Saturday, July 16, 2011

7/16/11 Draft - Putting the Hex on a team

Welcome back, Drafters!! As we look longingly at the season, wishing it to begin this weekend but knowing we're still months away, we look into our deep well of schadenfreude and bring you teams we'd like to put a hex on in 2012.


1Mike) Ohio State

Because I’m really tired of the Buckeyes being
on top and am admittedly enjoying this black-eye they’re currently showing to the world. I know they have a lot of talent left, however how great would it be to see a bowl-free OSU?

2Wesley) Notre Dame

Because I wouldn't be a BC fan if I chose something different.

3M) UCan't Puppies

I understand wanting ND to do poorly--i really do.
However, I want them to be ranked when we play them so we can throw them off the mountain. Besides, after losing two in a row to the fake Irish, we need to beat a GOOD ND team to set things back in place.

For my next team I'm hexing this year is UCan't. They lost a ton, including their Head Coach Randy Edsall (if only a BC coach would have had the forward thinking to tell a recruit about this...) and having a huge bomb of a year would suck all of the air out of the program. I'm hoping for a bottom of the barrel finish for the puppies in 2011.

4W) Alabama

With my 4th pick, I am going with Alabama..

Call it personal that’s fine, but I get sick and tired of the SEC.. The we are in a whole other league talk gets old. Yes SEC is the best conference, but its not the NFL..Your strength of schedule is in the 20's BC is #6 so STFU bitches.

5M) U$C

Because it’s fun to watch Kiffen sweat and I’m hoping
that eventually the losses will pile up and the cupboard will again eventually be bare.

The Reggie Bush fiasco did take entirely too long to unravel and I don't think the NCAA did nearly enough to them, but at least they're still banned from post-season play for a little while longer. Enjoy the sucktitude.

6) UNC

Because momma told me cheaters never win..
Butch still has a job?? Really? This is getting a bit ridiculous. UNC needs a wakeup call, and hopefully they get it on the football field this year.. repeatedly!!


Plus, it just seems like UNC always has our number in
football when I always think we’re better than they are…maybe that’s a “me” issue….

Jersey has always been a solid recruiting bed for BC but ever since the snake-oil salesman Schiano came into town, we’ve missed out on more recruits that were wowed by the state-supported helicopter rides and facilities. Another season like last year and it won’t matter what type of rides Schiano is giving out or what snake oil he's peddling, kids are going to start putting two and two together and realizing that there are better places to spend 4-5 years than Piscataway, NJ.

8W) Texas

It's one of those teams that got knocked down last
year, and I would prefer they stayed there. 5-7 last year, that just makes me smile... And you have to admit their strength of schedule wasnt all that either. 1-4 in the Big 12 south.. oh and to top it all off how was that loss to Baylor. haha.. AND STAY DOWN!!!

9M) West by hate of God Virginia

This one isn’t really based on the way the wind is
currently blowing, but rather a nice long, old standing feeling of detest to our toothless hick neighbors to the southwest.

Consistently the most classless bunch of fans and “alums” (can you really call yourself an alum from a two year junior college?), every Mountaineer loss is a good loss.

In my dream world, Rich Rodriguez returns to the helm next year and then burns the place down in retribution for the way his family was tortured when he tried to better his family by leaving West Virginia for a state that had dentists.

10W) Oregon

You can only rob and steal and play crappy PAC – 10
competition for so long before it catches up to you..

Wait make that PAC –12.. My give a crap meter for them may still be at zero..
Make sure you note that they will lose to Colorado this year, Write that down, you heard it here first.

Poor ugly ducklings.



BCMike selected: O$U, UCan't, U$C, SUNY J, UWV
Wesley selected: Notre Dame, 'Bama, UNC, Texas, Oregon

Who drafted the better teams to HEX in '12?
BCMike: O$U, UCan't, U$C, SUNY J, UWV
Wesley: Notre Dame, 'Bama, UNC, Texas, Oregon free polls

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