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Draft Christmas: Blessings in 2010

Merry Christmas to everyone from BCDraft, for our Christmas draft we wanted to draft the blessings in 2010 in BC Football that we are thankful. Drafting ten was very easy, and I am sure we left some off, although 2010 didn’t get us the record we desired, it definitely was full of things to be thankful for.

1W) Mark Herzlich return..

BCMike, you know which one I have to take first.. so I’ll take it.

This is multi fold.. one that he survived treatment, two that he was able to walk move normally live a normal life, three he was able to play football again, four he is going to the senior bowl to showcase for the NFL draft.. If that isn’t a modern day miracle I really don’t know what is..

2M) Five straight wins

Sure, they were preceded by 5 straight losses, but could you imagine where we would be without these last five wins?

3W) Luke even better

Luke had a phenomenal year in 2009..As a true freshman , he played outstanding.. well amazing happened he got even better.. Luke raised the bar on himself and then used it for jump rope.. Leading the nation in tackles as a sophomore and extending his 10 tackles or greater to 21 games, is just a couple of crazy stats that I think as fans is hard for us to even put our arms around.

4M) Freshman influx

From Andre Williams to KPL, Rettig to Swigert, Amidon to CJ, this year's Eagles relied heavily on new freshman stepping up and making a difference. Some learning curves were steeper than others, but point if fact is that we enter 2011 with a ton of young talent.

5W) Montel Harris being Montel Harris

When we were having question marks at QB, youth at WR, a line that was trying to gel. Montel took the team on his shoulders as he carried the ball 40+ times in some games..We were able to own the clock, move the ball and settle the other positions down as Montel showed great leadership of doing whatever it takes to win.. Montel is just about 1000 yards shy of being the leading ACC rusher..

6M) Our schedule
The coastal didn't wind up being the murderer's row that folks thought--nor was the Atlantic a complete pile as others had suggested before the start of the season; but facts are facts and this schedule was still the most friendly we have had in recent memory. Yes, there were some quality teams on it, but for a team that played so many young and inexperienced players, it sure helped that we were able to do so against opponents we had a legitimate shot of beating

7W) Run D

BCMike good call on our schedule.. truly a blessing, and one that we won’t really have in 2011..You know when we did our Best QBs we face in 2010 just before the start of the season, it was a bit hard to draft..But teams that preferred to use their running game , well that is a different story. And that was a huge reason for the success this year..As Boston College’s Run D is rated number one in the nation!

8M) Our bowl match-up

Usually BC is playing teams that have two, sometimes three more losses on the year. This year, we're playing a team that has FIVE more WINS than we do. While Nevada might not be a name many folks are familiar with, they only have loss (six point loss at #24 Hawaii) and are ranked in the BCS as #13. This game is being played Sunday night the last game before the MNC game and competing against no other bowl games.

Many eyes will be on the Eagles January 9th, and most will be tuning in to find out more about Nevada--but this is a chance for us to show them what BC can do. We are very fortunate to be playing such a high caliber opponent on such a big national stage.

9W) Castonzo

BCMike, I like the bowl match-up as well, heck I’m semi thrilled that we were able to make a bowl.This year we had a lot of stories, and I feel like we could triple the length of this draft and not cover all of them.. but Castonzo was/is a blessing for several reasons.. He was nominated for a Rhodes and made it pretty far down the process.. He is a chemistry major and could possibly be a first round draft pick this year. Castonzo keeps the O line U tradition, and puts an explanation point after the term student-athelete!

10M) Our relationship with the players, prospects, coaches, etc.

Part of what we do here that our readers enjoy is our interviews and roundtables with prospective, current, and former players. Without them taking the time out of their day and doing interviews with us, we would be just another blog. We look forward to our relationship with BC, the coaches, and players to continue to grow in 2011, but are most appreciative of the work done in 2010.


Wesley: Herzy, Keeks, Montel, Run D, Castanzo

BCMike: 5wins, Frosh, Schedule, Bowl Matchup, BCDraft Relationships

Draft Christmas: Blessings in 2010
Wesley: Herzy, Keeks, Montel, Run D, Castanzo
BCMike: 5wins, Frosh, Schedule, Bowl Matchup, BCDraft Relationships free polls

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