Tuesday, March 8, 2011

Give a little bit....for better BC Sports Coverage

Yes, it's true we haven't started banging the annual tambourines for Relay for Life quite yet (don't worry, that's on the way), it's time to look at something we all love--BC Sports.

The folks at WZBC have crafted many a talented sports journalists--from The Godfather of BC Blogging Eagle in Atlanta and current reporter Adam Rose to Jon Sciambi
and even the self-loathing, self-flagellating Bob Ryan got their respective starts at WZBC.

So what? Not surprisingly, BC has tightened the purse strings on the WZBC Sports staff and we need to pitch in and help.


Well, because 99 out of 100 times the coverage we get from the mainstream media is horrible and I'm confident that someday soon we'll be able to mute our TV's and listen to a streaming broadcast from someone who knows who "Luke Koouchley" is. That and if I have to listen to Ryan Rose on ESPN360 (no relation to Adam Rose...well, he better hope there's no relation) one more time I'm just going to lose it. Again (#6 on the linked draft).

To donate to WZBC sports, reach out to Adam Rose at the station by emailing him here: adam.rose.1@bc.edu. You can check out more of WZBC on the web here, and follow Adam and the station on twitter here.

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