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8/10/10 Draft: Plays we're most looking forward to

While BC fans are hoping that the BC OL is able to pave the way for RB Montel Harris to get to 2K yards (that's really their goal!), hoping and wishing for season ending stats isn't really that much fun for fans like ourselves.

We're football starved, and like children awaiting Christmas Day--having visions of sugar plums dancing in our heads--here are the plays we're most looking forward to seeing happen...and happen SOON in 2010!

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1W) Quinn packing someones lunch for him

Quinn was a huge recruit and Boston College
was going through some transition.. Quinn looked like the guy that stuffed you in your locker when you were a freshmen.. and made sure you stayed there. Quinn stayed with his choice of the Boston College Eagles, and redshirted in 09 to work on mechanics.. Well 2010 is here, and Quinn is still a manimal and hopefully progressed his technique to match his appearance. Quinn has made some viewers depth chart, especially with the uncertainty at DLine, and he impressed during the spring.. I feel Quinn will be playing, regularly, and packing some Offensive Linemans lunch regularly as well.

2M) Herzy’s first slobber knocker

Wesley, I'm also looking forward to seeing Quinn get on the field and show the sheer strength the young man possesses.

For my first pick, I'm going to go with a Herzy Slobber Knocker.
For those of you who played football, you're probably pretty familiar with this term. A Slobber Knocker is when you light up a player (typically a QB, RB, TE, WR) and hit him so hard that he shoots snot involuntarily out of his nose as it bubbles as he tries to catch his breath. Gross? Sure, a little bit...but that will--to me--show that Herzy is back to his old antics.

3W) First combined Keeks and Herz hit, causing a helicopter spin

Imagine this.. on one side you’ve got the 2008 ACC
defensive player of the year.. you’ve got a man who just beat cancer, and rated one of the best LBs in the game ready to show he still has it, and on the other side, you’ve got boy wonder, ACC defensive rookie of the year, a guy that got the second amount of tackles in the league (158) as a true freshman…

What does that spell?? Lots and lots of Helicopter spins!!!!

4M) First play action deep ball to Larmond, Jr. where he’s got a 15 yard cushion

...from the DB and walks into the endzone. Somehow he always gets incredible separation on the deep balls. I seriously don't know what it is, but Larmond, Jr. has the ability to get past opposing DB's on playaction better than truthfully any BC WR in memory. I frankly don't know what that is, but certainly credit has to be given to Larmond for selling the run enough that he consistently finds himself on an island by himself when the bomb comes in.

This year, teams will undoubtedly try to stop the run first and put the clamps down on Montel by stacking the box and going with single man coverage and 1-Deep safety play. It's going to be up to the QB and WR's to make these teams pay; and we know Larmond can do that. I'm looking for the first play where it's a play action bomb when he's once again the only guy in your TV screen as he catches the pass and waltzes into the endzone.

5W) Claiborne going nuts in the end zone

Mike, he’s deceptively fast that's why, and I keep
thinking about the Maryland game where he some how just blasted the db s, maybe its his long stride.

Claiborne going nuts in the end zone and bench pressing the running back of choice
Have you ever seen Claiborne run??? Me either its because it doesn’t happen..he glides, he is the first person behind the RB to congratulate them on getting 6, usually followed by popping them on the head or throwing them into what would appear to be some sort of cheerleading basket-toss..

6M) First KR/PR from Swigert.

Haha, I'm with you on that one, Wesley. Claibs is a fun guy to watch.

For my next one, I'm going with a true freshman I'm really
looking forward to watching play for our Eagles, WR/KR/PR Bobby Swigert. I'm by no means a recruiting expert but the film I've watched on this kid doing kick and punt returns is truly outstanding. He's a real athlete that played WR/CB frosh/sophomore years in HS, but as is the case for many athletically talented HS football players, got shifted to QB his junior and senior seasons. He won't be playing behind center for the Eagles, but I think he's got a really good opportunity to make contribution to the BC kick and punt return game right off the bat.

I’ve got a feeling we’re going to see that kid back there returning kicks for the Eagles for many years.

7W) Montel stiff arming someones face as he runs it in for 6

Think about the first time you realized Boston College had something special at Running Back, now I don’t mean good, because I think he showed good very quickly.. I mean Special. And I have to think of the Florida State game in 2008. Not only did he run all over that team in his #41 jersey, but the stiff arm to the grill of the FSU defender was just monumental.. we will see this stiff arm again in 2010, just hide and watch!!

If you have forgotten what that looks like, or just need a friendly reminder, watch this clip, around the 3:15 mark, and also a good demonstration of 3 as well.

8M) Momah dropping into zone coverage

While it's still much up in the air whether or not Momah will play WR, DE, or both (that's what I believe, FWIW--situationally on both sides of the ball), I have to say the more that I think of it, the more I am really looking forward to seeing Momah used in 3rd down passing downs and being dropped into coverage.

Just the thought of a strong, lanky, rangy "DE" that can catch the ball like a WR (well, because he is one), I just can't wait for the first poor QB that checks his reads as the zone blitz comes only to see Momah taking up 75% of his middle reads. That's going to create a very enjoyable "QB craps his pants" moments I'm looking forward to.

9W) Castonzo showing why he is both a Rhodes scholar candidate and a top 10 draft choice

, and he studiously man-handles opponents D-lines. Think of it.. 6’7” 295, been playing at Tackle since you walked in the door at Boston College and been wearing defenses down all day, and what do you want to do when you “grow up” fight cancer? And you are a bio-chemistry major??

I don’t know if Castonzo is getting into defenses heads by talking quantum physics, but this molecular man is working it, and 2010 doesn’t appear to be any different.

10M) A healthy McCluskey drilling the ball in from 2 yards out

Seriously, good luck stopping that.

I feel this story was somewhat lost in all of the injuries
and attrition at the RB spot last year. McCluskey, a former LB that was converted early on in his career to FB is a true bruiser and seemingly next to impossible to stop in short yardage and goal line situations.

While I wholeheartedly enjoy watching Montel stiff a sucker and walk into the endzone, it's also fun to watch a team impose it's will and just shove it down your throat. A healthy McCluskey gives us that option at FB.

11W) Albright, finally getting a chance to display his skill

...and forcing opposing qbs to scamper out of the pocket… all year long.

Alex Albright, has all the size and skill to be a great Defensive
End, and when he has been healthy he has been exactly that, but there is where the problem has been.. he hasn’t been able to stay healthy...

I think this year he will, and with his speed, he will force a lot of those pocket passers right out of that pocket to get slapped upside the head by one big AA meeting!

12M) Tranq opening up the playbook a little bit

I'm with you on Albright, Wesley. A player that we both root for and interviewed last season, Albright is one of our most productive pass rushers. It's unfortunate his career has been plagued by injury, but we all hope for a very healthy and fantastic final season by Alex.

For my last selection, I'm going off the field and into the coach's box here: I'd really like to see our OC Gary Tranquil open up the playbook a little bit. I know, and for that matter certainly agree, that last season he had to temper his options given our complete and total inexperience at the QB position, however now both Shinskie and Marsco have a year in the system and should be comfortable with much more of the playbook. I'd like to see us use more of it in 2010.


Wesley drafted: Quinn, Herzy Keeks Heli, Claibs goes nuts, Montel stiff arm, Cazzy, Albright AA meeting
BCMike drafted: Herzy slobberknocker, Larmond, KR by Swigert, Momah zone blitz, McCluskey, Tranq

8-10 Draft: plays we can't wait to see
Wesley: Quinn, Herzy Keeks Heli, Claibs goes nuts, Montel stiff arm, Cazzy, Albright AA meeting
BCMike: Herzy slobberknocker, Larmond, KR by Swigert, Momah zone blitz, McCluskey, Tranq playbook
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  1. Speaking of Claiborne... I know he's very stout, but I was shocked at the depth chart to see he weighs more than Rich Lapham, who is obviously enormous.