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8/30/12 Draft: Best Games on the 2012 BC Schedule

It’s time for us to look at the ol’  schedule and see what we are looking forward to this year.  While the BC ticket holders have long griped about a lack of premiere games at home, this year there’s precious little complaining to be had.  Lots of good games and we’ll take our crack at which games lead the pack….Wesley will start us off.


1Wesley) 9/1 Miami @ Chestnut Hill

You know sometimes I am on the fence about how to start the season. Sometimes I think that BC starts a bit slow and needs that extra week or two to recover from camp, to work out the kinks, to really get the scheme of the new offensive coordinator down.. But strangely, not this year even all of those excuses apply. 

This year I want to rip the band-aid off. I want to know EXACTLY how good our team is from week one. I want the light shining hard on BC, and we will either sink or swim VERY quickly.  As painful as it is to hear, as the first game goes, so will the rest of our season, in 2012 this couldn’t be more true.

2BCMike) 11/10 Notre Dame @ Home

The nice thing about rivalries is that you can always through the records out.  On paper ND is a good team this year and is a dark horse (don’t laugh) to make a BCS game or even the MNC Game….but does that matter to BC?  Absolutely not.

While we thoroughly enjoyed owning the Irish Pre-Spaz reeling off five straight and six out of seven; it’s been the Golden Domers who have dominated our Eagles the past three (four?) seasons.  I don’t know if Spaz has enough in him to charge up the troops but hopefully with the influx of former player coaches like Richie Gunns and Al “Mount” Washington they’ll inject some fire into the game and our boys will come out with a W.

I don’t have too terribly high hopes for the season and a win here would be really fantastic and help alleviate some of the pain.

3W) 9/15 @ Northwestern

You know I am being selfish on this pick. I went to the Northwestern game last year at home. And I truly believe we should have won that one.

There was no reason to not win last year, at all. And the last thing I want to hear about is how a Big 10 school beat us at home.. So I am giving this another chance. I am going to be in Chicago, and I fully expect us to beat Northwestern at their house!

4M) 10/13 @ Florida State

Oh, the Pre Season Champs.  Yes, they’re supposed to be great this year.  Just like last year.  And the year before that.  And that.  And that.  

Listen—I’m not saying for a split second there isn’t talent at Florida State.  That doesn’t mean it comes together well.  You can dump massive quantities of craft beer and mix it with delicious spicy queso and you’re left with a hot disgusting mess.  Good ingredients don’t always mean great finished product.

That being said, BC just always plays well in these types of games.  No one will give us a shot, FSU won’t really prepare for us, and our kids will have grown tired of the media attention directed at the Seminoles.   If I had to guess/bet on one big upset we pull this year, this is it.  I’m looking forward to this game and sincerely have a strangely high level of confidence, albeit mainly unfounded.

5W) 10/20 @ Georgia Tech

BCMike, I may be engaged but I can think of a few reasons that the FSU game would be a great time , well outside of them being the perennial pre season champs.

No no but seriously this is their year, just wait and see.. I've just heard that line too many times. Although I will enjoy all the press for the game, that BC always struggles to get.

On my selection I am going back to a game that I PLAN on being in attendance for. In Atlanta, and the Alumni group better do it right!

So Wesley , being the eternal optimist will be thinking of nothing else other than the 2007 matchup when Matt Ryan really started to show what he was capable of. It was the end zone pass to Brandon Robinson that made me an officially a believer. This year GT will be favored, but I always like how we matchup against them, and expect this to be a VERY fun game

6M) 9/8 Maine @ home

Damn, how did I let you take this one from me?  The only thing I like better than a BC game is one I don’t have to travel for.  Our Eagles don’t visit Atlanta all that often so it’s  a real treat when they do.  We’ll definitely turn it up and have a great time.   A reminder to any readers who want to share a pint with us, both Wesley and I will be at this one.

Okay I’m taking Maine here because IT WILL BE A WIN.  As a fanatic I want us to win every game and will watch and cheer my brains out hoping we’ll come out victorious in each match-up we have, but frankly I think we might be in for a tough year.  This game will be a win.  Spaz can’t lose this if he tried. 

Our guys will all get to play and other kids who have busted their butts in practice will get a chance to hit the field and get significant PT.  

7W) 11/24 @ NC STATE
There is just something about beating TOB that I take great pleasure in. And I plan on being in attendance for this one as well

8M) 9/29  Clemson @ home

Oh Ginger.  It never gets old playing TOB.  I do have to say one of our favorite drafts ever were the range of emotions fromTOB (link).  

I know NC State is expecting big things this year but they’ve yet to have their “oh no we have ______ injured, we would have been ACC Champs otherwise” injury update from LNH, but don’t worry—it will happen.

I have Clemson up next because 

A) Clemson is just a fun team to watch play, and 
B) Will bring some excitement to The Heights.  

We’ll be a huge underdog in this game but as a fairly new rivalry, there’s always the chance we bite these guys when they’re not ready and not looking for it.  They’re still a fairly young team lead by a fairly young coach and it’s possible we can take this one by surprise by a team that’s likely spent after playing Florida State the week prior and possibly looking forward to a game against (likely) ranked GT the week after us.

9W) 10/6 @ Army
BCMike, you know you are letting me get a steal with my last pick. This game I WISH I was going to be able to be at.. I may actually be able to make it happen but it will be a stretch I have repeatedly heard the story about taking the boat up the river and docking right at the game, and just the overwhelming good time it is.
The time of year, the pride in a service academy etc, just makes this an awesome event.
I will leave you with (what I think you will pick) VT

10M) 11/17 vs Virginia Tech

Yeah I definitely would love to catch a game at Michie Stadium, I’ve heard terrific things as well.

Here I’m going with—you called it—Virginia Tech.  My wife as we all know by now is a Hokie and that gives this game an extra sense of importance in the BCMike household.

Depending on where we are ranked (hey, don’t laugh…it’s possible!) this could be a great contest.  We do get them at home late in the season so hopefully our new OC has things humming and our guys are throwing up points.  Would be a great game to win.

Who had the better draft?  Wesley or BCMike?
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