Thursday, February 4, 2010

2/4 Draft: Superbowl edition...Keys to the game, Indy version

Well the Superbowl is almost here and since the big game is just around the corner, Wesley and I thought it would make sense to do Keys to the Game for both Indy and Nawlins. Today we'll focus on what the Colts need to have happen for Manning's second ring, Friday we'll tackle Brees and the Saints.

Wesley, start us off!


1W) Keep Manning upright

Manning is one of the best QBs in the nation, and some would even contest that it is the best in the nation. He will have lots of options of who to toss the ball to. But the biggest thing will be making sure he is stable and has plenty of time to decide where it goes.

2M) Contain Reggie Bush on Special Teams

Listen, both teams are going to score. A lot. However, specials teams and turnovers are going to play a big part, as the ball is going to be up in the air quite a bit and there will be INT's to be had. If Bush is able to score on the Colts w/out having to drive the field, that could be the difference. Bush can be a big game changer and the Saints seem feed off of his energy when he starts going. If they can contain him on special teams, he'll likely have a pedestrian game which is all the Colts can ask for.

3W) Keeping Garcon on fire

Did you catch the Jets/ Colts game 2 weeks ago? WOW. I know most people know who he is, and its not like he is coming from worst to first, but he was just outstanding in the Championship game, and if they can keep him on fire it will be key!

4M) Running enough to keep LB's honest

Both the Saints and the Colts pass to set up the run and are pass-first types of offenses, but that being said you still have to keep the LB's out of the passing lanes. The simple way you do this is by running the ball effectively enough so that the 'backers have to honor the threat and don't just jump back into coverage. By keeping them honest, the lanes will open up for Manning and he'll likely have no problem carving up the New Orleans defense.

5W) Keeping the Manning Curse reversed

Manning was previously termed the QB who can't win the Big game.. And I honestly can think that it was even getting to him.. until all of that changed and he won the Super Bowl. Well If Manning loses here, the same talk will be dragged back out. Undoubtedly, it will be on his mind, but hopefully in the very back as he fights this mysterious, partially beaten curse.

6M) Getting up early and taking control of the crowd

I'm expecting to see a very pro-New Orleans crowd, mainly because the Colts just won it a couple years ago and this is the first time the Saints have ever made it to the Superbowl, so there's likely going to be a significant disparity in the number of Colts and Saints supporters. If the Saints get up early, it's going to seem like a home game for the Cajun folk and that's an extra hurdle that the Colts would have to overcome. If the Colts can get up early and make their supporters heard (and more importantly, the Saints' supporters silenced), it could make the game come easier to Manning & Co.

7W) To out-do the commercials

I am not going to lie, the Super Bowl in the past could have been called the superbowl until recently. Ever since The longest yard superbowl they have been a lot better, but there are still certain things that I focus on during the Superbowl, such as commercials, and maybe even the cheerleaders. But on this occassion, its not going to be a slow grind it out game, there are 2 VERY HIGH powered offenses going at eachother. For the Colts to win they are going to outshine all of that, and be an eventful show, because the Saints are definitely going to do thier part to do the same!

8M) Collie and Clark moving the chains

While it's true Garcon and Wayne are the deep threats, it's Collie and Clark who keep the chains moving. Many times they're running slant patterns through the middle of the field, going across LB's. Those catches are always tough, but if they can be sure-handed and hold on to those possession-type catches, the Indy offense is a very tough beast to stop.

9W) Addai a factor in the passing game

Addai is a good back, definitely not an every down running back in my opinion, but a good back, so good in fact I had him on my fantasy football team, and I want to take this minute to tell him thanks for his preformance (no I didnt win, but 9th outta 10 a'int bad ) But i think Addai needs to get the opportunity to get more passes out of the backfield, it will spread the defense out a bit, and give a great QB in manning another option.

10M) Force Brees to nickel and dime

The Saints love to score quickly, that's no secret. The Saints are GOING to score, but I think the Colts need to apply the BC defensive theory here and force Brees to drive the length of the field and put the ball up numerous times in order to do so. This will give more chance for error and possibly turnovers. Brees has shown the trait of being a little over-aggressive when forced into nothing but short passes, and that's exactly what the Colts should try to do.


Wesley drafted: Manning upright, keeping Garcon hot, Manning Curse, commercials, Addai in passing game
BCMike drafted: Reggie bush returns, keeping LB's honest, winning crowd over early, Collie and Clark moving chains, force Brees to nickel and dime

2-4 Draft: Superbowl edition...Keys to the game, Indy version
Wesley: Manning upright, keeping Garcon hot, Manning Curse, commercials, Addai in passing game
BCMike: bush returns, LB's honest, crowdearly, Collie and Clark moving chains,Brees nickel n dime free polls


  1. I am really looking forward to the Super Bowl! The Indianapolis Colts and New Orleans Saints are definitely the best teams in their respective conferences. I am rooting for the Colts. I think it will be a close, high-scoring game. If I had to predict a final score, I’d say the Colts will win 34-31.

  2. I really think on paper it stacks up as one of the best we've had in a while...let's just hope it can live up to the billing!