Tuesday, July 20, 2010

Movin' on UP!!!

While we've arguably been much more active during the college football season, we were pretty active during basketball season and at the very least sporadic during the hockey season.

But the off-season? Heck, we've been downright disgraceful. Just hopeless. Pathetic. Horrible, even.

So what happens when you slack off and stop providing some of the top (okay, top 10? Alright, fine, top 50?) BC-related banter/dribble around?

You get an offer to the dance. Go figure.

Our good friend and Godfather of BC Blogging Bill (aka Eagle in Atlanta) has taken the reigns over at BC's Scout.com's Fox Sports affiliate, Eagle Insider. He's asked Wesley and I to join him as regular contributors.

We have much respect for Bill and his work, so we've decided to jump in and help bring Eagle Insider back to prominence. We'll still do much of the same things we've always done here on BCDraft.com, but we'll also participate in round-table discussions, mid-week write-ins, etc.

Our first piece being featured on Eagle Insider is a great interview we recently landed with star OT Anthony Castonzo. Everything you've ever heard about the guy--that he's classy, well spoken, intelligent (even
caught an error on our side as we proofed the final draft of the interview...not kidding. Thanks again, Anthony!), etc., is absolutely true. I'm sure that will come out clearly in the interview.

As for what will happen with BCDraft.com: Well, it's safe to say that some of the things we have written--and would like to continue to write--would simply not be suitable for syndication on the Fox Sports family of networks. Therefore, we'll still write pieces on here weekly...and they're likely to be a little less PG-13 and a little more R rated than you'll find over at Eagle Insider. We hope you'll join us over at EagleInsider.com as well as here at BCDraft.com.

Thank you again everyone for your loyal and continued support. We've enjoyed bringing you our take on BCDraft and hope to take it to the next level as we turn the page. Wait...can you do that on blogs? Click the page?


  1. Well said, 楊儀卉. After all, I've always said that while 來卉囉卉問聲安, 聲安問儀卉.

    Am I right?


    I'm tellin' you....

  2. Well said once again, 楊儀卉. I must say I think your comments are among some of our most insightful.

  3. 生命所經歷的折磨愈多,其所產生的奮鬥力愈大。............................................................