Friday, February 5, 2010

Draft 2/5: Keys to win for 'Nawlins

Yesterday we looked at what Indy needed to do to win the Superbowl. Today we look at our Cajun friends and what the Saints must do to be successful on Sunday.


1M) Don't just be happy to be there

Many fans, the city of New Orleans is celebrating as if getting to the Superbowl is the big prize. It isn't. They can't just be happy to be there and content to just be a part of the show.

2W) Make Colts beat u by running the ball, sit back and keep everything in front

The Saints do have a valid running game, no doubt. But they really focus on putting the spear in the heart with some great play by Peyton Manning.
And that's why he is one of the best QB in the game right now, without question

3M) Get up early, get the crowd involved and believing

We touched on this yesterday. I'm expecting a very pro-New Orleans crowd. While I don't think it will really have much of an effect on Manning & Co, the energy that the crowd will bring could spur on the Saints, as many are going to be there for the first time and could use a supportive environment. If they score early and show that they are in it to win it from the get-go, I think the fans will get involved and help the team.

4W) Drew Brees out cannon Manning..

A tough task to do, but that's really what makes this game so interesting, it is without a doubt a battle of cannons
Drew has had more than just flashes of greatness, he has shown to be a leader on the field and off, and his players respect him.
But Drew's task of out cannoning Manning is going to be a full time one..

5M) Establish Meachem as a deep threat early

If the Saints can stretch the field and make Indy play back on their heels, this will open up the underneath passing lanes for Brees and give him much more room to throw the ball. Meachem has proven to be a big home run threat as of late and can really burn. If the Colts know Nawlins is just looking 15 yards and in, they're going to start jumping some of those crossing routes. Go deep early and connect with your long ball threat and stretch out the D.

6W) Garrett Hartley

I really feel like it will come down to his kicking to who wins this game He has been strong, but think that it comes down to a kick somewhere throughout the game to determine the Champion
Garrett has done a great job this year, but throughout the game when people are going to be focusing on the great QB play, I think that a lot of people are going to overlook solid kicking some... and Garrett has the possibility of reminding them
How instrumental it is.

7M) Brees taking his time

Don't force it. This is, without a doubt, the biggest game in Drew Brees' career. A whole city is counting on him to take it home. He's the star of the team and is no doubt feeling a lot of pressure to perform. If he starts forcing things, that means turnovers. Just relax, and take what the Colts give you.

8W) Bush on fire!

Yes there is an opposite to Garcon being on Fire, and that is Bush.. I won't have a hidden agenda with Bush, I am not a big fan, so that is out there.
But he has been on a roll throughout the playoffs.. If he can heat up it can be a huge momentum swing for the Saints.. and in a game like this.. that may be all that is needed.

9M) Establishing Pierre Thomas

Good call on Bush, Wesley. However I'm taking the RB that got the Saints all those wins during the regular season, Pierre Thomas. If they can get Thomas going early, gashing yards up the middle, it will open things up on the flank for Bush & Co and make this offense extremely difficult to contain.

10W) Sean Payton out-coaching Jim Caldwell

You are exactly right BCMike, Thomas is their premier back!
In a battle of young coaches at their respective locations, Sean Payton will have to outcoach Jim Caldwell.. Both have shown some greatness but Sean will have to have some tricks in the bag to out do Caldwell, but he has shown this in the past that he can do so.


BCMike: not just happy to be there, Get up early, Meachem, Brees taking his time, Pierre Thomas
Wesley: Make Colts run, Brees outdo Manning, Hartley, Bush on fire, Payton outcoaching Caldwell
1-5 Draft: Keys to the Superbowl for Nawlins
BCMike: not just happy to be there, Get up early, Meachem, Brees taking his time, Pierre Thomas
Wesley: Make Colts run, Brees outdo Manning, Hartley, Bush on fire, Payton outcoaching free polls


  1. I'm going Colts 38, Saints 28...but then again, you know I have a lousy track record at picks.

  2. So again, my track record isn't good.

    Next BC football season, I will pick against us every single game, and BC will end up winning the national title.

  3. Haha, I like it! Almost like my attendance streak...