Tuesday, March 30, 2010

3/30 Draft: New Basketball Coach for BC?

The cat is out of the bag, the Al Skinner era is now over. I (Mike) personally have mixed feelings on the whole thing, but instead of talking about the past, let's look to the future.

Wesley and I will draft the top ten candidates from those who we feel there's at least some chance of A) being offered and B) accepting the position. So no bums and no Coach K's.


1M) Bruce Pearl, Tennessee

We all know Pearl is a former BC assistant and a graduate of the school. On several occasions, Pearl has stated that Boston College is his dream job. Now he's got a good thing going at Tenny and likely also doesn't have the academic restrictions he would at BC, but it's worth reaching out a big offer at a chance of making a big splash in a very talented coaching circle in the ACC.

2W) Tommy Amaker, Havard

Let me be the first to admit, I wanted Coach K!
Amaker fits the academic need of BC, and knows the area, and I feel like it would be viewed as a dramatic step up for Amaker.

3M) Bill Coen, Northeastern

I'll be honest, Wesley--I'm not sure I like the Amaker option. True, he's managed to beat BC in back-to-back seasons with Harvard, but he's not made the tourney and has not shown any sort of track record to be able to win at big programs when he's on the spotlight.

If we want to go with someone who knows BC, knows how to recruit BC, and would love the job, you have to say Bill Coen is near the top of the list. People give (gave) Skinner credit for finding the "diamonds in the rough", but it was Coen who found and signed Dudley, Smith, and several other big names recently.

4M) Paul Hewitt, Georgia Tech

From the Northeast, coached and was very successful @ Siena, understands the ACC, and the Brass at GT seem to want him out.

I think he is a very capable coach

5M) Johnny Dawkins, Stanford

Interesting take on Hewitt, Wesley. I think moving inside the ACC would be an intriguing story line, but I'm not sure his personality is much different than Skinner's and perhaps that's what GDF is looking for.

My take here is Dawkins. I know that he's just recently been at Stanford, but by returning to the ACC he could have the opportunity to compete against his mentor Coach K and he's very familiar with the ACC. He's also familiar with how to recruit with academic restrictions. Now whether he'd leave or not is a bigger question...

6W) Bobby Gonzalez, Free Agent

Gonzo! Gonzalez's have been successful @ BC in other arenas, Seton hall recently let Bobby go, and I feel that not all of the reasons he was let go for were within his control.

7M) Brian Gregory, Dayton

Gregory's record at Dayton is impressive and he's been able to take Dayton to the NCAA's several times and win a couple of games. An opportunity to step up to the ACC and compete on the highest level would have to be of interest to Gregory.

8W) Jim Larranaga, George Mason

Larranaga is from the northe east, and everyone remembers that he had that one magically year at George Mason, but not only that he has been very successful outside of that. Understandably so, he is no spring chicken, but he could be a good hire.

9M) Chris Mooney, Richmond

Mooney is reported to be one of the hot picks for the job, as the job he's done at Richmond is really very impressive. He's familiar with the northeast and mid-atlantic so recruiting talent for an ACC school could prove to be a winning endeavor.

10W) Brad Stevens, Butler

A man is allowed to dream, isn't he? Brad Stevens has been VERY successful with the Butler program, especially this year bringing them to the final four.

Although he has no great official ties to the north east, or the acc etc. he has proven himself in a short time at Butler. And he seems to be a charasmatic 33 year old! Would love to see him coaching the Eagles!

BCMike: Pearl, Coen, Dawkins, Gregory, Mooney
Wesley: Amaker, Hewitt, Gonzo, Larranaga, Stevens

3-30 Draft: New Basketball Coach for BC?
BCMike: Pearl, Coen, Dawkins, Gregory, Mooney
Wesley: Amaker, Hewitt, Gonzo, Larranaga, Stevens
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