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9-7-12 Draft: Keys to the Game vs. Maine

Okay, so we lost the first one but we looked okay doing so.  It was kind of weird, we can all agree.  For BC fans used to having a stellar D and an O that just didn't show up, it was a little bit light the twilight zone.
..but on we move.  Next up we have The Black Bears from Orono, Maine in town.  Maine isn't your "Savannah State" type of team, this squad finished third in the CAA's last year and enjoyed a mini run in the playoffs.
That being said, BC hasn't let Maine win since...1915.  In fact, the last time Maine even scored on Boston College was almost 100 years ago--but the Black Bears won the first three match-ups vs. The Eagles so a win Saturday will give BC the edge in the series 4-3.
Wesley, start us off!

1Wesley) Rettig
repeat performance

I want Rettig to show that last week wasn’t a fluke, that he can continue on the track and continue the strength, and consistency needed to perform at the level he needs to.

2BCMike) Keep the starters in

Yeah, I know that we have talked about getting some other guys reps
and you want to take this opportunity to reward those athletes who don’t typically start or play, but let’s face it—we can use all of the work we can get.
Yes, we put up good offensive numbers but we had so many mistakes—we need to make sure both offense and defense plays the grand majority of this one to not only ensure the win, but to make sure we get ready for Northwestern.

3W) Drop the Dropsies

Somewhat took my pick before not to be looking over to Northwestern..
So lets focus on getting better. One of the issues against Miami was the amount of dropped passes. Even with a few key WR’s out, we really need to show that we are able to consistently catch the ball. Rettig needs the assistance, and drives need to be sustained.

4M) Boundary to cover in Ameer-ica!

Hey, how often can I actually blend West Side Story and a cornerback?!

When you saw Ameer Richardson as the boundary cover corner this week vs.
Maine, I’m betting many of you said “WHO?”.

Not me. I play EA Sports NCAA Football and was introduced to Ameer that way.
While our D in the game isn’t great, for whatever reason, this crazy guy Ameer with dreads was getting picks here, there, everywhere. Frankly I thought it was a made up player because EA got lazy and didn’t know who was on our D. But…as it turns out…here he is!

I can tell you he stepped up in the game often and now that he has an opportunity to do so in real life, I think he will make the most of it….and frankly, I’m much more comfortable with having him play corner and Sylvia able to go all crash-test-dummy from the safety position.

5W) Try the noobs out

I want to see what the future holds. I do not want to get a lot of pointless injuries.
I also do not want to lose the game of course, and want to build the confidence as BCMike mentioned in pick 2, but this is our prime time to get some serious PT for the youngin’s on the team.

6M) D-Ends getting pressure on Marcus Wasilewski

Wasilewski is my best guess for the starting QB for Maine, as last year’s leader Warren Smith took with him his 3K yards and 22 touchdowns out the door with him as he graduated last year.

Wasilewski comes from the QB hotbed State of Pennsylvania where many of our best have come from, including current backup Dave Shinskie. In fact, Shinskie and Wasilewski actually played for the same High School (Mt. Carmel, PA).

This will be Marcus’ first start, and he’ll have to throw his second career pass (plus) vs. Boston College. We need to pressure him from the ends and make him rush his throws early. Maine is NOT a bad team and as with any FBS underdog, the more time you leave them in the game with a chance to win the tougher they play.

We need to jump on Maine early and the easiest way to do that is to create turnovers by pressuring Wasilewski.

7W) Seeing Steve Daniels

It feels like he was recruited years ago.. but he’s actually on the 2 deep. I am VERY excited to see him play.

I think this is a player if he can stay on the field that he will be VERY good. Id try to compare him to someone, but I really can’t.
Our LB corp is a very good group of guys . And Daniels getting to the 2 deep as a true frosh says an awful lot!

8M) Develop CJ Parsons

We all want Pantale back yesterday, but with his injury I get the
feeling that this type of injury will linger and we will be without him for much longer than we would like.
If that’s the case, we really need to get Parsons developed and used to catching the ball and being a threat at the TE position. Let’s utilize Parsons so that other teams will have to prepare for our TE’s regardless if Pantale’s in or not.

9W) No Fumbles

I can only imagine how the coaches stressed no fumbling.. Or I guess I can be optimistic to think they corrected the problem.
I would ideally like to see zero fumbles.

10M) Hooking up correctly

Good call on the fumbles, Wesley. You have to imagine our RB’s will soak their hands in stick’em before the game this time around.

For my last key, I’m going with my ability, hopefully, to configure my feed to my big screen and get synched up with the WEEI Meter call so I can enjoy the game.
 know this sounds rather simple, but this requires considerable McGyvering on my part as the TV feed and keyboard are in other rooms so it’s really pretty tough.

While we bemoan having the games on, the alternative of possibly not having them at all would drive me nuts. So, I’ll enjoy hearing the same commercials fifty times over and hope that the Meter EEI feed can keep pace with ESPN3 and vice versa.

Who am I kidding.
As long as I have some good beer I’ll be fine.
Wait, is it too late to change my last key to good beer? 

Draft RECAP:
Wesley drafted: Rettig repeat performance, drop the dropsies, noobs out, Daniels, no fumbles
BCMike drafted: Starters IN, Ameer-ica, DE pressure Wasilewski, CJ Parsons develop, ESPN3 with Meter

Who had the better draft?
9-7-12 Draft: Keys to the Game vs. Maine free polls 

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