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8/3 Draft: Best QB we'll face in '11-'12

Signal callers are typically the one player that has the most impact on a college team. Yes, you can without a good one, but it's awfully tough to win with a bad one. Below find our take on the top QB's BC will face this season....the "Top Guns", if you will...


1Mike) Dan Persa, Northwestern

While many of the QB’s BC will face this year have a good amount of fanfare behind them, no one has the track record that Persa does.
Persa has set numerous passing efficiency / completion records in the Big10 and is undoubtedly one of the more accurate quarterbacks in the nation.

Drafters reading this story know that as BC fans, we often get anxious as our defense consistently bends but does not break, always playing 8 yards plus off of defenders regardless of speed levels. QB’s that are very accurate with their short passes and possess the patience to only take what we will give them can kill us. That being said, it’s only really happened once that a QB did that tous—and it was out of character (Drew Weatherford, three (?) years ago).

To me, Persa looks and smells like a slightly less seasoned Dan LeFevour. Spread offense, mobile, highly accurate. We fared well vs. LeFevour and Co., as he eventually got frustrated and started making mistakes. Will Persa? We’ll have to wait and see but I think on the whole he’ll likely be the best QB we face in 2011-2012 outside of a bowl game.

2Wesley) Danny O' Brien, Maryland

Mike , I think you let the real number 1 slip.

There was a reason that this sophomore was brought
to the media days in North Carolina, and that is this talent in Danny O' ., or O' Danny Boy.. Whatever you want to call him, as a true Sophomore he is a talent, and I believe the biggest threat of a QB we face all season.

With the ability to scramble when hurried, and great arm strength, we will have our collective hands full if Maryland is able to cultivate a couple more receiving options.

3M) EJ Manuel, Florida State

I like Danny O’Brien, I really do. Here’s my problem with him—just like every QB that comes out of nowhere the season before when the league is not gauged to try to attack you but rather the rest of the team…your 2nd year
you regress. It just happens. Plus, with the new TOB protege in town in HCRE, don’t expect to see Danny dropping back and chuckin’ the ball 40 times a game.

I’m going with EJ Manuel as my 2nd pick here, the starting QB for the mythical preseason all-ACC squad. He’s had a couple years to learn the new Jimbo Fisher offense and talent to spare around him which means teams won’t be focusing solely on him. I think we’ll have our hands full with EJ more so than we will with Danny.

4W) Mike Glennon, QB, NC State

Oh Mike are you falling for all the media dolls.. Mr Manual is good, but he is part of the Florida State Hype express, that I get tired of
hearing about year in and year out..

I think Mike Glennon is being underrated, Beamer admitted that he almost upended Russell Wilson two years ago..

He is stated to not only have all the physical mechanics to be successful, but he also has a command of the team...I unfortunately think he could play very well.

5M) Jeffrey Godfrey, QB, UCF

Better to fall for the media darling than the TOB darling, Wesley! TOB *HAD* to say the things he has about Glennon. Talk about a double edged sword. If he’s the kind of guy that can live up to the Matt Ryan hype that TOBy has given him (let’s all still remember Ryan’s breakthrough year when he doubled every statistical category worth mentioning was after TOB left), PLUS the fact that Russell Wilson is going to be playing for a VERY good Wisky team that is going to
be getting a lot of press…Glennon better have internal fortitude to the levels that impress NAVY SEALS because that’s a whole lot of pressure to put on a kid that has never started the season as a starting QB.

My next pick here is Jeffrey Godfrey, or as his friends call him “Frey-Frey” (hey, maybe they do. How would you know?). Now, I’m taking a little bit of a risk on this pick as Mr. Godfrey has gotten himself a little in trouble with the law and may or may not play against our Eagles—and if he does it may or may not be his first game of the year….but regardless, I think it’s safe to say that this youngster has some talent and can get hot. He threw for over 2,100 yards in the UCF offense last year as a true freshman, which as most know is a run first, play action second type of club. So putting up those numbers to me is certainly eyebrow raising. He’s also a selective runner which will add a wrinkle to how the Eagles D is forced to defend him.

6W) Sean Renfree QB, Duke

I am not going to make any friends on this draft,
I'm already aware of this.. But Duke returns a QB in Sean Renfree that showed some serious pop last year. And with the Wide Receivers being a bunch of seasoned vets, this could be a great combo.

Sean is currently on the Davey O'Brien watch list, and although its not a overly obvious choice, look for Sean Renfree to surprise some people.

7M) Logan Thomas, Virginia Tech

This is not to say I'm a huge Logan Thomas fan.
Why? Because I can't be yet. Kid hasn't taken the helm yet.

But let me tell you what I do know--I know that the kid is less than a running threat than some like to say, but rather a heady leader with a strong arm.

Listen--you don't have to be perfect to be an A3CG winner at VT. You just need to play smart and within your means. I think Logan has MORE than enough talent to do that. It is if he does more than that is when he gets scary.

8W) Dave Shinskie

Remember in number 6, when I said I am not going to make many fans in this draft? Well here is me putting the exclamation point on that. But hear me out a bit.. The big names of the schedule fell off long ago, that's not even debatable.

Dave Shinskie is a very serviceable quarterback,
there Is no doubt about that. He has taken plenty of snaps, he has a better than decent arm, his really only two marks were very correctable, first being forcing it into coverage, the other staring down his receivers. So with number 8 I am going with Dave Shinskie that our team is going to see a lot, just in practice.

9M) Tahj Boyd, QB, Clemson

Now that’s just funny. I don’t think the QB’s from other teams are going to think that facing one of our back-up QB’s in practice will be
tougher than facing them on Saturday!

Here I’m going with our old friend, Tahj Boyd (assuming he’s still committed to Clemson when they play us). Boyd’s physical skill really can’t be debated, the kid has a ton of physical talent. However, we all know it’s what’s upstairs that makes or breaks a college QB. This will be Boyd’s first year running the Clemson offense—which is almost good since they have a brand-new OC; not a lot to “un-learn”.

Clemson will still have a strong D and a quick shifty back for us to deal with which will no doubt stretch the field and give Boyd lanes to throw and run in. I hope he gets aggressive and we can take advantage mistakes, but if he’s an effective runner and patient he could wind up hurting us pretty bad.

10W) Dayne Crist, The Fraudulent French

Haha, I never said it was going to be a popular vote :) ,
but I do stand with my choice in the late rounds..

Let me start with my obvious dislike of Notre Dame, and the constant overhypedness (if that’s even a word) But I did manage to get Dayne Crist into here by a hair.

Dayne is a talented QB, with the tangibles to make the plays that are required, and this will be the second year of Coach Kelly, so you may see a bit more creativity by the QB.

Of course Crist is already being hyped for the draft, which I find to be completely unwarranted, although he is a talented individual.


BCMike drafted: Persa, Manuel, Godfrey, Logan Thomas, Boyd
Wesley drafted: O'Brien, Glennon, Renfree, Shinskie, Crist

Top Gun draft: Who drafted the better QB's BC will face?
BCMike: Persa, Manuel, Godfrey, Thomas, Boyd
Wesley: O'Brien, Glennon, Renfree, Shinskie, Crist free polls

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  1. I should have stated that I think Crist is talented , but to be in NFL consideration he should not..