Monday, April 5, 2010

4/5 Draft: Guys we do not look forward to seeing in 2010

After discussing the people we were glad that aren’t back for 2010, we thought now was a good time to address our fears and talk about the ones that we aren’t so happy that came back for another season.


1W) Ryan Williams, RB, VT

This guy is special we know it. Young,
strong, and great vision.

I knew this guy was special in the recruiting stage when he chose between BC/VT and I wish him nothing but the best, unless he plays BC

2M) Brian Kelly, HC, ND

I'm a big believer in the Boston area
native and I think he's going to turn ND around. I'm just hoping it's not this year...but it could be.

3W) Eugene Jarvis, RB, Kent State

This tiny powerful back has reason to
look for some revenge this year at the Heights...

His 2009 career was cut short there last year there. Eugene is a great running back, and plays very tough.

4M) Tyrod Taylor, QB, VT

Once only truly a scrambling threat, he improved
his passing game markedly last year and is now very much a dual-threat QB. We saw what he did to our Eagles last year in Blacksburg, I'm hopeful we won't see a replay again of the same thing in '10...but we might.

5W) Frank Beamer, HC, VT

I have a lot of respect for beamer, he
focuses on the details of the game and beats you with those. I feel as he is in the top ten coaches in the nation but may not always get the recognition he deserves. Anytime they term a style of successful play after you (Beamer ball) you've gotta be doing something right, right?

6M) Russell Wilson, QB, NCSU

While I believe that Wilson was much more
bark than bite in his sophomore campaign, the reality is that the little fella still has a lot of talent and if he can let the game come to him instead of forcing the issue (and plays) that should help quite a bit. He's going to be hamstrung by Dana Bible's offense no doubt, but he's got to be on your short list of players that *could* go off for a huge game any given Saturday...we just hope it isn't against our Eagles this season.

There are rumors that Wilson, along with Clemson QB Kyle Parker are going to leave the sport in pursuit of a professional baseball career; but as of now those are only rumors.

7W) DeAndre McDaniel, S, Clemson

This guy could have easily played on Sundays,
although he would not have been a first rounder he had the potential to be great. Finishing second in interceptions with 8, he knows how to locate the ball. 2010 should do nothing but improve his stock.

8M) Andre Ellington, RB, Clemson

BC has been pretty darn good stopping stud backs in recent years, but when
we do have problems with one, it tends to be a smaller, speed scat-back type of player. Ellington fits this mold. While he doesn’t, IMO, have the same explosiveness that his predecessor C.J. Spiller had, he’s a speedy back and could cause serious problems catching the ball out of the backfield. I’m sure Dabo Swinney will try to use him in the passing games running that same wheel route that Spiller embarrassed teams with, let’s just hope his relative lack of experience will not allow him to reach his full potential this year vs. our Eagles.

9W) TOB, HC, NC State

Not because he is a great coach, but he
does get the WTF win , to accompany the WTF loss, and with BC’s possibilities this year that could be them, plus he looks like death, and the last thing you want to hear is announcers talk about how he rescued BC from the depths of hell.

10M) Kevyn Scott, S, Syracuse

You're probably thinking to yourself...who
the heck is Kevyn Scott? Well I'll tell you who. He's the starting safety for Syracuse (as best as I can tell). Why is that important? It's important because we're playing 'Cuse the last game of the year this season and frankly, it's important to know the name of the starting safety/unknown RB third string backup who is going to possibly run for 250 yards and four TD's. The Diamond Ferri curse is alive and well friends. We must respect and fear it until proven otherwise.


Wesley drafted: Willams, Jarvis, Beamer, McDaniel, TOB
BCMike drafted: Kelly, Taylor, Wilson, Ellington, Scott

4-5 draft: Guys we're not happy about seeing in 2010
Wesley: Willams, Jarvis, Beamer, McDaniel, TOB
BCMike: Kelly, Taylor, Wilson, Ellington, Scott free polls

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