pounce on the ball quickly and maintain possession for the Eagles. Great hustle and great overall game by LeGrande his past weekend.

6W) Wes Davis Pick and 37 yard return

I didn’t see Wes Davis in the screen, and then he popped in to grab the ball. He showed good instincts on the grab, and also deceptively fast with good field vision on the return. Wes is a captain on the team and he wants to show everyone why.

7M) Bobby Swigert Pilgrim in an unholy land TD grab

That was a great pick by Wes Davis. He reminded me of Silva on that catch as Silva had a great knack of watching the eyes of the QB and moving where he was throwing it, not where the receiver was running the route. He broke off as soon as he saw the ball launched and grabbed a big one for us there.

Here I'm going to the play that had me one second with my hand over my face, the next with my hands in the air signaling for a touchdown: The deep ball into triple coverage "Pilgrim in an unholy land" Bobby Swigert touchdown.

Now, I'm not going to lie--I'll be fine with a similar ball never being thrown for BC as long as I live, but give credit where it's due, Shinskie fired it in there with such velocity that he caught the three Kent State D-backs off-guard and Swigert twisted his body back to the ball, fighting the sun, and made the great TD grab.

8W) Freese being perfect

You know mike, im not sure whether to give credit to Bobby, to UD, or to the KSU secondary on that one.. it was a hard pass but soo covered in the sun, craziness.

Freese connected from 27, 22, 31 and 33 racking up 12 points plus his 2 extra points is 14.. so on his leg he beat KSU..14-13.. Freese has been a pleasant surprise so far for the Eagles, that has changed the game plan for them especially when they are just outside the red zone.

9M) Coleman's recovery of Montel's fumble

It's one of those things,'s rather easy to dismiss and not care about when all is going well. I think Nate's done a terrific job thus far at The Heights and I have to say between him and Quigs, this might very well be the best kicking combo we've had in recent memory.

For my last POG, I'm going with the heady play by Johnathan Coleman to jump on the fumble that Montel Harris gave up. Now, we all know Montel is extremely sure handed, but in the past when he has fumbled it's been in bunches and I for one believe fumbling to be a mental thing as much as anything for Montel to fumble it was one thing, to have it be recovered by an Eagle and have no negative consequences was another.

Montel didn't have a great game due to the front seven of Kent State and some pretty vanilla playcalling, but he didn't put the ball on the ground again and I don't expect him to anytime soon, either.

Let's also take note of the score of the game at that was 6-3 with the Eagles driving around mid-field. If Coleman doesn't come up with the fumble, Kent State could have easily driven 20 yards to kick a tying field goal, or possibly a TD to take the lead before halftime. That would have been quite the game changer.

10W) Herzy Superman tackle

It made you smile, didn’t it.. .lol.

Almost something that you would see out of animal planet, he creeped on his prey and then dove for the kill.. I almost felt bad for the Kent player he took down, because he went down, and all of his manhood fell with it.. that kinda hit is one that makes u want to hang your cleats up if you are on the receiving end.


BCMike drafted: Lee TD catch, Lee circus catch, LeGrande fumble recoveries, Swigert trip coverage TD, Coleman fumble recovery
Wesley drafted: Noel pick, Albright pick, Wes Davis pic, Freese perfect Herzy superman tackle

9-16 Draft: Best plays from Kent State game
BCM: Lee TD catch, Lee circus catch, LeGrande recoveries, Swigert trip coverage TD,Coleman recovery
Wesley:Noel pick, Albright pick, Wes Davis pic, Freese perfect Herzy superman tackle free polls

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