Friday, November 12, 2010

Keys to the Game vs. Duke

It's Duke week, and that means that Coach K and the boys from Camer...oh,'s the football guys. Never mind.


1M) Respect your opponent

This isn't your Father's Duke team. Well, actually depending on how old your Dad is, that could be a compliment if we go back to the Spurrier years...

I digress. The point is that we cannot afford to waltz into this game expecting to be handed a win simply because we're BC and they're Duke. Duke isn't that automatic win any longer and frankly, we're not exactly world beaters ourselves these days. We need to approach this game like we did Clemson and Wake, and take care of business.

2W) Focus on this week

With BC getting closer and closer to bowl eligibility, bc will be doing the math to see what it takes to be playing in December/ January, well Duke isn't a horrible team and BC will need to focus on beating them before getting ambitious about future opponents.

3M) Containing Helfet

Good call there Wesley. Not just overlooking Duke for Duke; but looking at the future instead of the now. I hope our boys heed your words!

Next up I'm taking locking down Helfet. Last time out vs. UVA, Helfet went off for over 125 yards and the one Duke receiving touchdown. I'm not exactly petrified of Renfree, but we have to respect Helfet and make sure our secondary knows where he is at all times. He's not their leading receiver on the year, but I personally fear the "hot" player more than I do the season resume guys.

4W) Minimize penalties

Last week at the wake game I literally watched our team back up about 4 times in a row. Actually overall this season we have been getting a lot more penalties than we typically do. Whether that's due to the youth of the team, or something else I really don't know. But it needs to stop for us to continue our bowl ambitions.

5M) Keeping pace on the scoreboard

Believe it or not, Duke can score. While we are never going to turn down the points, here's what I'm talking about: if BC gets up by 10-15, we simply can't afford to turtle on offense like Tranquil has had us do the past couple weeks. If we do that, Duke will eventually score a chunk and be right back in it.

6W) Herzy's re-coming out party

Herzys been good this year, and his story has been nothing short of a miracle. But, this Is the game to watch. If you like college football, you're going to love this.
Herzy is going to play outta his mind this week against duke, and be a large factor in the W.

7M) Keeping Holloway sackin'

Holloway had a great couple of sacks late last week to seal the victory. We need to have him keep the momentum up and get pressure on Renfree.

8W) Rettig zero picks

Last week against wake Rettig had 2 picks, one was a tipped ball, and one was a poorly thrown pass. Rettig played very well otherwise and showed great composure to forget about the ints. This week, rettig will get a bit more rope as he has each week, and should be allowed to throw more. To win, we need his passes to not land into the hands of the guys in blue and white.

9M) (for all that is holy and good in the world), Run patterns past the first down marker.

While there are many aspects of Gary Tranquil's offensive playbook that make me projectile vomit, none is more infuriating than the "run into the middle on first down. Run off tackle on 2nd down. On third and 6, run a short pass pattern right at the sticks" strategery. It's beyond aggravating, our opponents know it and don't respect any route past the sticks. They habitually jump those patterns forcing Rettig to make the perfect throw which he really can't do on a consistent basis yet.

All I'm asking is that after we run the ball into the middle of the line on first down and off-tackle on second down is that we have our wideouts run patterns longer than the first down markers by five plus yards. I beg you.

10W) Stop Connette’s run

Connette is Duke’s form of running QB, a good, true freshman he runs the ball 4 times more than he throws. And currently has 6 TD’s for the year. The Defensive line for the Eagles are going to have to be very aware when he is in.



BCMike drafted: Respect opponent, contain Helfet, keep pace, Holloway, past 1st down marker
Wesley drafted: Focus, Min Penalties, Herzy re-coming out party, Rettig 0 picks, contain Connette

11-13-10 Draft: Keys to the Game vs. Duke
BCMike: Respect opponent, contain Helfet, keep pace, Holloway, past 1st down marker
Wesley: Focus, Min Penalties, Herzy re-coming out party, Rettig 0 picks, contain Connette free polls

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