Monday, February 15, 2010

Top 10 reasons to go to the Andy Marsh Tourney

Our good friends Jeff and Brian over at BCI asked us to plug their charity golf tourney that they started in honor of their fallen classmate and fellow BC'er Andy Marsh ('04, in the middle above).

If you're in the New England area and feel like making a difference and swinging the sticks with some other good BC folks, you should really check it out. Here's the link to the piece on BCI.

We'll take a BC Draft spin on the event reasons to go to the event in August!

If you can't make it but want to make a donation, click the link.


1M) Waffle House / IHOP rule

No matter how fat you think you are, you go to the Waffle
House or IHOP (depending on if you're in the South or North) and there's someone there who guaranteed weighs 125lbs more than you do. Is it bad to feel good about yourself because there's someone who is worse off than you are? Of course not, but I don't kick my cat for the cat's enjoyment, either.

Here, no matter how bad your golf game is, there's surely a golfer who is worse than you are that will be there..and you'll think you're Tiger Woods*. I'm sure Brian falls into this category. Rumor has it that Shooter McGavin's famous line of "I hear he spends more time in the sand than David Hasselhoff" was based loosely on Brian's short game.

So get out there, BC folks. Give it a shot and feel better about yourself.

* You might not feel like a cheating sexaholic, but maybe you will. Regardless, you'll feel better about your golf game.

2W) It's Golf after all

Golf is good for the soul… it’s a proven fact..
ok ok I made that up.
In fact some days I probably double my blood pressure while playing. But golf is definitely enjoyable especially if you are partaking with a few friends

3M) Maine in August is beautiful

There probably aren't a ton of people who are BC
fans who don't know this, but you may have forgotten. Maine in the late summer is just perfect. While it might be too hot in Atlanta (I can assure you it will be), it won't be in Maine. It will be beautiful the clear air will make you want to return every year for the tourney.

As an added bonus, you can grab a REAL lobster roll, a nice hot chunk piece on a toasted hot-dog roll up there for about seven bucks. Never had a better one. That alone would be a good reason, actually...

4W) No Excuses

We are helping you get all of your excuses
out of the way now. It’s plenty in advance, its not during football season, its very reasonably priced, still trying to come up with something? Don’t think its possible. There are too many ways to help make this great event a success.

5M) It includes dinner, you cheap bastards

Okay, maybe you're not cheap, but I sometimes am.
As a part of your $100 per golfer dues, you get a DINNER and...AND drinks for an hour! I have seen enough of my fellow BC'ers to know the damage you can (okay, I can) do with food at a tailgate let alone the tab you can run up (okay, I can) at the bar. You factor that in, and the golf is pretty darn cheap if you think about it.

6W) Vacation made easy

You ever start worrying about your
vacation plans , and not having any? Well worry no more. This event is a GREAT way to start off a vacation. With it being the cornerstone of the vacation you will be able to branch out and do TONS of stuff, whether you are flying solo, going with friends, or taking the fam.

7M) There's a silent auction

Many people don't know this, but there's
a key to winning silent auctions, and I'm going to let you in on the secret. You put one of your buddies next to you with a bunch of entry forms and you just go back and forth feverishly filling them out, and acting frustrated by the other's new bid. This requires a good bit of acting, but if you are dedicated to your craft you should be able to carry it off, as no one wants to get involved in a bidding war. You could just be going in increments of $0.50 or something, but the at the end the box will be full of nothing but you and your buddy's bids.

Of course, after you win, you'll feel great until you realize that you actually just cost Andy's fund a bunch of money and will then choose to make a separate, additional donation..but you'll still get the item you wanted the most. See? Win-win for everyone.

8W) Because football season is too far away

If you are like us, we basically have an
internal timer for College Football.. and right now we are in the dry season, as there is not much going on for awhile, ok 6 months, 18 days, and some change.. but who is counting anyways.. so we need something to look forward to before 9/4. What a better way to brush up on your drinking abilities, tailgating, and smack talk than to play a charity golf tourney!

9M) Because you're a BC guy, and this is what we do

Out of all of the moments I've been proud to
have been associated with BC, none of which topped this past summer and fall when it was announced that Herzy had been diagnosed with cancer. Yes, I had my heart filled and chest puffed out by Mark's outlook and fighting spirit, but even more so by the actions of our fellow BC'ers. When we need each other the most, that's when we're at our best. Andy wasn't as fortunate in the end as Herzy was, but he still left a legacy behind and many people who care deeply about him to keep his memory alive. We can all do our part to make his wishes of having friends, family, and alums get together once a year a reality.

If you can't make it, make a donation. Can't afford a lot? Neither can I...but I'm going to give something. Maybe a dollar. Maybe five. Maybe a lot more. BC folks stick together, and I hope we can all remember that.

10W) Because BCDraft recommends it

We know you take all of our advice, on everything
Boston College. But really you should take ALL of our advice , from how to raise your children, going on your first date, even driving directions.. So we are trying to make the whole decision making process in your life a lot easier.. We are Recommending this event, which basically makes it a no brainer to contribute! I mean seriously… Have we ever been wrong before??

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