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11/8/10 Draft: Plays of the Game vs. Wake Forest

Another game, another win. What else is new?

What's that? This *IS* new? Oh, well it's nice to be hitting up the "W" column once again this past weekend. I have to say I'm reminded of the most underrated sequels of all time, the baseball flick "Major League II" after this past weekend:

"We won last time out. We won today. We win tomorrow, it's called a "Winning Streak". It HAS HAPPENED BEFORE."

...on to our favorite plays from Saturday...


1W) Keeks pick

First toss of the game was caught by number 40 for the eagles. What a great way to start the game.

2M) Montel determination TD

You know which one I'm talking about...Montel was stopped dead to rights by a big defender but stayed strong, flexed, and contorted himself to stay upright before lunging forward and diving for the endzone. That play was Montel personified.

3W) Fox Pick

Haha, that was an awesome one BCMike, good call.. Montel just looked pissed as he took what he felt was rightfully his ( the end zone).

I hate to go back to back similar play, but this one was very noteworthy. I haven’t always a been a big Fox fan, I’ll admit that. But the past 2 games he has been playing very well. Wake was driving the ball with a good amount of confidence, Fox stepped up and made a good play to stop them on what seemed to be a points scoring drive.

4M) Reemergence if Jonathan Coleman

Good call on Fox. He's gotten an opportunity to play and has made the most of it.

For mine I'm going with the reemergence of Coleman. He played great in the season opener and we has not seen much of him since. He stepped up his game and made a couple big catches at important times this game.

5W) Max Holloway sack

There aren't many better ways to end a game, especially on the defensive side of the ball. Max has played really well , esp of late and I am excited to see what the future of DE look with both him and Edabali for future seasons. Max showed great pursuit on this play, and an awesome motor as he said "this ends now" as he caught the shoelace and double knotted it for the qb. Game. set. match. BC!

6M) Quigs killin' em softly

In a game with so many turnovers, many times it's easy to look over the field position...but let's not. BC's defense (as we all know by now) relies on the QB making mistakes by taking chances down the field. To force those chances, you have to give him a long field to play with, which is exactly what Quigs did. He averaged...averaged just under 50 yards/punt (46.6) and constantly gave the Eagles breathing room when they needed it. It's easy to overlook a punter, but we've got a pretty great one here, folks.

7W) The Wake crowd

I know this isn’t a direct play for the 60 minutes watched but as a fan this counts.

Although the Stadium probably only had about 20k people in it as it was just over half full and seats 31,500.. The Wake supporters do a great job putting on a class act program. They have good interactive vendors, great supportive fans, even down to a very friendly security staff. I was really thoroughly impressed with the wake crowd.

8M) Montel's Home run

Nice one, Wesley. After visiting Lane Stadium and being treated like trash, I can appreciate being treated well even more.

For my next selection I'm going with Montel's first running TD. We spoke about how important it was for BC to get off to a fast start and Montel's homerun early made a statement and gave BC the lead we would not give up.

9W) Rettig to Amidon

Although Rettig threw 2 picks, he did complete 12 out of 16 , which is the best we've seen at BC for quite some time. Rettig had a good look around to all the potential receivers, and threw a deep one to Amidon, who was able to get a little separation and make a play. Amidon has great speed, and it will be nice to see this combo for many years to come!

10M) Swigert toughness

Agreed on the deep ball to Amidon was pretty. As we said during our game chat I'm starting to thunk Chase throws a better deep ball than short ball. Hopefully we'll see more deep shots downfield as we finish up the season.

For my last one, I'm going with the toughness of Bobby Swigert. Bobby had a deep ball thrown to him and had two defenders deliver powerful shots on him. Bobby composed himself and jogged off the field letting Wake Forest know that we can take your best shot and walk it off no problem. Gotta love that kind of toughness.



Wesley drafted: Keeks pick, Fox pick, Holloway sack, Wake crowd, Rettig to Amidon
BCMike drafted: Montel determination TD, Quigs, Coleman, Montel HR run, Swigert toughness

11-9-10 Draft: Best plays vs. Wake
Wesley: Keeks pick, Fox pick, Holloway sack, Wake crowd, Rettig to Amidon
BCMike: Montel determination TD, Quigs, Coleman, Montel HR run, Swigert toughness
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