Friday, September 30, 2011

9/30/11--Keys to the Game vs. Wake Forest

Fresh off our our most recent latest meaningful only win, we hope to ride the good vibe over the Demon Deacons of Wake Forest.

Below, Wesley and I take a shot at what needs to happen for our Eagles to get the W.


1Mike) For the love of God, make adjustments on D

Spaz was out-coached by Pat Fitzgerald, George O’Leary, and to a lesser extent David Cutcliffe. What did all of these coaches do? They tested different things vs. us and whenthey found something that worked, they repeated it on offense, daring our defense to change or adjust. As Eagles fans are all to keen to, we did not make any adjustments on defense and allowed whatever was hurting us to be replicated ad naseum. You might not be a huge Jim Grobe fan—but I promise youthis. If he finds something that’s working, he’s going to wear it out. Our staff needs to be proactive in changing to defend what is working for our opponent instead of laying back in our soft zone assuming that eventually they’ll throw an interception deep.

2Wesley) Forced Turnovers

Last week was a nice win, although it was against UMASS. But a big item of the win was the forced turnovers a plenty. 2 Fumbles and 2 Interceptions makes a win come a lot easier.

3M) Feed Montel

Last year vs. WakeForest, Montel ripped of nearly 200 yards and had three TD runs. Yes, it’s his first game back as the “starter” officially and I know we want to handle him with kid gloves to make sure he doesn’t get hurt again, but Montel has a great knack of not taking the full shot and rarely ever gets truly hit by an opponent. If he believes he’s ready to go, we need to rely on him and feed him the ball early and often—and don’t let up until he’s put up similar numbers to last year.

4W) Kuechly be Kuechly

Mike, I am sure I am like you and I am very excited to see Montel back in the starting role, and see him doing what he does best.

Unfortunately I see BC vs Wake being a VERY close game, and that pains me, but it is going to take something special to win. I think Kuechly's ability to take over a game is going to be what pushes this over the top

5M) O-Line run blocking

Wesley I agree with you—this game is likely going to be a close one. Given how the two close games we’ve played turned out, I’m not exactly excited about that. Hopefully you are right and Keeks will have an opportunity to make a game-changing play.

Our line played much better last week, although it was against a much smaller, undermanned UMass squad. The first three games against FCS squads didn’t go nearly as well for us. Our O-Line needs to ride the positive wave from the Minutemen game and execute up front giving Montel space to operate. They also pass-blocked well last week for Chase, I’d like to see them do it against a team that plays in the D-1.

6W) Rattle Tanner Price

So far Tanner Price has put up some impressive numbers as a Sophomore, he is 61 of 98 and has only thrown one pick this year to 6 Tds, which are some numbers as BC fans I think we envy. We need the Defensive line to show different schemes to get to the QB, I personally have liked the LB zone blitz that I have seen that sends KPL in. As our Ends basically try to just hold contain this gives a good shot up the middle although it opens up a hole for a slant or similar to a TE, but I like the look. We need more plays that get into the Qbs head, and more push up the middle.

7M) Continue to use the Tight Ends

I have to say I agree with you again here, Wesley—just like how last week I suggested mixing it up by bringing LB’s/DB’s/anyone with a helmet to create pressure since our front four haven’t been able to generate any, it was nice to see us selectively do it vs. UMass last week.

Speaking of suggestions last week, we finally got our TE’s involved early. What did that do? Well it opened up the field and allowed Chase to have his first three TD performance of the year. When the TE’s are in play, that makes the Safeties play honest and that gives us mismatches at various places on the field given the routes. If the TE’s can be ignored, it makes the game that much tougher for both Chase and our WR’s who have struggled to get open early on. We use the TE’s, it opens it up for all. We need to hit them early and often again.

8W) Build on the mo'

Yes it was just Umass, but I would be lying if I said I wasn't worried about the game last week. The team has some mojo now, build on it, be confident, and go forward. As the schedule increasingly gets more difficult, Wake is an ideal opponent at this point in our schedule.

9M) Play for all 60

In our first three FCS games we clearly were gassed by the 4th quarter. We know our games with Wake traditionally go down to the wire and that means the 4th quarter is going to be when the game is decided. We need to be playing for a full 60 if we want to walk out of Alumni with our second straight win.

10W) Offensive Game Calling

Mike I don't know about you, but I have really liked the offensive game calls (majority) over the past two games. I felt like we utilized a deep threat, slowly getting the TE's involved a bit more and are spelling out a run. Offensive line being the biggest area needed of improvement at this time, but as I have cussed the play calling in the past I have to say that this is better than what I have seen.

BCMike drafted: Make adjustments on D, Feed Montel, O Line run blocking, TE usage, play 60
Wesley drafted: Forced turnovers, Keeks being Keeks, rattle Tanner Price, buld on Mo, Offensive play calling

9-30-11 Draft: Keys vs. Wake Forest
BCMike: Make adjustments on D, Feed Montel, O Line run blocking, TE usage, play 60
Wesley: Forced turnovers, Keeks being Keeks, rattle Tanner Price, buld on Mo, Offensive play calling free polls

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