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10/1/10 Draft: Keys to the Game vs. ND

The Fraudulent French come to The Heights this Saturday night on national television and it's going to be a good one. Not only is this the last year of the "Holy War" / "Battle for the Ireland Trophy" for a couple years, but also the first game for the much heralded true freshman Chase Rettig.

Below are Wesley and I's keys to the game vs. Notre Dame this Saturday.


1M) Script the first three plays

There's no doubt that Chase Rettig's nerves are going to be out of control and having the first several plays scripted is going to help everyone out. In there should be one run, one simple pass and one deep pass to let him uncork one and get the zing out. Let's get him comfortable and practicing those three plays that are scripted so he doesn't have to think about those. Execute those three well, and then once we've pushed through the nerves, we can go ahead and compete as usual.

2W) O line Pass Blocking

I cannot stress this enough.. Although last week was a bit rough, it coulda been significantly better if the pass blocking was better.

Run blocking seems to do pretty well, especially post Kent State. But picking up the extra guys, and Pass blocking is going to be crucial. Get a sack on rettig early , and it will really negatively effect his moxey. Hold up the line, and he can have some time to make some good decisions downfield, and our WR some time to get open

3M) The Pressure of the Crist

Unlike last week when I advised against going after Tyrod Taylor, this week I think we should pressure Crist--and straight up the middle. From what I've seen he actually throws a pretty ball when given time and not we can accomplish both by firing KPL and Keeks up the middle at him and using Herzy's great range in the middle to pick off any errant quick tosses he'll have to make.

4W) Get Pantale the ball

He is a great option, and one of the more seasoned players for Chase or MM to toss the ball to.

Pantale is a special TE, and I would really like to see him get more looks. He could be the bail out check down for the young QB

5M) Get and keep the crowd involved early

Even the most entrenched whale-pants wearing "sit-down" codger will agree that Alumni gets rockin' for night games (I believe this to be in no small part to the lack of two hour tailgating limits before the game...the kids will be full of liquid courage well before the game comes close to kick off).

Add in the fact that while many BC folks consider this to be our main rivalry game, many ND folks/players do not. This means our fans an players would be pretty geeked up for this game regardless, so if we're able to pounce in ND early and get the crowd involved, I think they could be a difference maker against a 1-win ND team that comes limping into Alumni Stadium Saturday night.

6W) Montel getting over 100 yards

Good call on the Crowd BCMike, I like the added excitement of the eagle flying for the opening ceremonies..

On my number 6 I am going to have to predict this.. if Montel gets over 100 yards, it will equal a BC victory.
My thought process on that is, Notre Dame will be loading up the box to stop Montel, so if he is able to get 100 yards, either 1) their loading up the box isn’t working, or 2) they had to change game plans to counter a successful Rettig.

(Thanks to Turner Action Sports for the Montel Pic)

7M) Screen away

Wesley I have to disagree with your assessment on the Montel and 100 yards theory. VT loaded up the box and Montel actually had a pretty darn good game, rushing for over 100 yards and nearly 6 per tote. Unfortunately, if the rest of the offense doesn't play well, it can certainly mean doom and gloom for BC fans once again.

My 4th key here, 7th overall is going to be going to the screen passes early and often. Montel is really terrific in space and as long as our OL guys can get out and pave the way, this is a great way to keep the pressure off of Chase. The good part about starting a true frosh at 8PM on national television: you know what's going to be coming from the defense...Blitzes. Lots of 'em. If we can catch ND in a couple of these blitzes with some nice screen plays, BC can force ND to play back a little bit and that's when Montel gets a little breathing room.

8W) Conversion in the red zone

BCMike, hey I didn’t say it was the key for every game, just this one..

This seems like an obvious one, and well it really is..but BC has been terribly unsuccessful while in the red zone at just over 50% Boston College needs to do what it can to always get the points while in the red zone, even if it is 3.

9M) Getting Freese back on track

Oh I hear ya there, Wesley--it's just that ND enters the game with the 103rd ranked rushing D, so I'm expecting we'll have some success with Montel & the big uglies up front.

For my last key, I'm going to go with getting our kicking game back on track here. Freese looked great in his first two games, even causing Brian from BCI to start with a "#Freese4Groza" hash-tag on Twitter. Unfortunately he only had one real attempt last week and it wasn't pretty. Last week was the first real pressure game for the Eagles and this one will be that much tougher at night under the lights on the big stage. We need Freese to get established early as a weapon so we can get aggressive in the red zone, as you mentioned earlier here.

10W) Contain Kyle Rudolph

Kyle Rudolph is a good TE for the Fraudulent French.. and I really don’t think number 10 is going to be a very hard one to do with Boston College’s stellar LB corp. But Rudolph can get hot, so hot his nose shines bright.. sorry I couldn’t resist saying that.. lol. But Rudolph can impose a threat, and will be Crists go to option if he gets heat on him, which he may, especially with DQ or Dillion Quinn coming off suspension.


BCMike drafted: script 1st 3, pressure Crist, Alumni involved, Screen away, Freese back
Wesley drafted: OL Pass block, Pantale, Montel over 100, Red Zone Conversions. contain Rudolph

10-1Draft: Keys to the Game vs. ND
BCMike:script 1st 3, pressure Crist, Alumni involved, Screen away, Freese back
Wesley: OL Pass block, Pantale, Montel over 100, Red Zone Conversions. contain Rudolph free polls

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