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8/20/11 -- Games we're most looking forward to...

We've got at least 12 games on the schedule...hopefully as many as 14....but for the 12 that we know, here's what we're looking forward to most!

1W) @ Virginia Tech

Cause its our time to shine baby.
Maybe games we're looking forward to the most next year?

2M) @ Central Florida

Every season, the BCMike crew picks one road trip
to go to—no matter what. This year, the destination is in sunny Orlando Florida where our Eagles take on the Golden Knights of Central Florida. In addition to being a great destination (perhaps just a little nicer than Storrs or Morgantown, yes), I think this will be a great game. Jeffrey Godfrey is a talented QB and the UCF defense is legit. I still think we come away with a W, but it will be a hard fought battle and a good game to watch.

3W) Northwestern

Love this matchup, and I hope this series lasts a long time.
Although it's a bit rough being the first game of the year!
Good for recruiting, TV time, and gets us a good OOC.

4M) @ Clemson

I might be able to go to this one as well! CU is
always a great time--although the Tigers have seemed to have had our number in recent years save last, this remains my favorite road-trip destination year in and out (yes, over ND). This was the first fanbase I ever connected with in the ACC after we jettisoned from the fail cesspool aka The Big(L)east and the fans were passionate, welcoming, and just good people who also loved college football. It’s always a fun trip.

5W) Notre Dame

Haha you guys thought this would be number
1 didn't you? Lol
Well it wasn't, for a lot of reasons. But it is noteworthy, and it is a game that will get a lot of attention and TV time about this rivalry.
And its time to BC to show the guys from the cornfield in Indiana who is really who in the world of football.


It's on Thursday night prime time. Chances are good that the 'noles will be competing as one of the top teams in our division next year and
this game will likely be a pivotal one. If BC wins, we're probably going to be in the driver's seat…and with this sort of exposure, it's a chance for us to shine and show what we can do (to both the voters and the new recruits). Historically, BC plays MUCH better at home, even BETTER at night, and has a terrific Thursday night record. Now, unfortunately that doesn’t mean that you can dial that up and we’ll automatically win regardless of the year or the opponent—but I do think we stand a VERY good chance of knocking off the ‘Noles given the circumstances. I would not like our odds at all if this was early in the year at 1PM in Tallahassee.

7W) @ Miami

Mike good call on the Thursday night game against FSU.
A lot of pundits will be picking FSU to win it all. I like this kinda game for BC aswell!

I am going to choose the Miami game here for a few reasons. 1) Chances of me making this game is highly likely. 2) there is a large eagles presence in southern Florida 3) Miami is going through a change, and I like the opportunity to pick them up the first year. 4) I think Jacory Harris is overrated, although good, 2010 didn't impress me much with him. And 5 and most importantly!!! Have you seen the Miami cheerleaders??!?!?!?

8M) NC State

Ah, cheerleaders. Always a solid reason, Wesley.

I'm going with a late steal here of the TOB Bowl. While last
season was Ginger's first win over his old program, I don't think he's going to be able to start any kind of a winning streak here vs. our boys. I like the new look BC offense to give Ginger's Dfits and regardless if Russell Wilson is or back or not, our D is going to shut down the O. Always more of an emotional game than we would like to admit, even though there's now not one player left on the roster who was brought in by Toby.

9W) @ Maryland

I think we are able to get one back from last year against the
terps, and with a new coach at the helm.. I think with the recent coaching change we may be able to do just that!

10M) Wake Forest

Well, when your choices are Duke, UMass, or Wake—it’s not exactly a “who’s who” lineup, now is it… Here I’m going with Wake Forest. Mainly because watching the UMass game will give me nothing but anguish.
If we beat them by 40, we’re supposed to—if we win by 20 we should have beaten them by more, and god forbid we win by less than 20, we’ll be in the “almost lost to a D1AA” category by the ignorant media that have no idea that UMass is actually a solid FCS team year in and out. Duke—well, I just can’t get excited about Duke football. I’m sorry. I wish I could. Honest.

So by default, I’ll go with Wake Forest. It wasn’t too long ago that Grobe & Co. were the toasts of the town and ACC champs—showing that a small private school with unheralded recruits could make it to a BCS game with the right coach and system. The battles with BC since we joined the conference have always been very close. Sometimes we’d win by a little, other times we’d lose on the last play or two. It’s a school we share much in common with and while they’ll likely be the doormats of the conference, let alone the division this year, I expect them to give us their very best game and make it an exciting one as the Wake/BC ones usually are.

Wesley drafted: VT, Northwestern, ND, Miami, Maryland
BCMike drafted: UCF, Clemson, FSU, NCST, Wake

Games we are most looking forward to
Wesley: VT, Northwestern, ND, Miami, Maryland
BCMike: UCF, Clemson, FSU, NCST, Wake free polls

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