Wednesday, November 3, 2010

Best of the Best vs. Clemson

Thanks to all that is holy in this world, BC finally won a game. On a personal note, Wesley and I are thrilled not to be doing another "Worst of the Worst" segment. We don't enjoy piling on, but it's tough to sugar-coat the fifth loss in a row.

...but now all of that is behind us....right? RIGHT?!?!?

Below are the best of the best from BC/Clemson this past weekend:


Keeks pick with 1:43 left

What more is there to say than "Boy Wonder does it again"? After another outstanding day overall, Luke comes up with the clincher as Clemson is once again driving down the field late in the game threatening to win. Great play by Keeks to seal the deal.

2M) Being a winner in Vegas

As many of you know, I was in Las Vegas last weekend for my Bachelor Party. Among the many things we decided to dabble in was the sports book at The Bellagio. Our group decided to do a couple 3-team parlays and one of them had (at my suggestion, no less) Clemson -7. BC had played so poorly all of this year and save FSU; had not covered a game this year.

My friends had to agree that BC has looked pretty rough this year and that while Clemson's record wasn't too impressive, there was plenty of talent on that team to get a W in Chestnut Hill.

So....we're all ready to go up to the front and set up our bet...when I have an attack of conscience and say that despite it being a darn good bet, I just couldn't go through with betting against awful would I feel if the rest of the parlay hit and I was forced to root against BC for the greater $good$ (let alone my friends being forced to cheer against BC which would have pissed me off to no end)? So we pulled the BC bet and put in Auburn instead...

It worked out great for everyone....

On a related note, I wish I could have captured a photo of the Clemson fans who randomly walked in to the same Vegas bar with us at 9AM in the morning to watch the game. I'm darn sure they didn't expect to see a gaggle of BC fans showing up to cheer against them. Good times.

Wheel route to Montel

The play itself was a thing of beauty...everything from Montel's route to Chase's pass to the effort of Montel at the end to squeak inside the goal post to secure the 7 (and not settle for 3)...

But what about a little appreciation for the irony of BC using the play/route that has hurt us so much over the years vs. Clemson being the biggest scoring play of the day for BC? Great stuff.

4M) Catanzaro not being Richard Jackson

You have to hand it to Richard Jackson...for me to remember ANY kicker's name outside of David Gordon of yesteryear let alone one on another team really says something.

For those of you who are not having flashbacks, Richard Jackson was arguably the player of the game the last time BC played Clemson in what was easily one of the least enjoyable games in the history of man to attend/watch. Jackson booted multiple FG's from 23, 32, 33, 35, 42, and 52. Six of 'em. Kid couldn't miss.

But he's gone now. Now Clemson has Catanzaro which I have to profess I strongly prefer. His missed kicks not only hurt Clemson on the scoreboard, but you could tell took some serious wind out of the Tigers' sails and consistently provided BC with the chance to drive a shorter field.

Chris Fox multiple pass break ups

You could tell that the Clemson offensive plan (or at the very least, Kyle Parker's offensive plan) was to attack the depleted BC secondary by picking on Chris Fox. Bad move, Clemson. Fox performed extremely well in the spot start by breaking up multiple pass plays with acrobatic moves that frustrated the Clemson WR's and QB to no end.

Not imploding after the early pick-6

Nice call on Chris Fox, Wesley. He's been criticized heavily (and with cause, IMO) for his kick off returns but he made a statement with his play in the defensive backfield Saturday.

I'm going with standing up and staying strong after the pick-6. BC could have wilted and Chase could have packed it in but we didn't. BC kept at it and finally won a close game.

Freese being Freese..

To piggy-back off of your Clemson kicker selection, I'm going with Freese being Freese. I think he is the lone thing I could call on this team to be consistant lol.

This was another nice reminder that this is arguably the best overall kicking combo we've had at BC for a long time.

8M) N
ot giving up the big play in the kicking game

Clemson has historically hurt us on the return game and BC hasn't covered kicks and punts very well this year but we did a really nice job on Saturday. Thankfully the staff must have read our Keys to the Game and saw they shouldn't be kicking it right at Andre Ellington. Worked out well, didn't it?

Cleary overall play

Well Lapham went down unfortunately with an injury in the pick 6 throw from Rettig..

Cleary came in and played very well, and not only was he unexpectedly thrown into the game but he was matched up with the sack leader in the nation.. and he played very well

Amidon back on kick returns

While he wasn't great it was good to see him back there. Between him and Swigert I think we have the future of returning now starting, it was a good coaching move and it made me happy to see them make a good decision even if it is a little late in the season.


Wesley drafted: Keeks pick, Wheel route to Montel, Fox DB play, Freese being Freese, Clearly play
BCMike drafted: Winner in Vegas, Catanzaro not Jackson, no implosion after pick-6, no bad KR/PR plays, Amidon on KR.

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