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BCDraft interviews Chase Rettig - Part 2

Last week we published part one of our interview with Boston College starting QB Chase Rettig. To start the week off, today we are publishing part two.

Once again, we want to thank Chase for joining us and taking the time to be interviewed.

We hope you enjoy the conclusion of this great interview!


BCDraft: Are there any guys that we didn’t mention that we should be looking for on the receiving corps?

Chase Rettig: I don’t want to single anyone out this season, but I think Chris Pantale should have a great season this year, Lars Anderson [too]. If Colin can make it back [to full strength] he can have a very strong year. Ifeanyi Momah, Clyde Lee, Alex Amidon , Shakim... all these guys have been busting it this spring… I’m just excited to see how it plays out this summer; I definitely think everyone should be very excited to see how well they do this year.

BCD: Moving from Wide Receivers to the backs, I think Montel definitely had such a work load last year and [due to that] we got to see Andre Williams bust on to the field…Now that Andre and Montel are healthy I think that you are going to see a two-back, back [field] there. ..Not to say anything bad about the rest of the backs in the ACC, but I think that is one of the better Running Back Duos in the ACC; if not the country.

CR: I think so too, you know Montel is a great back, and Andre is a great back. Montel is so proven , and [he] is such a good down-hill runner. You are talking about people that will be a surprise next year--I think the Running back Tajh Kimble will come in and get a few carries and will pull some big plays this season. He has exploited himself extremely well this spring with everyone out trying to get healthy. I think those 3 guys are going to be workhorses in the backfield

BCD: Great! Are there any other incoming guys that are incoming guys that Eagles fans haven’t seen that may be an impact this year?

CR: We’ve had two kids come in with the 2011 class, and I m not too sure where they stand right now , but ALJ has made some really big plays this spring on defense and Medhi has done very well in practice. But I am not sure if they are going to be playing as true freshman or not, but they have made a good impression already for the 2011 class.

BCD: Now for the big scoop is Spaz’s mustache real? Like really real?

CR: Definitely

BCD: Hahaha , have you ever tugged on it to make sure?

CR: Definitely not...

BCD: We were wondering if Tom Selleck had it stolen from him, but apparently it might be his so I don’t know who to believe…

Anyway, are you able to follow the other BC sports? BC hockey has enjoyed a great run, and BC basketball has done well again this year after a tough year last year.

CR: Yes, I’ve gone to the Beanpot a couple times for the championship game, and then a couple of home games, and then I went to a couple of BC basketball games this year too.

BCD: Excellent, nice to see you guys supporting each other.
Do you have a favorite pass play, or throwing on the run play that is your favorite one to run, and if so, can you describe it for us?

CR: Yeah one the big differences from last year to this year is actually some concept plays where we can go to the line of scrimmage and we can route according to the defenses we get, I really like being able to go to the line of scrimmage and break down the defense and seeing a cover 3 or cover 2 and being able to split the defense, so that’d definitely be my favorite.

BCD: Is there a QB that you mold your game after, or even a couple that you try to morph together to kind of go in the direction of and emulate?

CR: I just try to [be my own QB]…you know it’s funny…because during the season you end up not following [Pro] football much because you are so caught up in your own team but , once the season was over and we were able to watch some football, we keep track and see who the best guys are and you just try to emulate what their strong points are, whether it be footwork, timing, how they throw a certain ball against certain coverages, so I’m not trying to emulate my work after just one guy, I just try to get everyone’s strengths and put that on the field.

BCD: Ok cool, Well Wesley’s favorite question to ask , is “ A lot of players use music to get ready for the game , whether to psych themselves up or calm themselves down do you think you need one or the other? Do you need to be psyched up or calmed down? And what tunes do you listen to, or pregame rituals that you partake in?

CR: Yeah , before games , I usually listen to music, get some classic rock, or rap music , or country, I really like to listen to everything. My favorite playlist that I play before every game usually gets me pretty riled up before the game. You want to be calm as the quarterback, but you gotta get the blood flowing.

BCD: That’s cool, now talking about facing our own defense in practice…I’m sure you had an eye on Herzy [last year], but now that he is gone, when you play the 7 on 7’s who do you keep an eye on?

CR: I think no matter what the drill is , you have to look for Kuechly, he could play every position on the defense.

It is [amazing] that he always seems to be in the right place, it’s very strange. You just look up and he is there. That happens because of how hard he works and how much film he watches. He’s definitely there because he knows what’s going on.

BCD: Great, only a couple more questions for you. Then I’ll let you go, I appreciate your time. Is Wetz going to be new guy blocking your blind side? And how do you feel about losing Cazzy?

CR: Cazz and I....we are pretty good friends, and [it was great] having him block my blind side [as] I never really had to worry about anything. He’s a really good player and watches a lot of film and [has] great technique, so I never had to really worry about watching my blind side. Having Wetzel step up and be in those shoes, he’s done a great job this spring. The more you play the more you know what the opponents are going to do and Wetzel has been taking it [all in] and getting a whole bunch of reps. I think once the season starts he is going to be a really good player.

BCD: Who is the serious guy that no one can get to crack a smile. A few years ago Robert Francois, who is now in the NFL, the players used to joke that he was scary as all heck and he wouldn’t crack a smile, are there any guys that is like that on the team this year?

CR: I will probably have to go with Luke Kuechly again, just because while we are practicing or whatever, he has such a mindset and he just takes over and there’s not too much nonsense going on, he’s just making his reads or whatever he needs to do, now outside of football you can make him laugh or whatnot [and] he has a good personality.
And then, he’s not playing now but Kaleb Ramsey, one of our Defensive tackles, he is extremely hard too. And he is very strong.

BCD: Yes, he’s definitely a big dude…seeing him on the sidelines last year gave me a whole new perspective.

CR: Yes , definitely a player who can make a huge impact on our team next year, as he did this year.

BCD: Absolutely, is there anyone on the other side that is kind of the funny guy, that keeps guys loose?

CR: Hmm.. .you know, I think everyone will crack a joke when appropriate when we are scoring touchdowns and stuff. I think some guys are easier going than others; but I think Coach Rogers has a pretty funny personality after the plays or whatever, or when we are in the film room or whatever and puts us in a better mood you know?

BCD: One more serious one for you, the big spring game that is coming up, what are you looking to improve on in the spring game and how will you judge success in the game?

CR: You know I just want to be able to execute every play, and I want everyone--all eleven on the field—to run the play to the fullest potential. If we can do that the play is going to be successful. The way we can judge success, is how well we executed. [Whether or not that results in] touchdowns and [impressive] statistics, all that stuff will take care of itself.

BCD: Alright, that’s great, and obviously, I have to ask the question, is your favorite BC Blog "BCDraft"?

CR: Well Definitely!

BCD: I thought you might say that! But in all seriousness, Chase—thanks so much for being with us here today and taking the time to speak with Eagles fans. We’re all looking forward to a great season and are behind you guys all the way.

CR: No problem. Go BC!

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