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9/4/12 Draft: Worst of the Worst vs. Miami

Well at long last we had our first game.  It was nice not to lose 20-3 and it was really fantastic when we were up 14-0 midway through the first quarter…but then the wheels came off the bus. 

I was pretty sure at that point we would be writing the “Best of the Best” again, but unfortunately here we are.  Let’s rehash the harsh.


1BCMike) The _____ Tease

It's almost better on a date for the girl to just let you know early on you're not going to get anywhere. You're not happy about it; but at least she is not leading you on, having you invest yourself further with raised expectations.

I thought we would lose to Miami. I was hoping we wouldn't but I thought it would be a tough win given the new OC, AD changes, etc.

Going up 14-0 early had me so excited I didn't know what to do myself. I was smiling ear to ear and our table of four were high giving and whooping it up.

Then we lost like we did--it would have been better without the tease if we were going to lose.

2Wesley) Tahj  Kimble fumble after catch

I disagree with you on the first draft pick BCMike. I actually appreciate that we had some pop. Even though it fizzled out, we were competitive. Frustrating, yes.

Overall I think Kimble played a pretty good game, take out a couple mistakes and I think he has a VERY bright future at the heights. But this is the one that made me sick.

He had about 30-40 yards, on a drive, but a late attempt to push for more left the football on the ground, and took wind out of the Eagles sails for any kind of comeback

3M) Chase's pick 6

Wesley please don't misconstrue my point. I like that we scored points. I like that we "competed".  I don't like thinking that up 14-0 halfway through the first quarter we are about to make a statement to the world and be the talk of the town--not that we are about to lose 41-18 from there on.

To that point, Chase's pick-6 was a back-breaker. We were up 14-7 and trying to answer Miami's score.  Chase had all on all a good if not great game but this pick-6 hurt bad. This was, to me, the turning point in the ball game.

4W) Rettig Sneak

Haha now you are making me sound like TOB.. " we are up , aren't we"  Sucks  lost, same result we had been getting, but at least I didn't doze off.

The Rettig Sneak , that failed was bad for a few reasons. ( other  than the obvious it didn’t count)

·         We had to use a challenge. The booth should have done a review on this play and the play by spiffy prior
·         The O Line showed no push on this sneak
·         I really think that Spiffy scored on the play before
·         I understand holding onto the ball tightly, but you have to make sure it crosses the plane ( I am betting this gets some practice this week)

5M) The Dropsies

While Amidon had a fantastic day overall he and seemingly every other receiver dropped some really easy catches. Now some of this is on Chase who refuses to throw short passes lighter than Brie bullets, but they were almost all really accurate.

If you're getting a scholarship to play football as a WR and the ball hits both of your hands--you need to catch the ball.

6W) Williams Fumble

We were actually able to stop them on offense, And we wanted to give our offense a chance to really drive it down the field And Williams fumbles it on our first action with the ball. Although a good guy was able to fall on it. It totally took all the wind out of the sails and we went instantly to the knee before half.

7M) playing the DB cushion late

I understand wanting to give our d-backs the BC D cushion early on but once Morris got in a rhythm and proved he had no problem connecting in the short passes we really needed to play up close on repeated third down attempted defensive stops. 

I understand the philosophy and I get why we do it most of the time--but late when trailing and needing a stop, you just any play off ten yards on third and five. You simply can't. 

8W) Duke Johnson, pwning BC

You know it wasn’t that long ago when BC was known for stopping the run. Actually we consistently were in the top 10 for doing so.

Last year I think that Luke hid some of our warts, and we still weren't world beaters in the area.
This year it looks like we may have another difficult time stopping it, and Duke Johnson a well revered Freshman RB snapped ankles and made us look very pop warner as he has runs over 50 yards twice!

We must get better at wrapping up, and being run stopping, or it is  going to be a very long year. But don’t let me take anything away from the Duke of run, he is a very talented back, and expect to hear his name a good bit more in the future

9M) Chase's big day goes unnoticed

Did you know that Chase put up the second most yards inthe country this past week?   That he had more yards Saturday than Matt Ryan ever had in one game?

Think anyone else outside of the BC family knows?

As Spaz will be able to tell you at the end of this season (and no, aside from the D cushion I don't blame Spaz for this loss), college football is about one thing: winning.

Because we didn't win, Chase won't get the love he deserves (Amidon in a similar boat). That sucks.

10W) Run Blocking

Good point Mike, I'd add KPL's 14 tackles - Well I didn’t even notice that.

I have to finish with run blocking. Let me state that Pass blocking really couldn’t be any better. But overall run blocking was very lacking.
Seems like holes were opened up opposite of where the RB anticipated them, no huge push for the short yardage. It seemed as simple as the DL was getting lower than our OL.

Hopefully our Line gets this resolved before Northwestern.


Who had the better draft?

BCMike: The ---- Tease, Chase pick 6, dropsies, db cushion late, unnoticed heroics
Wesley: Tahj fumble, Rettig sneak, Williams fumble, Duke Johnson pwning, run blocking
9/4/12 Draft: Worst of the Worst vs. Miami
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