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9/9/11--Keys to the Game @ UCF

This week, we head south to Florida to take on the Golden Knights of UCF. While other programs feasted on cupcakes in week one and have another on the schedule this week, again we face a bowl team with BCS buster expectations.

Wesley and I will be at this game as well, on the sidelines snapping shots and reporting what we see. Make sure to follow @BCMike and @BCDraft to check in with our posts/pics during the game.



Pissed that we lost the first time in seven season openers?

Embarrassed your line got pushed around?

Angry that you let a team who couldn't pass terrifically well take advantage of your soft passing zone which is completely appropriate for a passing team but is woefully inadequate for a team that wants to pound the ball up the middle or counter runs on the edge put up two bills on you?

Well guess what.

You'll have a chance to replay this game. Channel that anger and disappointment into making what went wrong right.

2W) O line U, n'sync

You know they day when you play golf, drive for show, putt for dough.
Well I think this applies to football as well.

As pretty as that deep pass was, the o line helped make it happen, this week.against ucf is critical for the unit to get in.sync for other big things to happen

3M) Converting in the Red Zone

What's next Wesley, backstreet boys? Maybe some nice
"O-town" in honor of Orlando?

Last week, we came down in Northwestern's Red Zone multiple times, coming away with 10 points (sorry, I'm giving 7 to Keeks for the pick-almost-six).

When we enter the Red Zone, we NEED TO SCORE. I don't blame Groza candidate Nate Freese fr missing two kicks last week. Know why? They shouldn't have been tried in the first place---they should have been touchdowns, like his one made field goal from the first drive was.

4W) Freese is Freese

Haha, I knew you would like that one. But I know you
have to agree with me on that .

I am not sure you fans noticed it or not but last week, there was a zombie inside of Nate Freese's Jersey. I wasn’t aware of this until after the game , but it was later confirmed, and that Zombie was marched over to Area 51.

This week we will rely, when needed on the real, and very reliable Nate Freese kicking our Field Goals and extra points.

5M) Going Deep Early

Here I'm asking us to go DEEP early. That means Amidon
fly route, maybe Larmond.

We need to STRETCH the UCF D. These guys are very stout against the run and we need to loosen up the secondary early and keep them out of the box.

We accumulated a ton of passing yards last week but no real bombs. It's time to stretch the field.

6W) RB showing patience and power

Mike unfortunately I think we lost, what would be a
constant great option deep with Momah for the season, but I am calling for that deep threat to be used early and often, too.

Although Andre's numbers showed decent, I overall wasn't impressed. He tried to bust through holes with his speed and not his strength. I think he is a VERY effective back, and I think he will show more of what he is capable of this week vs Central Florida.

Hopefully Montel will get some Reps at RB this week, but I am not holding my breath, as his safety long term is without question the most important.

7M) Loading the box

Frey-frey attempted all of ten passes last week and
by all accounts two of those ten should have been picked.

UCF has a veritable stable of backs who can all tote the rock. We need to stack the box and force Godfrey to beat us through the air. If he starts consistently beating us through the air, we revert back to put standard bend-but-don't-break D; but first make him prove it and clamp down on that powerful UCF rushing attack.

8W) BC players focused

Call me crazy, but I believe this will be UCF's Superbowl of the year.

This is the game they want all the fans at, This
is the one that is televised.

After having our loss last week, our team is going to have to come out focused and not let the fans, possible downpours, etc be a distraction. We have to want it more than they do!

9M) Special Special Teams

UCF boats some of the best KR and PR numbers in
the nation last year. Yes, it’s true this is bolstered by playing in C*USA, however they’re nothing to sneeze at.

Ours, however, sadly are. We called out our KR and PR team last week and didn’t really have much success with it. From being in-person and watching the game, there was a lot of running full speed up to the pile, then limping / mushing forward into the pile (the one exception was the one decent return Kimble had).

We need our guys to hit the hole hard and fast and earn these big play opportunities when they present themselves. On the other side, we need to make sure we are disciplined in our lanes and contain their return guys.

I think we all believe this will be a close game and field position will no doubt play a key factor in deciding who comes away victorious Saturday night.

10W) Keeks being Keeks

Luke had 18 tackles last week, yes 18.

As I am sure other players performance will be better next week, we need Keeks to continue to bring the lumber and be the rock of this team for us to be successful.

BCMike drafted: Alamo UCF, Red Zone conversion, Going deep early, loading the box, special special teams
Wesley drafted: OL-U being nsync, Freese is Freese, RB patience, BC focused, Keeks being Keeks

9-9-11 Draft: Keys to the Game @ UCF
BCMike: Alamo UCF, Red Zone conversion, Going deep early, loading the box, special special teams
Wesley: OL-U being nsync, Freese is Freese, RB patience, BC focused, Keeks being Keeks free polls

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