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BCDraft SPECIAL: Interview with CJ Jones

We'd like to thank the BCDraft readers for the great response we had to the most recent interview. We're also very fortunate to keep it rolling with another great BC player, this week we bring you CB/DB CJ Jones.


BCDraft: CJ, when you were being recruited out of the State of DuPont…er, Delaware, there was a good bit of buzz surrounding you.

Why did you choose BC over schools like NC State, Louisville, and others? What schools made your final cut, and why did you pick to be an Eagle over the others?

CJ Jones: While being recruited I took the time to visit most of the
schools that showed interest or have already offered me. I then sat down with my parents to discuss pros and cons of each school. I liked BC because of my chances of getting on the field as a freshman. Also, the degree value from Boston College. I also like that fact that there are plenty of other schools surrounding BC, which is great socially. Even though it’s cold, it’s only a little bit colder than where I am from [Delaware]. NC State, Louisville, and BC were my finally three. Like I said I wanted to play [early] so that was a big factor.

BCD: You had some tough luck this year when you injured your (right?) knee. Did this injury take place during the Duke or UCF game?

What happened?

How did you know you were injured?

CJJ: I got injured in the UCF game on the opening kick-off when one of my teammates rolled up on my knee when trying to make a tackle.

BCD: From all reports the surgery went well. Can you talk about your rehab and when you hope to be back on the field?

CJJ: The surgery was real good Dr. Gill, the Pats team doc did my
surgery. I started pre-habbing once I got injured and I am now rehabbing everyday of the week. Just working on movement and strength. My knee has improved a lot since surgery. [I] may be [ready in the] spring if not, definitely by the summer.

BCD: There were some departures during the off-season in the secondary as well as injuries. This forced a lot of completely green true freshman into the starting lineup. Can you tell me what youngsters have impressed you and what you like about them?

Who should Eagles fans keep an especially keen eye on?

Spencer Rositano and Manny Asprilla both played real good this year. I know they weren’t expected to play this year but they both played well. They were aggressive, mentally tough, and they showed that they had some skills out there also. They both have great athletic ability and instincts, too. The Eagles fans should be on the look out for both of them in the secondary next year.

BCD: Eagles fans assume you’ll be granted a medical redshirt waiver for the 2011 season. Is this accurate?
CJJ: Yes

BCD: Would you rather:

A) Make the game winning INT for TD play on the 50 yard line


B) Tackle a WR with such force that he fumbles and a team mate recovers the fumble and runs it in for the winning score?

CJJ: I would want to do both.
But as corner everyone wants to make a game winning INT for TD, so if I had to choose it would be "A".

BCD: What is your view on whether or not players should get paid to play?

CJJ: I actually wrote a paper on this in favor (laughs), but there are pros and cons if there pay for play I think it would take years to even develop a system for it, but with all the problems there’s been in college football now a days I don’t think this ever happen till college football is cleaned up.

BCD: This past year was a very tough one on players, coaches, and fans alike. What signs did you see this past year (that we may have not) that should give us hope and promise for a better tomorrow in the 2012 season?

CJJ: Well we were young again this year due to injuries but that’s no excuse though. I think we developed a lot of depth for the next season and also that depth will now have experience and the good teams in college football have depth and I think we are going to have that going into the next season.

BCD: Who is the toughest BC wide-out (WR) to cover in practice, in your opinion? What makes them so difficult to cover?

CJJ: Off-Coverage I would say Swigert, he does a lot
of shoulder, head, body, movement that gets your mind going (laughs) but you just got to keep your poise. Man-Coverage, I would say Larmond. Big, physical, fast, [and] hard to get a good jam on.

BCD: Every player creates bonds with other players on the team, can you talk about that? Are there particular players that you are close with?

CJJ: I really look up to Colin [Larmond, Jr.] and
Montel [Harris], as big brothers, but my room suite are the main guys that I have been around with since freshman year: [Alex] Amidon, [Tahj] Kimble, [Dominic] Appiah, Dom. Williams, Andre Williams, and the new edition, Al Louis-Jean.

BCD: How do you get in the zone to prepare for the game, what music is on your Ipod?

CJJ: I put on my Beats by Dre headphone and
play my #Beastmode playlist, it has Young Jeezy, Rick Ross, Lil Jon, etc...just music with hard beats to get in that angry mode. I’m a nice, laid back guy--but when it’s game time its time to transform into another person.

BCD: When you first stepped on campus at BC was it what you were expecting? What class have you enjoyed most?

CJJ: Somewhat, there were some surprises along the way but, you know it is the quiet Hills of [Chestnut] Hill. [As far as favorite classes] ,well this year none of my classes were favorites but last year I had this business class called Portico and we did a lot of group business projects and just learn the fundamentals of business.

BCD: Can you talk about your relationship with the Coaches? Is there any particular coach that you are close with?

CJJ: I have a relationship with the coaches where I think they think a lot of me and sometimes, especially this season, I would come by to talk with the coaches--mainly the defensive ones--on what I saw and give my thoughts and opinions and I think that is a little nice relationship to have with the coaches

BCD: What do you do to blow off steam? Play Madden...listen to music?

CJJ: Xbox 360, Call of Duty, 2K11 Basketball, NCAA Football, any game, I became a gamer once I got [the] injury, but I also like to draw and listen to music.

BCD: Who do you model your style of play to? What professional football player do you look up to?

CJJ: Well when I watch a game I watch all corners, try to take a little something from everybody that I like, even some college corners on the other teams. But I like Nnamdi Asomugha; I like what he brings to the game as corner.

BCD: We asked Spiffy Evans this question and got a big kick out of it—so pardon our lack of creativity with this one, but let’s see if you have a fun response as well…

When traveling to away venues, often times players (and coaches) can hear a good deal more from the stands than most lead on.

What is the most funny and most memorable thing or things you have heard while traveling to away games (PG rated, please)?

CJJ: Well all the ones that I heard were pretty bad, so I don’t know if I could say those... (laughs) I tried not to be close to the crowd for they get me.

BCD: What does "CJ" really stand for?

CJJ: "CJ" stands for [the] middle and last initial [of my name], Cornel Jones. People have been calling me CJ since forever, so it makes no sense to call CJ Jones, but that started in high school with the newspapers giving me that name so I just stuck with it. My real name is William.

BCD: Where did the nickname "Cadillac Jones" come from?

WCJ: One of my trainers back at home came up with the
name "Cadillac". One day he just randomly called me that while working out cause he said I do everything so smooth and it has stuck with since then.

BCDraft would like to sincerely thank CJ Jones for his time and participation in this great interview. We wish him a speedy recovery and look forward to cheering him on in the 2012 season.

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